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Welcome Class:Algebra 1B Room:C220 Block:2 & 5 Teacher:Mrs. Kelly Kielkucki

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1 Welcome Class:Algebra 1B Room:C220 Block:2 & 5 Teacher:Mrs. Kelly Kielkucki

2 Requirements You will be required to have a 3-ring binder with loose leaf paper for class. This binder will contain your notes, as well as any handouts, worksheets, and standard checks that we have taken in class. It will also be a great way to organize your work and be very helpful for any standard checks we take during the semester. MUST BRING a PEN or PENCIL to class. Calculators will be provided in class only. Textbooks are offered but not required.

3 Classwork & Participation It is important that you show up on time and prepared for class. Classwork and participation in activities will be factored into your final grade. Make sure to copy any missed notes from a classmate or check the website before coming to me for help with the material you missed.

4 Homework assignments are most often graded for completion, not accuracy. If you are absent, you must stop by during tutorial or before class begins to show me the homework that was due the day you missed. Every Chapter I will put in a Homework Grade. The only grades for HW will be ADV or NP. If you did not do a HW assignment, you must come to tutorial to complete the assignment so that you can reassess any Not Proficients on Tests. Homework

5 Standard Checks and Tests There will be Standard Check(s) for each chapter. All Standard Checks are open-note, so it is essential that you take great notes!!!!!!! The focus of the tests will be on the content of the current chapter and some cumulative skills from the previous chapters (called DYRs). Grading will be done according to the standards outlined for the course. If you miss a test or a standard check, see me to schedule a make-up - either during tutorial (Room C220) or Got Math Reassessment Prep.

6 Extra Help: Tutorial: Mrs. Kielkucki in Room C220 everyday except Monday GOT? Math Schedule Qtr. 3 BlockReassessmentRoom 3C/3D Ms. Levine & Ms. Somers C105 4C/4D Ms. Addison & Mr. Quinones C105 BlockExtra HelpRoom 3C/3D Ms. Gerry & Ms. Kielkucki C104 3C/3D Ms. Bryant & Ms. Bunting C102 4C/4D Mr. Knopp & Ms. Plunkett C100

7 Grading Policy Advanced Level Student has a complete understanding of the standard and can reliably apply the skill to advanced problems. (Grade Equivalent on a Test or Standard Check 100%) Proficient Level The student understands the standard and has some success applying the skill to advanced problems. (Grade Equivalent on a Test or Standard Check 93%) Basic Level The student meets the grade level expectations set by the state. (Grade Equivalent on a Test or Standard Check 85%) Not Proficient The student does not have the necessary skills and concept understanding to be successful in the next quarter or math course. (Grade Equivalent on a Test or Standard Check 0%)

8 Reassessment For Tests Please note: All students are required to follow these guidelines anytime a standard has a grade of Not Proficient on any test. On Standard Checks, the original grade earned will prevail; no reassessment will be offered. However, any standard with a grade of Not Proficient on a test or project must be reassessed for a grade change to Reassessed to Basic (New Grade Equivalent to a 77%) Until that standard has been successfully reassessed, the grade for that standard will remain Not Proficient and will calculate accordingly.

9 Rules for Reassessment In order to qualify for a first-attempt reassessment, you must have completed the assigned homework for the corresponding benchmark. If an assignment is not completed when it is due, you must come in during tutorial BEFORE the next test and complete the assignment during that time. Additionally, a student must complete a practice sheet on any portions of the test that they received a NOT PROFICIENT. They must get this practice sheet checked before the actual reassessment can take place.

10 All reassessments must be completed by THE DAY BEFORE the next test. You may reassess on a maximum of 2 benchmarks each day: one during tutorial and one during math prep. You may not skip your lunch or another class to reassess during a second math prep. Each reassessment must be completed at one sitting. For example, you may not start it during tutorial and finish it during student prep. If you pass all benchmarks on a particular test, instead of reassessing on something from that test (since you dont need to), you may reassess on ONE benchmark from a previous test that you have not yet passed. Rules for Reassessment

11 Grading Policy Converting Level Grades to Grades on the 100 Point Scale Marking Period Grade Final Course Grade Adv= 100 Prof= 93 Basic= 85 Not Prof = 0 RTB = 77 Tests = 90% Standard Checks, CW, & HW= 10% 40% 1 st MP 40% 2 nd MP 20% Final Exam

12 NOTECARD INFROMATION Book Number from Bar Code Name: Last, First Parent/Guardian Name: Last, First Parent/Guardian Phone Number Last Math Course Taken and Grade Received (Include Teachers Name) Activities at RV you are involved with Grade you would like to receive in this class Location in the room you would prefer to sit

13 Lets talk about averages (AKA: MEAN) Lets say you get one Advanced and one Not Proficient on your first test, what is your average (mean)? Now lets say you come in and Reassess to Basic, what is your new average (mean)?

14 More Practice with Mean Lets say you get one Basic, one Proficient, one Advanced, and one Not Proficient on your second test, What is your average (or mean)? Now lets say you get one Basic, one Proficient, one Advanced, and one Reassessed to Basic on your second test, what is your new average (or mean)?

15 What did we learn about the grading system in this class?

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