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Southern United States

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1 Southern United States
“Southern Star” by Alabama (tour of the southern states)

2 Label the States West Virginia Virginia Kentucky North Carolina Tennessee Arkansas South Carolina Mississippi Alabama Georgia Texas Louisiana Florida

3 Postal Abbreviations State Capitals Charleston Baton Rouge Richmond
WV West Virginia VA Virginia KY Kentucky TN Tennessee NC North Carolina AR Arkansas TX Texas LA Louisiana MS Mississippi AL Alabama SC South Carolina GA Georgia FL Florida State Capitals WV Charleston LA Baton Rouge VA Richmond MS Jackson KY Frankfort AL Montgomery TN Nashville SC Columbia NC Raleigh GA Atlanta AR Little Rock FL Tallahassee TX Austin

4 Appalachian Mountains
Physical Features Outer Banks West Virginia Virginia Kentucky North Carolina Tennessee Appalachian Mountains Arkansas South Carolina Mississippi River Mississippi Alabama Georgia Atlantic Ocean Texas Louisiana Florida Gulf of Mexico Rio Grande The Keys

5 Southern United States
There are 13 states in the Southern Region

6 Physical Features Coastal Plain Piedmont Appalachian Mountains
Many different physical regions in South Coastal Plain Piedmont Appalachian Mountains Interior Plain Great Plains Southeast United States Physical Landscape: (video clip)

7 Coastal Plain largest areas of wetlands
Everglades - Florida Okefenokee Swamp - Georgia Mississippi Delta - Mississippi and Louisiana Barrier Islands – long, sandy island separated from mainland by wetlands Ex. Outer Banks, NC

8 The Everglades Many different species of animals
Seminoles (Native Americans) native to area Threatened by pollution, tourists

9 Piedmont Rolling hills of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia Area of best farmland

10 Appalachian Mountains
Found in West Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama Smaller ranges include: Blue Ridge Mountains, Great Smoky Mountains Appalachian Trail (started in Maine) ends in Springer Mountain Georgia

11 Interior Plain Great Plains Ozark Plateau – Arkansas and Oklahoma
Years eroded it into hills Interior plain reaches into Texas Great Plains Only in Texas

12 Rivers in the South Major rivers include:
Mississippi River Missouri River Arkansas River Red River Tennessee River Rio Grande River Rivers tend to be wide and slower moving great for boat/barge travel

13 Climate/Weather Warm or hot summers and mild winters
Humid air along the coasts holds moisture. Northern parts of the region are cooler than the deep South. Coastal areas are sometimes hit by hurricanes, which can cause floods and wind damage.

14 Economy of the South Resources
Heavily Dependent on Agriculture Cotton was king (in the “Deep South”) Cotton was grown before, during, after Civil War From 1930s to 1980s cotton production hurt by the Boll weevil (a bug), foreign competition, synthetic (fake) fabrics Texas produces the most cotton in the USA Tobacco grown in “northern” Southern States Decline in growing this crop because of health concerns Citrus Fruits – Florida, Texas Oranges, lemons, grapefruits

15 Economy of the South Resources
Other edible crops Winter vegetables - Texas Georgia – peaches Louisiana, Florida, Texas – sugarcane Mississippi, Arkansas – rice Georgia, Alabama – peanuts Timber, Oil, Coal are also valuable resources

16 Economy of the South Industry
Heavily Agricultural based 90% of the U.S. textile industry (Cotton) of the South is in Piedmont Regions of Georgia in Carolinas and Virginia Oil refineries in the Texas & Louisiana Gulf Coast (produce gas, kerosene, and etc) Chemical plants in Houston, Texas, Mississippi, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; products are plastic, synthetic rubber, paint, tar, fiber, asphalt, explosives, fertilizer, and insecticides Tourism is another major industry, particularly Florida

17 Economy of the South This region has the highest poverty levels in the country (8 of the top 10 most impoverished states are in the south) 1st: Mississippi 2nd: Louisiana 5th: West Virginia 6th : Texas 7th: Arkansas 8th: Alabama 9th: Kentucky 10th: Oklahoma

18 Places of Interest - Atlanta - Tampa - Jacksonville - Charlotte
The Southern Region of the United States is one of the most populous regions of the US. Some of the largest cities include: - Miami - Atlanta - Tampa - Jacksonville - Charlotte - Memphis - Houston - Richmond



21 Places of Interest Landmarks
New Orleans, LA Mardi Gras Great Smokey Mountains (TN) Everglades National Park, Disney World, the Keys (FL) Padre Island (TX) Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach (SC) Outer Banks (NC) Ozarks (AR) Southern Appalachians

22 History People Native Americans Choctaw Creek Seminole Cherokee
Early European settlements: Spanish (St. Augustine, FL) English (Jamestown, VA) German (Florida) French (Louisiana) Scots-Irish and Scottish (Appalachian Mtns.) African Americans--from historic dependence on slave labor

23 Culture of the Southern states

24 History Culture Music is a big part of the Southern culture
Bluegrass is folk music of Irish and Scottish settlers. Blues music came from African Americans. Jazz music began in New Orleans. Rock and roll music started in the South as a blend of country, jazz, and African American rhythms.

25 History Events 1607: Jamestown Settlement
1781: Battle of Yorktown (end to Revolutionary War) Trail of Tears 1843: Mexican War Civil War Battles Reconstruction Civil Rights Movement 2005: Hurricane Katrina 2010: Gulf Oil Disaster

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