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The Student Experience – University Developments

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1 The Student Experience – University Developments
Dr. Moira Helm Director of the Change Programme/Student Survey Unit

2 ‘The Student Experience’
Explore what is meant by ‘the Student Experience’ Hear what our students and staff tell us Introduce the Change Programme

3 Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU)
Teacher Training College 55% increase in student numbers ( ) 5 campuses New V-C 2010 Strategic Plan ( )

4 Who are our students? CCCU 18,186 students 18-24 years 48 %
11% 30+ years 41% Full time 59% Part-time UK 92% Non-UK 8% Increasingly diverse student body – different individual experience 63% from Kent

5 What is ‘The Student Experience’?

6 ‘The Student Experience’ Snaith and Stephenson, 2010
LEARN AND GAIN AN AWARD CURRICULUM ACCESSIBILITY PHYSICAL SPACE PRICE OF SANDWICHES EMPLOYABILITY INTEGRATION INTERNAL/EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT Learn and gain an award - Quality of teaching Curriculum – is it engaging, seen as relevant? Accessibility - of lecturers, tutors, learning resources, the curriculum itself, Physical space, identity and activity – do students identify with the physicality of the university? Is there a sense of belonging? Is the physical space commensurate with contemporary fee paying customers’ expectations or is it perceived as decrepit and sub-standard? Integrations with the external environment – do students have a sense that the world comes into their university and it reaches out to the world or is there a sense of isolation? Are there guest lecturers? Are there tutors involved in external consultancy, and is there a thriving work placements programme? The price of sandwiches – this apparently facile issue is used here as an umbrella term to encompass all of those things which may appear small or trivial but in fact add up to a significant impact upon the student experience. The price of sandwiches vs the high street/corner shop; the security guard at reception – smiling or snarling; the number of core text books in the library; are classes cancelled without notice?; accessibility of an ATM machine; Access to bars, cafes and other social spaces; Opportunities for volunteering; Sport and other extra-curricular activities; Employability – do graduates from the course get jobs, not just jobs but graduate jobs; Work-based learning; paid work; SODEXO % key factor in decision to go to university was to improve their knowledge

7 Impact of New Fees Regime?
If they were paying circa £9000, current students say they would have: made greater demands to “ensure they were ‘getting the most for their money’” spent more time in paid jobs if they were paying the proposed increased fees The Sodexo University Lifestyle Survey 2012

8 What Do We Know? Students and staff experience have raised a number of issues. Great place to study and work BUT… Variability across programmes (T&L and academic support) Assessment and feedback Organisation and management Learning resources Feedback from students

9 CCCU NSS Results by Year
All categories are either higher than or at least as high as they’ve ever been before, with the exception of Practice Placements and Work Placements. Weaker areas are as before: Assess & Feedback, Org & Man, and Learning Res.

10 Change Programme Vision

11 Change Programme Priorities

12 Building Blocks

13 Engagement Student engagement Staff engagement
Staff volunteers Staff conferences Academic Leads Engagement


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