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Computer Hardware. What is a Computer? A Computer is a machine that receives input, performs processing, and produces output.

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1 Computer Hardware

2 What is a Computer? A Computer is a machine that receives input, performs processing, and produces output

3 Personal Computer Hardware Hardware refers to all the pieces of physical equipment that make up a computer system. A Personal Computer includes several pieces of hardware or devices

4 Personal Computer Hardware The Power Supply is a device that distributes electricity to the various components of the system. The electrical cord runs from the power supply to an electrical outlet.

5 Personal Computer Hardware The Motherboard is the largest circuit board inside your personal computer. It contains millions of electronic circuit elements on chips of silicon.

6 Personal Computer Hardware The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is a chip located on the motherboard, which performs mathematical calculations and logic functions. The CPU is often referred to as the brain of the computer because it administers the functions of the other components

7 Personal Computer Hardware The Bus is the main communication path, or series of paths, on the motherboard that connects the systems components with the CPU. The Bus also connects external components through expansion slots. These slots can contain plug-in cards that let the computer communicate with other devices, such as monitors and printers

8 Personal Computer Hardware A Peripheral is a device connected to the computer through the bus. Many essential components of a personal Computer system are peripherals, including monitors, keyboards, and disk drives Peripherals are often divided into two categoriesinput devices and output devices

9 Personal Computer Hardware The Monitor is an output device that displays input and the results of processing

10 Personal Computer Hardware The Mouse is an input device that you use to control a pointer that displays on the monitor. A wide variety of mouse devices exist

11 Personal Computer Hardware The Keyboard is an input device with alphabetic, numeric, and function keys in a standardized layout

12 Personal Computer Hardware Most computers contain a Hard Disk (Hard Drive) and other Disk Drives. Disk Drives are identified by letter C: Computer Hard Drive A: Disk Drive D: CD/DVD Drive E: Removable Disk Drive F: letters continue for each drive

13 Personal Computer Hardware CD-Rom (Compact Disk Read Only) and DVD (Digital Video Disc) disks are input devices. Without special equipment, you cannot save data to a CD- ROM, but you can retrieve information from one if you have a CD-ROM drive on your computer. Most personal computers come with a CD writera CD- ROM device that lets you record on a CD-R or CD-RW

14 Personal Computer Hardware Modems serve as a source of both input and output. Modems give you access to the Internet. A modem may be installed inside your computer (internal modem) or the modem may be connected through a communications port (external modem)

15 Personal Computer Hardware Printers are the most common output device. A wide variety of printer types is available: Laser Ink Jet/Bubble Plotters (schematic drawings) Dot-matrix Impact

16 Personal Computer Hardware Your computer operates through a vast number of on/off switches called binary digits or bits. Bits are grouped together into bytes, a string of 8 bits that can be translated by the computer into a letter or an action. For example, when you press the capital letter A on the keyboard, a signal passes to the computer and gets translated into a string of 8 bits that are represented like this :

17 Personal Computer Hardware A Byte is the most common measurement of storage in the digital computer Kilobyte (smallest) Megabyte Gigabyte Terabyte (largest)

18 Personal Computer Hardware The speed of your personal computer is measured in Megahertz (MHz) or Gigahertz (GHz)

19 Personal Computer Hardware Software refers to the instructions that allow a computer to run and act on the data that is input. Software is usually divided into two types: – Operating System Software – Applications Software Operating System Software includes instructions that allow a computer to run (i.e. Windows) Applications Software includes programs that allow you to make the computer do what you want (i.e. Microsoft Office Word, Power Point, etc.)

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