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Paul Chubb Executive Director, Careers England 07976 575536

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1 Paul Chubb Executive Director, Careers England 07976 575536 Acting also as Project Leader for the QUALITY IN CAREERS STANDARD

2 POLICY COMMENTARIES on the Careers England website Tracing every step of the development of the Coalition Government’s policies for CEG since May/November 2010 Implementation of the Education Act 2011 Statutory Guidance, & the Practical Guide HoC Education Select Committee report & HMG response National Careers Council report Ofsted Thematic Survey report & HMG response


4 THE EDUCATION ACT 2011 – essential never to forget how the new Statutory Duty for Schools to ‘secure access to independent careers guidance’ is phrased on FACE OF THE ACT [5] Careers Guidance Provided To Pupils At A School Is Independent For The Purposes Of This Section If It Is Provided Other Than By— » (A) A Teacher Employed Or Engaged At The School, Or » (B) Any Other Person Employed At The School +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++  The Act requires SCHOOLS to be COMMISSIONERS of Careers Guidance not providers of it (that’s not to say they will not provide SOME of it, but the new DUTY is to secure external Careers Guidance in addition to whatever a school provides internally)

5 OUR AIMS TODAY To inform about policy and practice arising from the Ofsted Thematic Survey (Karen & Tony) To discuss & consider views on what we learn (from our Learning Provider association colleagues) To look to celebrate success – presenting Quality Award national validation (QiCS) To hear from three leading Academy Principals about how their schools have addressed the new CG duty To look ahead to the future….with the inaugural President of the CDI and to learn more of the view of Her Majesty’s Opposition on its views of the potential future for CEG after 2015………




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