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Superintendent Program Review Committee February 26, 2010.

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1 Superintendent Program Review Committee February 26, 2010

2 Agenda Welcome and Introductions Overview and Purpose of Group Charter approved by EPSB Review of Literature Discussion Work Teams based on charter objectives Discussion Topics

3 Purpose Review the current state of superintendent preparation in Kentucky. Ensure the inclusion of high quality clinical experiences for both traditional superintendent candidates and those seeking certification through an alternative route. Align the superintendent preparation with the teacher leader masters programs, redesigned principal programs, and the General Assembly mandated assessment center provided by the Kentucky Department of Education. Review programs that prepare supervisor of instruction and directors of pupil personnel.

4 Scope of Operation The committee shall remain within statutory boundaries, but it may recommend regulatory, statutory, and policy changes to the EPSB. All committee members are expected to make a time commitment to the work. EPSB staff will provide support to the committee and provide the necessary resources for the committee to complete its work.

5 Objectives Following a review of related research and current practice by institutions (both in and outside of KY) the committee shall bring forth recommendations in the following areas: Establishing a set of standards and critical performance indicators for superintendents. Determining, prior to admission to a superintendent program, that all candidates have the disposition to be leaders of a district, based on evidence of meaningful leadership experience related to improved student achievement.

6 Objectives Selecting superintendent candidates who exhibit the critical dispositions and attributes for guiding a district in the 21 st century. Providing throughout the program enhanced field experiences that permit superintendent candidates to put academic theory into meaningful practice.

7 Objectives Providing high quality mentoring for those entering the superintendent program via an alternative route. Collaborating with the Kentucky Department of Education in aligning the superintendent programs with the assessment center.

8 House Joint Resolution (HJR)14 Section 1: The executive direction of the EPSB, with the collaboration of the commissioner of education and the president of CPE, shall organize an interagency task force to collaborate with private and public post- secondary institutions for the redesign of programs of school and district leaders, including the preparation and certification of principals, assistant principals, superintendents, and other central office and school- based administrators.

9 Maxwell, 1998 Leadership is about influencing people to follow, while management focuses on maintaining systems and processes. The best way to test whether a person can lead rather than just manage is to ask him (her) to create positive change.

10 Binder and Literature Review 16 KAR 3:010: Certification for School Superintendent p.26 EPSB Administrator Preparation Program Review Documents p.33 Current KY Superintendent Program University Submissions p.46-88 704 KAR 3:406: Superintendent Training Program and Assessment Center p.22 Kentucky Learning-Centered Leadership Report ISLLC Standards Kentucky Dimensions and Functions for School Leaders p. 89

11 Literature Review (cont.) Ohios Leadership Development Framework p.107 West Virginia Superintendent Leadership Institute p.171 Iowa Association of School Boards, New Superintendent Evaluation Process Makes the Connection p.183 Pennsylvania Department of Education, The Framework for Superintendent Preparation Program Guidelines p. 195 Waters and Marzano, School District Leadership that Works: The Effect of Superintendent Leadership on Student Achievement p.217

12 Work Team #1 Program Review and Development - Admission requirements - Dispositions - Field experiences - Alignment of program with teacher leader & principal programs - Standards/indicators/dimensions

13 Work Team #2 KDE Assessment Center -Review current topics -Address needs -Align to superintendent programs

14 Work Team #3 Supervisor of Instruction (SI) & Director of Pupil Personnel (DPP) – Review of current SI and DPP programs – Certification recommendations

15 Discussion Topic 1 What do effective superintendents need to know and be able to do?

16 Discussion Topic 2 What are the current practices of the superintendent programs that meet our listed expectations?

17 Discussion Topic 3 What past initiatives have been completed by the Commonwealth Collaborative of School Leader Program members (CCSLP)?

18 Discussion Topic 4 What initiatives are currently underway in KY universities to enhance training for superintendents? CURRENT INITIATIVES

19 Discussion Topic 5 What organizational strategies have been implemented to support our superintendents?

20 Discussion Topic 6 What practices/strategies need to be improved?

21 Discussion Topic 7 Which standards should be established for superintendents to be effective for 21st century schools?

22 Discussion Topic 8 What indicators/dimensions define the superintendent as an effective district leader?

23 Discussion Topic 9 What promising initiatives are currently underway in other states?

24 Discussion Topic 10 What research proven strategies need to be incorporated into the superintendent programs?

25 Discussion Topic 11 What alignment is needed between the superintendent programs with the redesigned teacher leader masters and principal programs? Superintendent Programs Teacher Leader Masters Programs Principal Programs

26 Discussion Topic 12 What alignment is needed between the superintendent programs and the superintendent training program and assessment process (704 KAR 3:406)? Superintendent Programs Superintendent Training Program Assessment Process

27 Discussion Topic 13 What priorities should we examine for our superintendent programs? Superintendent Program Priorities

28 Discussion Topic 14 What strategies should we develop to meet those priorities?

29 Discussion Topic 15 What tactical ideas might help achieve the strategies?

30 Discussion Topic 16 What model do we need to develop to ensure superintendents have skills necessary to lead a district in the 21st century?

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