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Essilor Training Programs

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1 Essilor Training Programs
ECP University

2 Background Rough numbers:
85,000 people in US dispensing eyewear as primary role 60% have no certification 50% have been in the role less than 2 years The rate of change in technology of lenses is increasing Most dispensers are ill-equipped to sell the latest products

3 Staff Programs Three programs being built focused on career stages
New Dispenser Quick Start Advanced Dispensing Program Dispensary Manager Program Extensive research was conducted with industry professionals within Essilor and outside of Essilor to identify all of the competencies required for a top performing dispenser. This research indicated that there are 432 competencies required. For a new dispenser to get fully up to speed to about a 6 month experience level 300 competencies were identified. The New Dispenser Quick Start program was built on and teaches those 300 competencies. Essilor is in the process of building an entire career path of training for the role of the dispenser. The Apollo program, for Advanced dispensing professionals was launched in May and coming next year will be the Dispensary Management program. Essilor and Vision source have partnered to bring the first of these training programs to Vision Source members.

4 New Dispenser Quick Start
Program Details For brand new dispensers 160 hours (one month) trainee program Coach provided by practice 20 hours of online training Uses online, on-the-job and self-study learning methods Content Business Management Patient Service and Selling Optics Products The New Dispenser Quick Start Program is intended for dispensers new to the industry with no optical experience. The program is 160 hours of learning , 20 of which is web-based training. 140 hours are spent gaining directed hands on experience in your dispensary through workbook exercises and activities. A typical day would look like this… in the morning the participant would take 1-3 hours of web based courses, then the afternoon they will participate in activities and exercises regarding the web learning earlier in the day. This helps move them from knowledge to skill allowing them to actually put what they learned into practice. The courses cover four main topics including: Business mgmt, Patient service and selling Optics Products (note this course does not talk about Essilor products. The product courses are generic and speak to types of product and materials without regard to Essilor products.)

5 New Dispenser Quick Start
Practice benefits include: Staff productivity – basic proficiency in most job skills in 6 weeks Dispensary productivity –staff spends less time training new hires New staff retention – staff who are trained and nurtured are far more likely to have long-tenure Weed out poor performers – less pain for practice to ‘raise’ new staff Establish positive habits– new hires introduced to best practices from day one Some of the benefits include: Staff productivity – move a new dispenser with no optical experience zero knowledge to about a six month experience level in just 20 work days. Dispensary productivity – your staff spends less time trying to train new staff members. New staff retention – new staff members feel invested in and more competent and confident Weed out poor performers – relatively easy early on to recognize if a staff member is going to be able to pick up the knowledge required for the role. Establish positive habits – This program helps establish best practices early on.

6 New Dispenser Quick Start
Program Resources Online access Coach and Participant Workbooks Certificate of completion ABO Basic Certification Prep book When a participant signs up they will receive 6 months of access to the online courseware. They will also receive a packet in the mail containing: A coach’s guide and a participant guide. When they complete the program they will receive a certificate of completion and an ABO Basic Certification Prep book.

7 Apollo for Advanced Dispensing
Program Details For advanced dispensing professionals with 1-10 years experience 60 web-based courses with 24 x 7 access Customized learning plans driven by pre-assessments Content Medical/Clinical Technical/Optical Patient Service and Selling Optical Products Dispensary Business Management Howard

8 Dispensary Manager Program Goals
Equip practices to better manage their optical dispensaries Build strong business acumen in optical staff for independent practices Provide foundation for a Business Manager Program that also teaches back office functions

9 Dispensary Manager Program
Program Details 6-month business program for Optical Managers Structured like an Executive MBA course Covers Retail Strategies, Financial Management, People Leadership, Business Operations and Customer Excellence Benefits Business capable and focused people leading dispensary More profitable dispensary

10 Dispensary Manager Instructional Methods Blended Distance Learning
Activities Reading Remote coaching sessions Homework e-learning Classroom learning

11 ECP University Online Training Tool for practices
Access of all online content for all staff members Great for cross-training and developing staff into new areas Practice Manager can follow progress of staff Content areas will grow to cover all staff roles

12 ECP University Home Page

13 ECP University Platform Benefits All ECP facing online training
No fee access to registered users: product training courses, eyecare professional resources Low cost subscription access gives 12 months access for entire practice and staff Benefits Give ECP’s a powerful personal and practice development tool Less expensive – practice vs. individual pricing User friendly – functionality and interface more intuitive Manageability – practice level reporting and enrollment

14 ECP University Cost Single Location Practices Up to 8 people - $299
Multi-Location Practices 2-5 Locations - $225 per location 5 + - $Customized pricing Individuals Apollo - $100 New Dispenser Quick Start - $150 Dispensary Manager - $2000 (plus travel)

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