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Ms. Yarborough 6th grade Language Arts Ms. Yarborough

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1 Ms. Yarborough
6th grade Language Arts Ms. Yarborough

2 Welcome!! Welcome to 6th grade Language Arts with Ms. Yarborough! Here are some things you will need to know…

3 Who is Ms. Yarborough? From Clayton, NC
Graduated from Meredith College Love to travel Have an older brother 2 yr. old dog named Bronx LOVE sports

4 Say hello to Bronx!

5 Grading Grading scale: 93-100= A 85-92= B 77-84= C 70-76= D
69 or below= F

6 How your grade will be divided:
10% = Homework 10% = Interactive Reading Notebook Check 10% = Vocabulary 30% = projects, presentations, and classwork 40% = quizzes and tests

7 Classroom Expectations
Be prepared. Be respectful.

8 Being prepared means… Bring the following items to class EVERY DAY:
5-subject notebook Folder Writing utensil Agenda Last night’s homework Homework is due WHEN THE BELL TO START CLASS RINGS. ** “I left it in my locker” is not an excuse. You will not be permitted to go to your locker once class has started.**

9 5-Subject Notebook Sections: 1= Class Kick-Off (Warm-up) 2= Reading
3= Vocabulary 4= Grammar 5= Graded Work **If the order is different in your notebook, this is OKAY.** 

10 Classroom Expectations
Every student has 3 warnings every class period. Once a student has 3 warnings, a call home will take place, along with a referral. Consequences depend on the infraction. Ligon Middle School’s student matrix

11 Classroom Procedures Entering the classroom 1) Enter the classroom QUIETLY 2) Go directly to your desk 3) Sharpen pencil if needed (BEFORE the bell rings) 4) IMMEDIATELY start working on the class kick-off

12 Now let’s practice…

13 Classroom Procedures What if I have a question?
Raise your hand and patiently wait until you are called on. ONLY ask questions related to the topic being discussed. REMEMBER: Middle School is also about fostering independence- THINK BEFORE YOU ASK. 

14 Classroom Procedures Make-up work
If you are absent one day, check the “We missed you” binder when you return. This binder is placed in the front of the classroom and will contain all materials needed to make up your missed work. It is YOUR responsibility to pick up and complete any missed work.

15 Classroom Procedures Bathroom Policy
Only EMERGENCIES will be permitted to use the restroom. You have 5 minutes between each class to use the restroom. (and lunch…)

16 Classroom Procedures What do I do if I finish my work early?
Work on your vocabulary activities. Read a book. You are NOT to talk while working individually.

17 Classroom Procedures Proper heading on your work upper RIGHT corner
How do I turn in my work? When you are finished with an assignment, you will turn it into your class period’s bin. Proper heading on your work upper RIGHT corner Name Date Class Period

18 Classroom Procedures How do I exit the classroom when the bell rings?
Leave the classroom when Ms. Yarborough permits you to do so. (**LISTEN FOR HW CHANGES.**) Just because the bells rings, this does not mean you are allowed to exit. Push your chair under your desk. Make sure the desk is where it was when you entered the classroom. Pick up any trash around your desk and throw it away on your way out of the door. If you did not do so already, turn in any class work into your class period’s bin.

19 LATE WORK POLICY 1 day late = -20 points 2 days late = -30 points
Attention: this policy is for all of 6th grade!! 1 day late = points 2 days late = points 3 days late= points 4 days late= NHI (50) If you turn your work in on time, you will NEVER have to worry about this policy!! 

20 Where do I turn in late work?
Fill out a late work slip (blue slips) Staple it to the assignment Turn it into your class period’s file in the late work bin (front of the room)

21 Ongoing assignments… Bi-Weekly Article
Non-fiction texts (tied to Common Core Standards) Skills covered with the Bi-Weekly Articles: 1st night: Annotating & close reading- analyzing the text 2nd night: Identifying facts & opinions 3rd night: Tone Loaded words Author’s purpose Text structure 4th night: Writing (letter to the editor)

22 Ongoing assignments… Vocabulary Tied to Bi-Weekly Articles 1st night
vocab. rating sheet (can define, have seen or heard before, do not know) 2nd night look up the words to check your definitions (if you wrote any) “Must-Do” vocabulary boxes for at least 3 of the unknown words 3rd night “Can-Do” vocabulary assignment (student’s choice- must complete all level A activities before moving to level B, etc.)

23 Thematic Units 1= Who am I? 2= Belonging 3= Survival 4= Making Choices
5= What’s Your Point? 6= Where am I? **literature and assignments are tied to these themes**

24 Class Website
Classwork, homework, extra resources, questions


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