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1 Careers Guidance Education Act 2011

2 1 The changes for schools New duty on schools, pupil referral units and special schools to secure access to independent careers guidance for pupils in years 9-11 Independent careers guidance is defined in legislation (the Education Act 2011) as: –impartial –promotes the best interests of pupils –includes information on all options available in the 16-18 phase of education or training, including Apprenticeships –provided by people other than those employed at the school

3 2 The changes for schools The duty will be applied to academies via their funding agreement with the Department for Education (DfE) Statutory guidance for schools on careers guidance for young people will be published by DfE it will be for schools to decide what careers guidance to make available based on the needs of pupils The costs of provision will need to be met from a schools overall budgets The duty will commence September 2012

4 3 The changes for schools Requirement to provide a programme of careers education will be repealed; there is an expectation that schools should still consider how these activities are best delivered Schools will need to work closely with their local authority to ensure services for pupils with special educational needs are aligned Schools expected to assist local authorities with recording post-16 plans/offers along with current activities (remain under a duty to provide relevant information to local authority support services)

5 4 The changes for local authorities Once duty on schools commences and the National Careers Service is established, no expectation that local authorities should provide a universal careers guidance service Other local authority duties are retained: –encourage, enable, assist young people to participate –tracking to ensure offers of education in September, supporting young people NEET and monthly reporting –Support for vulnerable young people and those at risk of disengagement –working with Jobcentre Plus to meet requirements for 16-17 year olds eligible for Jobseekers Allowance

6 5 National Careers Service Development of the service led by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) and based on the adult guidance Next Steps model BIS will continue to fund online and helpline services for adults linked to similar services for young people – single point of access is in place now BIS will continue to fund face-to-face careers guidance for adults; there will be no centrally funded face-to-face guidance for young people Full service anticipated from April 2012

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