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Regions of the USA.

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1 Regions of the USA

2 What is a Region? A Region is a large area that has common features that set it apart from other areas.

3 West 11 states Major Landforms:
Washington, Oregon, California, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Alaska, and Hawaii. Major Landforms: Rocky Mountains Largest Mountain Range Continental Divide Rivers to the West empty into the Pacific Rivers to the East empty into the Gulf of Mexico or Atlantic

4 West Of the 11 states 6 are considered Mountain
5 are considered Pacific

5 West Climate: Arid East California and South Nevada
Dry Temperatures Vary with latitude North Nevada, Utah East Oregon, East Washington, and South Idaho Semi Dry Temperatures Vary with Latitude

6 West East: Washington, Oregon, and California
Mild Winter and Cool Summer Middle: Washington, Oregon, California Highlands, precipitation and temperature vary with altitude. South West California Winter Mild and wet Summer Hot and Dry Summer Hawaii Warm an Wet all year around Alaska Very Cold Winters, Cool Summers

7 West Natural Resources: Minerals Forests and Plants Fish and Wild
Zinc, Lead Forests and Plants Cedar, Birch Fish and Wild Salmon, Tuna, Deer Fossil Fuels Oil

8 Is the West... Arid Humid

9 Which is a landform in the West?
Appalachian Mountains Rocky Mountains Grand Canyon Great Lakes

10 Which of the following are states found in the West?
Alaska, Nevada, North Dakota, and Colorado Alaska, Nevada, Wyoming, and Colorado Alaska, Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado

11 Oil is a Fossil Fuel of the West?
True False

12 West Questions: Why is this region different than the others?

13 South West 4 of the largest states Major Landforms
Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas Major Landforms Grand Canyon Carved by the Colorado River Rocky Mountains

14 South West Climate East Texas and Oklahoma
Wet, Mild/ Warm Winters; Hot summers, Humid West Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. Temperatures Vary with Latitude Semi-dry South Arizona, New Mexico, and Tip of Texas Dry

15 Natural Resources: Minerals: Forests and Plants: Fish and Wildlife:
Iron, Copper Forests and Plants: Oak and Cacti Fish and Wildlife: Shrimp, Deer, and Rabbit Fossil Fuels Natural Gas and Oil

16 Is the Southwest Arid or Humid?

17 Which is a Landform of the South West?
Appalachian Mountains Rio Grande Grand Canyon Great Lakes

18 Which states are found in the Southwest?
Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma. Arizona, Colorado, Texas, and Oklahoma Arizona, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma

19 South West Questions: What would be the problem with the population growing? Why is this region different than the others?

20 Middle West 12 States “Corn Belt” Major Landforms
North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio Major Landforms Black Hills Great Lakes

21 Middle West Of the 12 states 6 are Plain States
6 are Great Lake States Superior, Michigan, Heron, Erie, Ontario is the other Great Lake but does not border Middle West States

22 Middle West Climate (weather over many years): Dry Mostly Humid
ND and SD are Arid. Winter: Very cold Summer: Cold

23 Natural Resources: Minerals Forests and Plants Fish and Wildlife
Iron and Copper Forests and Plants Maple and Sunflowers Fish and Wildlife Bass and Deer Fossil Fuels Oil and Coal

24 Is the Middle west… Arid Humid Both

25 Which states can be found in the Middle west?
Minnesota, Missouri, and Arkansas. Minnesota, Missouri and Illinois. Minnesota, Missouri, and Kentucky.

26 Please make your selection...
Appalachian Mountains Rio Grande Grand Canyon Great Lakes

27 Middle West Questions:
Why is the Corn Belt? Why is this region different than the others?

28 South East 11 States Major Landforms
Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia Major Landforms Appalachian Mountains Smokey Mountains The fog makes it look like smoke.

29 South East Of the 11 states Climate (weather over many years)
5 Border the Atlantic Ocean 5 border the Gulf of Mexico Climate (weather over many years) Wet and Humid Winter: Mild or Warm Summer: Hot

30 Natural Resources Minerals Forests and Plants Fish and Wildlife
Iron Forests and Plants Pine and Mangrove Fish and Wildlife Shrimp and Bears Fossil Fuels Coal and Natural Gas

31 Are Shrimp and Bears Natural Resources of the Southeast?
True False

32 Which are the states in the Southwest?
Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and Maryland. Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana.

33 There are 9 states in the Southeast?
True False

34 IS the Southeast... Humid? Arid? Both?

35 South East Questions: Why is this region different than the others?

36 North East 11 States Major Landforms:
Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine. Major Landforms: Appalachian Mountains Great Mountains White Mountains Lake Ontario Lake Erie

37 North East Of the 11 states 6 are New England States.
5 are Middle Atlantic States. 9 Border the Atlantic Ocean 3 Border Canada 2 Border the Great Lakes

38 North East Climate ( weather of many years) Dry and Humid Winter:
Very Cold Summer: Cool

39 Natural Resources Minerals Forests and Plants Fish and Wildlife
Granite and Copper Forests and Plants Fir and Maple Fish and Wildlife Lobster, Scallops, and Deer Fossil Fuels Coal

40 Northeast Questions Why is this region different than the others?

41 Coal a Natural Resource found in the Northeast?
True False

42 Is the Climate in the Northeast?
Humid Arid Both

43 There are 11 states are in the North East?
True False

44 Which are states found in the Northeast.
New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

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