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Microsoft Certified Trainer

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1 Microsoft Certified Trainer

2 About MCT Membership [Microsoft Certified Trainer] IT Academies receive 1 FREE subscription to the MCT Program MCT Download Center: Lesson Plans, Trainer Guide, classroom setup, presentations for all Microsoft Official Curriculum TECHNICAL courses MCT Welcome Kit Use of MCT Logo MCT Town Hall: Access an archive of recorded train-the- trainer events, community presentations, and other content of interest. Upload your own presentations and host your own "shows." FREE TechNet Plus Direct Subscription MCT Newsgroups MCT Private members site Special Offers The MCT program provides tools, resources, and other benefits to help you thrive as both a technologist and an educator. The benefits can help you build, maintain, and prove your expertise on Microsoft products and technologies, as well as help you prepare for, teach, and support blended learning solutions. The MCT program offers a large and dynamic range of benefits, including these highlights:

3 MCT Requirements for ITA Members Acquire a valid Microsoft certification Microsoft Certified Trainers must hold one or more Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certifications or the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification. Visit for full requirements. Demonstrate Instructional Presentation Skills A letter from your institution is acceptable to meet this requirement. Provide a letter on your institution's letterheadsigned by an authorized representative from your institutionvalidating your teaching status (full or part time) with the IT Academy institution. The letter may include courses you teach and length of time you have taught at your institution. Establish a Metrics that Matter Account (MTM) Microsoft uses the MTM tool to collect post-training evaluation data and follow-up training data on MCTs. The MCT application requires you to enter your MTM account ID number during enrollment. Complete the MCT Enrollment Application See following pages for instructions.

4 Preparing for Enrollment What you will need before you start the MCT application: Your Microsoft Certification ID (MC ID) and Access Code. You should have received both of these via (s) from following the completion of your certification exam. If you cannot find your MC ID or Access Code, contact Microsoft Regional Support Center at (800) For Microsoft Office Specialist certification information, you can follow the steps in Your MTM Account ID. If you already have an MTM account, you may use your current account ID number. If you do not have an account, visit to create one now. You will be asked for this number during enrollment. Your Microsoft IT Academy Member ID#. This is a ten digit number beginning with You can obtain this at the IT Academy Member Site under My Academy/My Membership or obtain from your CTE Director. mbers/academy/MyAcademy.aspx mbers/academy/MyAcademy.aspx Your MCT voucher code. This can also be found at the IT Academy Member Site under My Academy/My Benefit Codes.

5 Steps for Completing MCT Application 1.Sign in to the MCP Member Site at 2.Click Sign In and log in with your Live ID credentials 3.Enter your MC ID and Access Code (see page 5 for details)

6 4.Click on MCT Enrollment Tool 5.Next page will display your name, MC ID and enrollment information/status, click Next to proceed 6.Read Program Guide and click Next 7.Select I Agree and click Next

7 7.Enter your MTM ID 8.Select Yes to Meet Requirements and Adhere to MCT Agreement, then click Next 9.Select Employment Type Microsoft IT Academy and enter your IT Academy member ID# (see page 5 for details) 10.Select the option MSITA will pay the fee 11. Type in your name and online signature, then click Next

8 12.Select one of the options as your area of expertise (Information Worker is also an option not shown here) 13.Select Training experience at an accredited academic institution as method of proof for instructional skills 14.Select your Ship to and Currency country, then click Next

9 15. Select your currency 16.Enter your IT Academy voucher number (see page 5 for details), then click Continue 17.Enter required fields in shipping information 18.Enter Payment Option and complete required fields in billing information (note - you will not be charged)

10 19.Review your order, shipping and billing information 20.Check box I Agree to terms and conditions 21.Place Order 22.Print order receipt

11 Final Step: Send proof of instructional skills (see page 3 for details) with the following information on the cover page: Address to MCP Escalations Include the text MCT Train the Trainer Document in the subject line Include your Name, , and MC ID Fax to or scan and to Approval You will receive notice of your approved application via . Once you receive this , you can begin taking advantage of your MCT benefits. You can also check the status of your application at Congratulations on meeting the MCT requirements! For questions on MCT membership or the application process call Youre Almost There!

12 Appendix

13 Finding your Microsoft Office MC ID with Certiport 1. Go to 2. Select Login 3. Enter your Certiport Username and Password 4. Select My Profiles 5. Select Tab Programs 6. Select Edit Registration Data 7. The MCP number is located in the Microsoft Person ID.

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