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Welcome to the Fourth Grade Curriculum Night Molly Weatherford.

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1 Welcome to the Fourth Grade Curriculum Night Molly Weatherford


3 Class Website I will update the website as frequently as possible.

4 Morning Work DGP – Daily Grammar Practice Daily Fix-It Handwriting Journal Writing Math Challenge Problem Review of Math Skills


6 READING/ LANGUAGE ARTS The integration of reading, writing, listening, grammar and speaking are fundamental to learning and thinking. BALANCED LITERACY PROGRAM COMPONENTS: shared reading independent reading read aloud guided reading shared writing independent writing word study literature circles



9 Science Earth Science Solar System Cycles and Patterns in Space Weather Physical Science Light Sound Motion and Machines Life Science Ecosystems Matter and Energy in Ecosystems Adaptation and Extinction


11 Communication Folder & Agendas Classwork and homework will be written in this daily. This is a great communication tool between the teacher and parents. My website is another great addition.




15 Assessment and Grading The learning expectations and standards for performance have been outlined for each quarter based on the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (GPS). Teachers will use two types of classroom assessments, formative and summative.

16 Formative and Summative Formatives are daily, on-going assessments/ observations that are used to monitor student progress toward mastery of standards. These are the standards-based scores of 4, 3, 2, 1. Summatives are the cumulative assessments that receive a traditional numeric grade and will be used to measure student mastery of standards. Summative grades will be posted in Parent Portal and the average will serve as the report card grade.

17 Fourth Grade Report Card Report cards will have both a traditional numeric grade for subjects and standards based scores for each of the standards from the rubrics. Students will receive ONE report card inclusive of all content areas and conduct per quarter.

18 100 – 90% - Letter grade A 89 – 80% - Letter grade B 79 – 70% - Letter grade C 69 or below – Letter grade F These grades will be averaged to obtain the final grade for the 9 week period. Traditional Grading Scale

19 Weekly information about behavior will be communicated to you by your childs teachers. The students final conduct grades will come from these behavior charts. Conduct Grades

20 Sample of Behavior Chart



23 Thank you for coming. Please dont hesitate to call or email me with any concerns or questions. 770-887-1883 ext. 260248

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