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KILLER WHALES By James Hambrick.

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1 KILLER WHALES By James Hambrick

2 Killer whales have a white belly with a white eye
Killer whales have a white belly with a white eye .They also have a black back with a spot of white . WHAT DO THEY LOOK LIKE

3 Killer whale diet Killer whales eat many animals like:
Fish , Squid , birds ,seals , sea lions, sharks , penguins and sometimes if they’re very hungry; Gray whales . Killer whale diet

First, Killer Whales start off as a calf at about 200 to 300 pounds. 3 to 4 months later they don’t need their mother’s help or milk much. A few weeks later the male will make noises in mating season that sound like a whistle to attract the females . Finally, the female and male will mate and will also have a baby . KILLER WHALE LIFE CYCLE

5 A Killer whale’s average size is 23 to 27 feet, but can reach to 32 feet .
killer whale Size

6 Killer whale scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Cetacea Sub-order: Odontoceti Killer whale scientific classification

7 Killer whales are endangered in Oregon, Washington and California.
What endangers Killer Whales: Pollution , chemicals , oil leaks , fishing nets and disease are threats to Killer Whales . endanger

8 Sometimes Killer Whales are put in to parks where they can get badly hurt and sometimes killed .

9 Do you know that Killer Whales travel in pods that can contain 5 , 30 and sometimes a 100 killer whales? Killer whales find food by using echolocation, that means bouncing sounds off other objects . There are so many Killer Whales that their population is unknown. Killer whales live 30 to 50 years but some females can live 100 years . If a larger pod kills a shark or something The meal will be shared between all of them . FUN FACTS!!!

10 Killer whales were once hunted in North America but it is now against the law . They are still getting hunted in Russia and in other countries in Asia . Hunted

11 Killer whales have many adaptations like their back is black and their belly is white, that helps them blend in. When your looking up, the white belly blends in with the sunlight and their black backs blend in with the darkness . Also their speed helps them get food that’s fast, like seals . Adaptations

12 Killer whales are found all over the world but you will find them more in the Arctic, Antarctic and the coast of the USA and Canada . Habitat


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