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What You Need to Know About the Southeast

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1 What You Need to Know About the Southeast
What states make up the Southeast? Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky.

2 What is the land like? Low coastal plains, with old mountains (Appalachians) and hills (Piedmont).

3 What is the climate? Humid subtropical - Mild winters, hot and humid summers. Why are hurricanes so common here? Closeness to warm bodies of water.

4 Hurricane Katrina Summer 2005 - More than 1,800 dead from flooding.
What two factors led to this catastrophe? Low elevation Failure of levees What is a levee?

5 Rivers Important rivers in the southeast - Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee, Arkansas, Rio Grande Why has the Mississippi always been so vital to the economy of the U.S?

6 Terms Tributary - Smaller river that feeds into a larger river.
Source - Beginning of a river. Mouth - Where a river ends. Navigable - Lake or river wide and deep enough for travel.

7 What are important natural resources?
Texas and Oklahoma - Oil & natural gas The rest - Soil and climate for farming. What agricultural goods do they produce? Cotton, tobacco, rice, sugarcane, citrus fruits, nuts

8 What are some important industries?
Fishing, tourism, textiles (clothing), electronics, airplane parts

9 People This region has the largest African-American population in the U.S.

10 Migration What is migration? Movement of people.
Florida has a fast-growing elderly population. Why? Climate is warm all year.

11 Hispanic immigration is high into Texas and Florida.
Who are Hispanics? Those with ancestors from areas south of the U.S.

12 Terms Dialect - Local form of a language.
Immigration - Movement of people from one place to another.

13 What are the biggest cities?
Houston, TX Miami, FL Dallas, TX Jacksonville, FL Atlanta, GA New Orleans, LA

14 Atlanta Atlanta, GA is the business center of the Southeast.

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