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Endangered Species By: Ryan Evans

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1 Endangered Species By: Ryan Evans
Mrs. Anderson 9/13/10 Great White Shark as being the most endangered shark species in the world people die from a great white shark attack every year.

2 Save the Sharks! Great whites are one of the most magnificent creatures on the planet. They eat over forty times a day. They use echolocation at night to communicate with each other. Man has hunted and killed this animal for years and now they have become endangered.

3 Killers or Friendly Many people have been attacked by a Great White, but not because they had a grudge against them, no it is because they got hungry and the person was splashing around and yelling and just having fun until… The shark attacked. They don’t attack just because they want to usually it is because they feel threatened or they are hungry. Great Whites are like garbage trucks, they eat everything. Marine biologist have did studies on these creatures and found that in the past 10 years the population has decreased from 60% to 40%.

4 Their habitat Large Great Whites
Larger great whites like to stay deep in the oceans in cold water. Smaller Great Whites Smaller great whites like the reefs and shallow water until they reach at least 3 years old then they move deeper into colder water.

5 What they Eat Large Great Whites
Sometimes they will eat other sharks and whales, but mostly they eat other smaller fish than them like tuna or bluefish. Also they eat seals and birds. Small Great Whites All small Greats eat small fish and birds on top of the water. They will eat or attack a seal if hungry enough.

6 How can we save them? We can save the Great Whites by not hunting them and maybe studying them and putting them in a controlled habitat where they can reproduce young. If we don’t save them then the most magnificent shark and probably the most magnificent animal on earth will be extinct.

7 Why they are endangered
Great whites are endangered only because people think they are killers and they just want to eat people.

8 A few facts you should know
Great whites usually like the cold waters but on occasions they will travel. The thing they are most attracted to is splashing, yelling, and surfing because the person looks like a seal on a board. They can live to be over 100 years old now in human years that is about 70 to 75 years old. They also like the smell and taste of blood so if u go fishing in deep waters don’t get cut u just might run up on a great white. Its original name is Carcharodon Carcharias.

9 Length of a Great White Mature adult females grow from anywhere to 15 to 25 feet in length. The largest shark recorded was 38.5 foot long.

10 Well that’s all Thanks for learning about great white sharks and if you ever start bleeding while in the ocean you might want to get out. But I hope you have enjoyed learning about these magnificent animals and I hope you respect them more now that you know all about them. And I think that the cure for cancer is in the study of sharks so why kill them?

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