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Learning Outside the Classroom Victoria Wilcher

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1 Learning Outside the Classroom Victoria Wilcher

2 The Council for Learning Outside the Classroom
We believe that every young person should experience the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of learning and personal development, whatever their age, ability or circumstances.

3 Learning Outside the Classroom Manifesto

4 The background 2005 – Education and Skills Select Committee recommends development of LOtC Manifesto 100 organisations attend workshops to develop LOtC Manifesto 2006 – Manifesto for Learning Outside the Classroom launched by Secretary of State 2007 – National Advisory Group established 2008 – First LOtC Awards and national conference Publication of Ofsted report Learning outside the classroom: how far should you go? 2009 – First LOtC Quality Badges awarded Council for Learning Outside the Classroom established and takes over responsibility for the Manifesto 2011 – Government funding for CLOtC ends 2012 – LOtC Mark for schools established

5 Ofsted supports LOtC ‘When planned and implemented well, learning outside the classroom contributed significantly to raising standards & improving pupils’ personal, social & emotional development.’ Learning outside the classroom: How far should you go? Ofsted Report (October 2008) 5

6 Benefits of LOtC 6

7 Engage, Learn, Achieve

8 Learning in Natural Environments

9 The LOtC Quality Badge Endorsed by majority of Outdoor Education Advisers in England Good quality educational experience Robust health and safety procedures Less red tape and paperwork!


11 King’s College London Research
Factors affecting LOtC Teachers’ view of the nature of their subject Teachers’ views of the role of education Teachers’ views of effective pedagogy Teachers’ self-efficacy Teachers’ working practices (planning, teaching and evaluation) Teachers’ and school leaders commitment to school-community links The relationship between schools and providers

12 Further information Email: Websites:

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