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Windows Server Deployment and Management With System Center.

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1 Windows Server Deployment and Management With System Center

2 Hidden Slide Author Paul Ross: Presentation Objective Show System Center Value proposition for Windows Server 2008 R2 Provide scalable deck that can used for different audiences and in different situations. Detail slides hidden by default Intended Audience ITDM

3 Agenda Cost and Optimization with Windows Server 2008 R2 Microsoft Datacenter Management Strategy Deploying and Managing Windows Server 2008 R2 System Center Datacenter Management Solutions Conclusion

4 Increase Agility and Improve Manageability Hyper-V to drive server consolidation Power Management to lower costs Best Practices Analyzer accelerates optimization Simplify management with PowerShell 2.0 Reduce Costs and Drive Consolidation Improve Security and Availability Simplify infrastructure with Direct Access Live Migration supports service availability Introducing Windows ® Server 2008 R2

5 Roll Out and Management of New Server Platform Presents Opportunities

6 Driving Server Management Optimization AUTOMATION Lower costs of upgrade, deployment and management through automation of server and resource management OPTIMIZATION Optimize datacenter server infrastructure through unified physical and virtual management SIMPLIFICATION Increase simplicity through integrated, end-to-end Windows Server management

7 Automate Deployment And Management Of Servers Lower cost of enterprise scale deployment and management of Windows Server Reduce errors with automated patch and configuration management Leverage existing tools, skills, and knowledge to automate server management -Rodney Orange Supervisor, Carnival Cruise Lines Using System Center solutions, we’ve realized a 50 percent reduction in the overall time it takes to manage our data center “ “ Automation -Steve Gray, Manager of Support Services, AGC Automotive

8 Automating The Server Lifecycle With Best Practice Knowledge Policies, Knowledge and Best Practice Change and Compliance Patch and Update Assess Design and Build Automation Backup and Recovery Upgrade and DeployManage and Optimize Deploy Monitor

9 Significant Cost Saving Opportunity for Server Management Automation Data derived from Microsoft “Spotlight on Cost” Server Study 2009 Opportunity to use same tools and practices from desktop management in server environment Automated Server Deployment Automated Patch Automated Back and restore Average automation practice adoption is only 30% Research shows opportunity to save an average of $2160 per server per year Automated server management not widely adopted

10 Automate Support for Server Compliance Lower cost of supporting and showing server compliance in the datacenter Provide comprehensive compliance data and remediation across datacenter fabric Deliver unified, critical data for security, compliance, and management to operations staff “In today’s world, it’s important to have documented, followed processes for compliance auditing, including security and audit logs within Windows. [System Center’s] capabilities allow us to prevent unauthorized access attempts “ “ -Tony Carnevale, -Technical Advisor, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Automation

11 Supporting Datacenter Compliance With Integrated Operations Security Auditing Compliance Management Server Configuration Operationalize Policies Auditing Remediation Reporting Take Action Establish Policies POLICIES Regulations and External Mandates Internal Objectives Best Practice Packaged knowledge delivers continuous monitoring and alerting based on policies Unify compliance and security management across platforms and devices Single pane of glass for end to end monitoring of datacenter environment Faster response with alerts directly to operational staff Scale monitoring and enforcement to datacenter Lower cost of audit and reporting requirements

12 Consolidate Servers Through Virtualization Maximize use of datacenter resources through consolidation and management Establish pools of resources to enable dynamic management Lower cost of delivering agility to respond to business requirements Optimization We expect to consolidate an additional 75 servers using Hyper-V, which will lead to $325,000 annually. [With System Center] …we’ve reduced the time spent on physical to virtual from all night to an hour” “ “ -Robert McShinsky Sernior Adminstrator, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

13 Consolidate Servers Through Simplified Virtualization And Management 9% utilization 6% utilization 50% utilization 10% utilization Number of physical servers Power usage Floor space 11% utilization 14% utilization Server utilization Automate physical to virtual and virtual to virtual conversion Manage multiple hypervisor environments with one console Rapid and intelligent server provisioning Utilize familiar tools to management both physical and virtual environments Introduce virtualization without additional complexity

14 Dynamically Optimize Datacenter Server Resources Automate response to change in datacenter fabric ensure service performance and availability Deep monitoring across severs including power management, hardware, configuration, etc. Automated Live Migration of VMs across server based on changes or step by step remediation Integrate with key Windows Server 2008 R2 capabilities such as power management Ensure high performance and availability of datacenter service at all times

15 Simplify Datacenter Management With Integrated Server Management Single infrastructure for end to end management lowers deployment cost Knowledge and best practice for Windows environment Apply existing experience, tools, and knowledge Suite licenses to provide simple purchase, cost effective license and flexible model Simplification Single set of familiar tools across physical and virtual environments

16 System Center Datacenter Optimization Solutions Deliver Service Health and Performance Automate Deployment and Management Of Servers Support Compliance And Manage Change Deliver Datacenter Business Continuity Consolidate Servers Through Virtualization

17 AUTOMATION Automate the management of server and datacenter resources to reduce the cost of delivering mission critical business services Lower costs through server and resource automation OPTIMIZATION Optimize datacenter infrastructure through unified physical and virtual management SIMPLIFICATION Increased simplicity through integrated management Manage physical and virtual environments through a single set of tools to deliver a dynamic datacenter fabric Simplify datacenter management through a set of familiar, integrated capabilities and solutions that speed problem resolution and improve TCO Conclusion: System Center Supports Scale Deployment of Windows Server While Lowering Costs

18 Next Steps Step 1 Understand your management cost base and opportunities for optimization Step 2 Find out more about datacenter management solutions Step 3 Use the Solution Accelerators to plan for optimization projects Step 4 Talk to a Microsoft partner about optimizing your datacenter

19 Appendix

20 Microsoft Delivers Dynamic IT System Management Desktop Data Center Datacenter Solutions Physical Virtual Users Services DECREASE COST IMPROVE SERVICE DELIVERY

21 Building Management Best Practices On A Proven Platform Specialized Capability Extensions Partner Packaged Knowledge and Best Practices Microsoft Solution Accelerators and Services Customer Developed Knowledge and Functionality

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