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REGIONS OF THE UNITED STATES. UNITED STATES REGIONS **Some maps may show regions differently. Why?

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2 UNITED STATES REGIONS **Some maps may show regions differently. Why?

3 THE WEST Includes 13 states: Hawaii, Alaska, California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. The availability or scarcity of water is the greatest factor shaping the west.


5 THE WEST Landscape North Coast Badlands Rocky Mountains Hawaii Sonoran Desert The landscape of the west is varied and magnificent

6 THE WEST Landscape San Andreas Fault Mt. St. Helens Many different biomes: -Desert -Tundra -Forest

7 THE WEST Major Cities Seattle, Washington Denver, Colorado San Francisco Los Angeles

8 THE WEST Climate It’s, mostly dry… Along the coasts, climates are mild and damp. Weather and precipitation depends on different climatic regions. Example: Arizona and Nevada are different than California and Oregon

9 THE WEST Major Resources Petroleum Minerals Mostly gold, silver and petroleum

10 THE WEST Economy Agriculture Tourism Mining Agriculture Commercial Fishing

11 THE SOUTH Includes 16 States: Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware


13 THE SOUTH Landscape Appalachian Mtns. Florida Everglades West Texas Mississippi River Florida Keys Chesapeake Bay Thick mixed forests Marches Bayous = marshy inlets of lakes and rivers

14 THE SOUTH Major Cities Miami, Florida Washington, D.C. Atlanta, Georgia Houston, TX New Orleans, LA

15 THE SOUTH Climate The Western part of the region is generally dry. States nearer the Gulf of Mexico experience weather that is usually warm and moist. Oklahoma Mostly humid, sub tropic climate Lots of precipitation in states close to the coast, further west = less rain

16 THE SOUTH Economy & Resources NASA is located in Houston and Florida Furniture and Textiles Citrus, tobacco, and cotton Petroleum

17 THE MIDWEST Includes 12 States: Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri Iowa, Minnesota, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota The Midwest is known as “The Nation’s Breadbasket.”


19 THE MIDWEST Landscape The Great Plains The Great Lakes Midwestern farms are amongst the most productive in the world

20 THE MIDWEST Major Cities Chicago, Illinois Detroit, Michigan Cleveland, Ohio What do these cities all have in common?

21 THE MIDWEST Climate Cold fronts from Canada meet warm, wet air from the Gulf of Mexico… …resulting in interesting weather. Winters = very cold Summers = long and hot

22 THE MIDWEST Climate Crops like corn and tomatoes are widespread in places like Ohio and Indiana. Further west, the climate grows colder and drier, so crops like wheat and sunflowers grow better. Not this kind of corn…

23 THE MIDWEST Economy Coal The Midwest has kept Americans well-fed, and has allowed us to export food overseas, helping to make the U.S. a world power. Farms originated as family businesses, today farm’s are corporations

24 THE NORTHEAST Includes 9 states: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. New England is a sub-region that includes these six states:


26 THE NORTHEAST -Landscape-  35-50 inches precipitation/year Deciduous trees change color and drop their leaves each year.

27 THE NORTHEAST -Landscape- Farms tend to be small, as the soil is thin and rocky. The Northeast has a strong MARITIME tradition Dairy Farming

28 THE NORTHEAST Major Cities New York City from the Hoboken Pier *NY is the business capital of the world Boston Harbor Independence Hall, Philadelphia

29 THE NORTHEAST Climate Winters are cold, summers are moderate Cape Cod, Mass. Blizzards can shut down entire cities for days.

30 THE NORTHEAST Water Water is the Northeast’s most valuable resource. Lobster Traps New England has a long history of ship building Irrigation Hydroelectric Power Water Wheel

31 THE NORTHEAST Economy #1 Steel is produced in Pennsylvania #3 Commercial Fishing Water has changed the Northeast into a center of trade, commerce and industry #2 Pennsylvania has an area rich with coal Economy Depends on 3 main things:

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