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Welcome to 7th grade Social Studies 240-236-5038.

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1 Welcome to 7th grade Social Studies 240-236-5038

2 Standards Based Grading at Windsor Knolls Middle School “If your grading system doesn't guide students toward excellence, it's time for something completely different.” Patricia L. Scriffiny

3 What is a “standard?” ● Standards are final learning goals or outcomes. Standards can be found in the Curriculum Now database on and focus on National and State College and Career Readiness Standards. ● In standards-based grading, students receive a grade for each standard or set of related standards.

4 Example of an FCPS Social Studies Standard: “Describe how and why people migrate and analyze consequences of the migration.”

5 Why Standards-Based Grading? ● With standards based grading, grades on Pinnacle will reflect a student’s degree of mastery of specific Social Studies Standards. ● Teachers, parents, and students will be able to see exactly where students are excelling and where they may need additional help.

6 Why Standards-Based Grading? ● Traditional grading can result in grades that are a combination of student behaviors and student performance. Student #1: ●always prepared ●pays attention ●completes all work ●does extra credit ●fails tests and quizzes GRADE IN CLASS: B Student #2: ●comes unprepared ●incomplete assignments ●missing assignments ●tends to be off-task ●earns “A”s on tests GRADE IN CLASS: C These students have “earned” grades that are not reflective of their levels of content mastery.

7 Let’s take a look at SBG, style!

8 Angry Birds Standard: Knock down the green pig using 3 or less angry birds.

9 Traditional Grading using Angry Birds ●Each level is an assignment ●Imagine if you could only play each level once and you were stuck with that score. ●Traditional grading focuses on assessment of task rather than concept/standard mastery.

10 Standards-Based using Angry Birds ●Each level is a standard, not a task. ●You are allowed to go back and play each level until you master it. ●The focus is on concept/standard mastery

11 Reassessement Reassessment becomes an essential component of every students’ social studies experience. ●Student requested ●At Teacher insistence :) ●Cut-off dates o Midterm o End of term

12 Scale Comparison: 90 - 100%A 80 - 89%B 70 - 79%C 60 - 69%D 59% & belowF 100%AAdvanced Mastery 95%AComplete Mastery 85%BEssential Mastery 75%CBasic Mastery 65%DLimited Mastery 55%FNo Mastery 50%FNo Attempt TRADITIONAL GRADING SCALE STANDARDS-BASED GRADING SCALE There are NO zeros when using SBG.

13 Two zeros requires 8 grades of 75% to raise the grade to a 60%!

14 How Pinnacle will change: Worksheet #175% Group Discussion100% Vocab Quiz60% Unit 1 Study Guide90% Unit 1 Test65% Latitude & Longitude85% Using Scale on a Map65% Interpreting a Map95% Analyzing Population Growth95% Analyzing Consequences of Migration 100% SNAPSHOT OF A TYPICAL GRADEBOOK USING TRADITIONAL GRADING USING SBG, THE “ASSIGNMENT TITLE” WILL BE DIRECTLY RELATED TO A STANDARD OR GROUP OF STANDARDS

15 Pinnacle scores are calculated based on a Social Studies rubric: Latitude & Longitude85% Using Scale on a Map65% Interpreting a Map95% Analyzing Population Growth95% Analyzing Consequences of Migration 100%

16 Pinnacle Categories for Social Studies 25% 75% Social Studies Content Standards Literacy & Writing Standards

17 7th Grade History of the Medieval World ●Medieval Europe and SW Asia ●Medieval Africa ●Medieval Asia ● Mesoamerica

18 Come prepared to class with: ●writing utensils ●looseleaf paper ●folder, binder or section of binder to keep social studies items OPTIONAL: markers, colored pencils, scissors (I will provide these items for student use)

19 For additional information: ● Course documents ● Class activities ● Standards for each unit ● Useful links

20 Monday the FUN begins!!!

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