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Unit One Vocabulary.

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1 Unit One Vocabulary

2 Region Region – an area of Earth’s surface with one or more shared characteristic.

3 Location Location – where something is. Absolute location defines the exact spot on Earth. Relative location describes the position of a place in relation to another place.

4 Place Place – can be described both by its physical location and by its physical and human feature.

5 Movement Movement – people and ideas moving from place to place (p 7)

6 Human Characteristics
Human Characteristics of land – changes to the land that were made by people

7 Physical Characteristics
Physical characteristics of land – describe the type of land in an area

8 Human-Environmental Interaction
Human-Environmental Interaction – how people and their surroundings affect each other (p 7)

9 Hemisphere Hemisphere – halves of the globe. The equator divides the globe into 2 halves – northern and southern. The Prime Meridian and International Dateline divide the globe into 2 halves – eastern and western (p 5)

10 Latitude Latitude - imaginary lines that circle the globe and run east to west. Also called parallels because they are parallel to the equator (p 4)

11 Longitude Longitude – imaginary north-south lines that circle the globe and that pass through the north and south Poles (p 5)

12 Culture the beliefs, customs, practices, and behaviors of a particular nation or group of people

13 Ethnic a group of people who have the same language, culture, or religion

14 Cultural Diffusion the spread of cultural traits from one culture to another

15 Unitary System a central government makes all laws for the entire country.

16 Confederation system where independent states join together and give limited powers to a common government

17 Federal System system where power is divided among central, regional, and local governments

18 Autocracy a form of government in which all the power is held by a single person

19 Oligarchy Oligarchy – government ruled by a small group of people

20 Democracy a form of government in which citizens hold political power. VOTING

21 Monarchy a government headed by a king or queen

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