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Mid-Term Review December 2012

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1 Mid-Term Review December 2012

2 Fresh water is most likely to be found in?
Lakes or Mountain Rivers

3 The timber industry is most likely found in which Region of the United States?
The Pacific Northwest

4 People sometimes are forced to evacuate areas due to volcanic eruptions.
interactions between Earth's physical processes and the environment affect humans

5 With enough food and water for a lot of people to survive.
Some places in the world have large populations inside of a small area.

6 England has a monarchy, The King or Queen is born into the role. The United States has a democracy we elect a president

7 limited government People are able to speak against their government if they disagree with the government's Decisions. NO King or Queen Freedom of religion People to make many decisions for themselves.

8 Unlimited Government Monarchy Dictatorship Oligarchy UNLIMITED POWER

9 Traits of a democracy Rule by the people.
more citizen involvement in government, such as voting. Was founded many years ago in Athens, Greece

10 Spread of Democratic Ideas
Direct Democracy started in Greece- Rome had a representative Democracy- England used Democratic ideas- Democracy formed in America.

11 Religion and culture? Women in some Middle Eastern countries cover their faces in public due to religious law in their land.

12 National Unity People share national unity by celebrating national holidays together.

13 People’s rights are important:
Traits of a Limited Government People’s rights are important: Power is with the people: Government follows a written constitution:

14 Assimilation A person new to a culture learns about his new way of life, and begins to live just like everyone else in that culture.

15 Culturally Diverse Society?
A Borrowing traits, such as food, clothing, and music, from other cultures can add flavor and variety to a culture.

16 Culture Traits unite people?
A child moves to a new city and makes friends with the kids who speak his language. Culture Traits unite people?

17 The Republic government's origins
Can be traced back to the ancient city of Rome

18 A negative effect of cultural diffusion.
McDonalds goes to China and some of the Chinese restaurants go out of business

19 All societies have some institutions in common.
Education Religion Government

20 Knowing a group's religious beliefs can help one better understand that group's way of life.

21 A St. Patrick's Day celebration is large in some places such as Boston, Massachusetts.
Many people in Boston are descendants of Irish immigrants

22 The Andes Mountain range was created
Two tectonic plates have collided and are overlapping each other along a fault The Andes Mountain range was created

23 30°S is how the exact latitude would be written
Because Australia is 30 degrees South of the Equator 30°S is how the exact latitude would be written

24 Physical Geography Water Animals Plants Land

25 The Greeks located their colonies near bodies of water for….
Transportation Trade

26 To help travelers get between the United Kingdom and France the countries built a Tunnel under the English Channel (a body of water).

27 Mt. Mitchell is the highest point in the
Appalachian Mountains.

28 Human migration(people moving to other parts of the world)
is why over 50 different languages are spoken by children in schools in Houston, Texas.

29 If an area suffers many earthquakes it would be near a Fault line.

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