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Microsoft ConnectED Partner Overview for Microsoft Partners.

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1 Microsoft ConnectED Partner Overview for Microsoft Partners

2 Today’s Discussion What is ConnectED? How is Microsoft involved and WHAT is our offering? What is the role of OEMs, Services and Channel Partenrs? What is the process for selling this offer? What resources are available for partners to learn and promote this offering? Where is the information posted and who do we contact for questions?

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4 Microsoft Office for all students at no additional cost for qualifying schools 5 free licenses per student of Office Pro Plus if the school also uses it Low-cost broadband available through EveryoneOn non-profit Significantly lower EDU price for Windows 8.1 Pro via OEMs: Single Letter of Eligibility for all K-12 public schools Free professional development for teachers through Partners in Learning Ad-free search with Bing for Schools

5 * Students per district 50M public students 4.8M 14.4M 14.9M 16.1M Managed Accounts 385 Districts 20K-150K 15 Dis. >150K* 16,274 Districts <5K 1,600 Districts 5K-20K # Public Students

6 6 Free access to proven teacher development programs Online resources at MS- sponsored Proven device security Easy application management Secure user authentication Ad-free search; NO data mining Involved learning environment Integrated technology in all aspects of the classroom Collaborative technology to create and consume Cross-student and cross- classroom collaboration Global awareness Creative problem-solving 21st century skills The only software package to appear among the Top 20 skills for high-growth/high-salary positions 1 1 IDC, October 2013

7 2 Reseller contacts OEM and places order for Devices with OEM 3 OEM validates that the end customer is eligible to procure the National Academic Offering sku. Validation occurs on MyOEM. 4 OEM provides reseller the devices with the Windows 8.1 Pro National Academic Offering 1 Customer contacts Reseller and requests devices. Customer provides a copy of the Letter of Eligibility (LOE) if they have been provided the LOE


9 Device maintenance & imaging services Broadband, Unified Communications (Lync) and Cloud Services Deployments (Office 365 / Azure) Bundled offers with devices, peripherals and attached services Professional Development and Training Services Network Design and ImplementationDevelop LOB Solutions and Applications

10 10 Microsoft Education Partner Network

11 Next steps: 11

12 Vince Menzione General Manager Denise McElroy Edu Partner Director & Intel Raamel Mitchell Partner Sales Exec – SHI Jeff McKee Senior Channel Exec – Dell Leslie Hofeldt Partner Sales Exec – CDW & Insight All other partners

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