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2 Content How to Submit Offers for New Hosting Providers

3 How to submit offers if you are new to the Web Hosting Gallery 1. Go to the page: ingprovider/addoffers ingprovider/addoffers 2. Click on the Green REGISTER NOW Button 3. You must have a LIVEID Sign in credentials in order to create an account If you do not have one, you will be prompted to create one Remember your LIVEID credentials, because you will need it to access your account in the future

4 Enter your Company Info 1.Please make sure that you provide a primary name, email address, and phone number that the Hosting Gallery Team can use to contact you if needed. Note: you will only need to Sign-up your company once. You will use this same account to modify or add new offers.

5 Add an Offer Two Major things to keep in mind when adding an offer Only state the components that are included in the Price that you have set. The Sign-UP URL you enter must link, in one-click, to the location on your Company’s website where the customer can find the same offer details listed. This is the basis by which we will determine if your offer is valid and suitable for publishing to the Microsoft site.

6 Step-by-step of how to enter offer details 1.Create a Name for the Offer 2.Provide a brief description of how this offer can meet a customer’s needs 3.Set a Price that covers costs of all pre- installed components your are stating 4.Set a Currency. The Currency will determine to which target audience the offer will display. For example, Prices in Rupees will be the Offers that are searchable under Countries which use the Rupee as the official Monetary unit. 5.Set an Expiration Date. You may choose to set an expiration date if you would like for your offer to automatically unpublish at a given date. 6.State details of pre-installed components that a customer can expect to have included in the Price. Please do not check off items that will come at an Add-on cost to the stated Price.

7 Correct way to Enter Details What is published on the Hosting Gallery must match what is on your Website

8 Wrong way to Enter Details The Error here is that Windows Server 2008 was stated as part of the £249 Plan, but looking at the Company Website, the customer will find that it will cost an additional £40 to run Windows Server 2008. (Total should be £289)

9 Submitting Offers for Publishing 1. There is no limit to the number of offers you can submit, we just ask that you ensure that your offers on the Hosting Gallery are In Sync with the offers listed on your company site. Click on “+Add Another Offer” 2. When you are ready to submit, please read through the terms of use and check the box to acknowledge the terms. Click “Submit”

10 What happens after you click Submit? 1. When you click submit, your offers will appear our system 2. We will use the Sign-up URL you have provided with each offer to validate. If the Sign-Up takes us to a page on your site where we can easily verify the price and components that you have stated match those found on your site, then the offer is published If the Sign-Up URL does not take us directly the Page with details that we can use to validate, then your offer will be declined. The Validation Process should take approximately 2 business days to complete depending on levels of activity.

11 How will my offer look on the Hosting Gallery? 1. A Spotlight badge will be appear on your offer if your plan runs the latest Microsoft technologies Please refer to current Spotlight requirements. (requirements are updated periodically with advance notice) 2. Advantage of the Spotlight Badge is that it will boost your offer higher up in the default view. The default view is sorted by 1. Spotlight Status 2. Price (Low to High) 3. Reviews Your offer will get maximum visibility and clicks as it moves up the default search view to the Featured Section.

12 Spotlight requirements The current Spotlight Requirements are: The Spotlight requirements will be update on Jan. 14, 2011 to become:

13 Overview of Steps Register your Hosting CompanyCreate Hosting OffersSubmit Hosting Offers Offers are reviewed: Approved or Declined Approved Offers are Published

14 Still have unanswered questions? You may find answers you are looking for in these FAQS Hosting Provider Sign-Up Process FAQs Developer Facing FAQs However, if you still have unanswered questions, we’re happy to provide further support at the Hosting Gallery Help Desk:

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