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Simultaneous PSTN and Broadband Provision Process Incorporating Broadband Movers Issue 5.

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1 Simultaneous PSTN and Broadband Provision Process Incorporating Broadband Movers Issue 5

2 Terminology PSTN is used to denote a BT Retail PSTN line or a Wholesale Line Rental (WLR2 or WLR3) line Broadband is used to denote any ADSL Broadband Product available for new supply from BT Wholesale

3 What is the Simultaneous Provision Process? Where a customer places an order for PSTN service and an order for Broadband service, and the orders are linked together by BT This reduces the overall lead time for the Broadband service, since the customer does not have to wait 5 working days (i.e. standard provision lead time) after the PSTN is delivered Where a customer is moving, the Simultaneous Process allows the customer to have no break in service The Simultaneous Process overcomes Tags On the Line at the target premises

4 Broadband Movers The ISP is responsible for managing the cease of the Broadband at the End User’s old premises Where the End User chooses to have Broadband from the same ISP, the cease can be effected by choosing the AutoCease option (specifying the circuit to be ceased) The AutoCease is initiated (with a 0-day lead time) once the new Broadband has been provided, thus automatically catering for customer date changes

5 Lead times for Simultaneous Provision Standard PSTN delivery lead times apply The minimum lead time for Broadband delivery is 5 working days (even if the PSTN lead time is less than this). The Broadband will only be delivered upon completion of the PSTN delivery (even if this is more than 5 working days) For example: PSTN Delivery Lead TimeBroadband Delivery Lead Time 1 day5 working days 3 days5 working days 5 days5 working days 7 working days 9 working days

6 When would Simultaneous Provision be used? New provision of both PSTN and Broadband services, including as a result of a move of premises Migration from MPF or Cable (with or without LLU / Cable Broadband) to PSTN with Broadband Change of PSTN Provider with provision of new Broadband BT Wholesale and Openreach are working to allow parallel orders (transfer and provide) to cover this scenario Change of both PSTN and Broadband Providers BT Wholesale and Openreach are working to allow parallel orders (transfer and Provide with MAC) to cover this scenario In all scenarios, Number Retention may apply In all scenarios, Number Portability may apply

7 Process exclusions Delivery of Broadband on a non-working day Delivery of Broadband on a Temporary service line Delivery of Broadband on a Multi-line installation Delivery to Greenfield sites or Unmatched addresses BT Wholesale and Openreach are working to enable Simultaneous Provision in these scenarios Where the postcode is not recognised by BT Wholesale systems BT Wholesale are working to enable Simultaneous Provision in this scenario

8 Process Overview (Simple) The key point of the Simultaneous Provision process is matching the orders together The PSTN will be delivered even if it has not matched The Broadband can only be delivered if a match is made

9 Process Overview (Detailed)

10 How does Matching work? Simultaneous Broadband orders are placed against a postcode and include a “Matching Reference” (also known as Linked Order Reference Number or LORN) Simultaneous PSTN orders are placed against an address (hence the postcode is known) and include a “Matching Reference” These two fields (postcode and “Matching Reference”) are used to match the two orders together Note that the last two characters of the postcode are ignored for Matching purposes It is therefore vital that the correct Matching Reference is quoted on both orders

11 The Matching Reference The End User can contact their PSTN and Broadband providers in whichever order they choose. Note that they could be the same provider The first provider contacted must generate the Matching Reference which the End User should quote when contacting the second provider. Both providers should submit the order with this Matching Reference If the ISP is the first contact, the Matching Reference should consist of a 3-character prefix followed by a maximum of seven unique alpha- numeric (i.e. 0 to 9; A to Z) characters unique to the order. For example - ABC1234567 ISP’s can use any reference however, it is recommended that you use the ABC1234567 (10 character) format.

12 The Simultaneous PSTN Order Checker If the ISP is the second provider contacted, the Simultaneous PSTN Order Checker can be used to confirm that the PSTN order has been raised as a Simultaneous order This tool is available to all ISPs via the BT Wholesale portal To request access to the PSTN Simultaneous Order Checker: Email Subject line should be “Access request for PSTN Simultaneous Order Checker” Body should contain userids to be enabled

13 ISP Order Handling ISP is first contact 1.Create Matching Ref 2.Place Sim Order (minimum 5 working days lead time) 3.Provide Matching Ref to End User 4.Tell End User to contact PSTN Provider asap and give them the Matching Reference ISP is NOT first contact 1.Ask End User for Matching Ref and Postcode 2.Check for order via PSTN Checker If not found, the End User will need to contact their PSTN provider to ensure the order is amended to Simultaneous 3.Place Sim Order (minimum 5 working days lead time) with Matching Ref provided by End User

14 Timeouts (no match) If no matching PSTN order is found by CRD minus 2 working days (the CRD being that of the Broadband order), the Broadband order will have a further 10 days added to the order to allow time for the match. If the order is still unmatched after the 10 days it will “time out” and be cancelled Hence the necessity for confirming the PSTN order is simultaneous (via the PSTN Checker) or instructing the End User to contact their PSTN Provider asap

15 Date Alignment Broadband cannot be provided before the PSTN The minimum lead time for Broadband is 5 working days If the PSTN date is after the Broadband date, the Broadband date will be realigned to match the PSTN date If the PSTN date changes, the Broadband date will be realigned to match the PSTN date -The Broadband order can never have a lead time of less than 5 working days and cannot be delivered before the original requested CRD

16 Cancellations Broadband orders may be cancelled by BT Wholesale for normal reasons (e.g. incompatible line technology). ISPs can also cancel Broadband provision in the normal manner In either case, the PSTN order will not be cancelled If the PSTN order is cancelled, the Broadband order will be cancelled

17 Delays Broadband delays will be displayed in the normal manner on BBCR PSTN delays will obviously delay Broadband provision. Currently, these are not displayed on BBCR BT Wholesale and Openreach are working to enable these delays to be displayed on BBCR

18 Tips Before placing an order in the system it is recommended that a check is carried out to determine whether Broadband is available at the target address. As a reminder, ISPs can use the availability checker in for this purpose There is no need to know whether the PSTN order is a Start or a Provide at the point of placing the Simultaneous Broadband order. The ISP need only place the Broadband order, and BT will deal with the rest ISPs are advised to place the Simultaneous Broadband order with as much notice as possible. It is not necessary that the orders are placed on the same day as the PSTN order If the End User queries the ISP about the Status of the PSTN order, please direct them to their PSTN provider. The Broadband Service Management desks do not have access to this information If the customer is having PSTN delivered within 5 working days, ISPs can still place a Simultaneous order and Broadband will be delivered in 5 working days

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