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Chapter 6 Review United States. The majority of enslaved Africans worked on __________________________________.

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1 Chapter 6 Review United States

2 The majority of enslaved Africans worked on __________________________________.

3 Plantations

4 The major physical features in the Eastern United States are ___________________, ____________________________, and _____________________________.

5 Coastal Plain, Piedmont, Appalachian Mountains

6 Who were the first inhabitants of the Americas? _________________, ________________, and ____________________

7 Inca, Aztec, and Iriquois

8 Farms in the Wheat Belt need to be irrigated because ___________________________.

9 Dry Climate

10 Name 3 major Southern transportation centers. _______________________, ______________________________, and _______________________________.

11 Atlanta Dallas Houston

12 _ _________________________ is the only state inside the tropics.

13 Hawaii

14 The _______________________________ have some of the most fertile and productive farmlands on Earth.

15 Interior Plains

16 The Great Lakes, Mississippi River, and plains are located in the ___________ of the U.S.

17 interior

18 ______________________________ economy is based on fishing, tourism, financial centers, insurance companies and education.

19 New England’s

20 True or False the Rockies, Sierra Nevadas, and Coast Range are located near the Pacific Ocean.

21 false

22 The United States does not contain the climate type ___________________.

23 Arctic

24 The Midwest’s farm and factory products are sent to market by ___________________.

25 Trucks

26 The climates in the western United States are _________________.

27 dry

28 What are the 5 major regions of the United States? _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ ___________________________

29 Northeast, South, Midwest, Interior west, pacific

30 Alaska’s economy is based on _____________, forests, and ________________.

31 Fish oil

32 The Rocky Mountains have _______________ and _______________________ climates.

33 steppe highland

34 The ___________________ are large lakes that were created by shrinking glaciers.

35 Great Lakes

36 Where is most of the U.S. corn grown? ___________________

37 Corn Belt

38 The _____________ Mountains reach up to 14,000 feet high.

39 Rocky Mountains

40 The __________________ River drains the Interior Plains.

41 Mississippi River

42 The Great Basin is surrounded by high _______________________.

43 mountains

44 Plantations are large _____________ that grow mainly one _________________.

45 Farms that grow mainly one crop

46 _____________, or cloth products, that were an important industry in the late 1800’s.

47 textile

48 If you can speak two languages you are __________________.

49 BilingualBilingual

50 How many million people in the United States speak Spanish _____________________.

51 17 million

52 _______________________ forests cover an area after the original forest has been cut down.

53 Second-growth forests

54 The United States has a _______________________ because the value of its exports is lower than its imports.

55 Trade deficitTrade deficit

56 __________________ mining strips away rock and soil with large machines.

57 Strip mining

58 _________________ Georgia has a population of over _____________ million people.

59 Atlanta 3.5 million people

60 The largest city in Washington state is __________________, and it is also the home of a major _______________ company.

61 seattle Software company

62 _______________ is a region surrounded by higher land such as mountains.

63 Basin

64 The _____________________ stretch westward from the Appalachian mountains to the Rockies.

65 Interior plains

66 ___________________ states are states that border each other.

67 contiguous

68 These mountains extend from Maine to Alabama. ___________________

69 Appalachian mountains

70 This runs north to south along the crest of the Rockies___________________________.

71 Continental divide

72 This is a city in the northeastern megalopolis_______________________ _____.


74 If something is ______________ it is formally added or joined to something else.

75 Annexed Some people believe Pluto should be annexed into the solar system

76 A _________________ is a territory that is controlled by people from a foreign land.

77 colony

78 The climate in the southeast United States is ___________________________.

79 Humid subtropical

80 Another word for a blinding snowstorm is a __________________________.

81 bliZzard

82 Name 4 important natural resources AND tell where they are found.

83 Northeast: Forests, coal South: Fertile Soil Midwest: Coal, iron ore Interior West: Coal, oil, gold, silver, copper Pacific States: Forests, fish, oil

84 Name 4 climate types in the United States AND tell where they are found.

85 Humid Subtropical: South (Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina Humid Continental: Northeast and Midwest(Minnesota, Pennsylvania, New York) Humid Tropical: Hawaii Subarctic: Southern Alaska Tundra: Northern Alaska Highland: Rocky Mountains Mediterranean: Primarily in California Marine West Coast: Along the coast of Washington, Oregon, and into California Steppe: Interior West and at the base of the Rocky Mountains Dessert: Southern part of the Interior West (parts of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada

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