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AP World History Chapter 24

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1 AP World History Chapter 24
The Industrialization and Imperialism: The Making of the European Global Order


3 Prototype: The Dutch Advance on Java
Initially pay tribute to ruler of Mataram Take part in political rivalry Intervene in succession wars By 1750, dominate Males marry indigenous women


5 Pivot of World Empire: The Rise of the British Rule in India
British East India Company end of Mughal Empire Sepoys Indian troops trained in European-style fighting 1757, Plassey Robert Clive defeats Bengal ruler British control Bengal Males marry indigenous women

6 The Consolidation of British Rule
Mughal decline gives British opportunity Presidencies Capitals: Madras, Bombay, Calcutta Rest of India indirectly ruled 

7 Social Reform in the Colonies
British forced to take direct control 1770s, famine in Bengal British East India Company Accountable to British government Indians excluded from administration Evangelical religion Social reform End to slave trade End to sati sought Watershed Attempt to reshape colonial society

8 Unequal Combat: Colonial Wars and the Apex of European Imperialism
Mass-produced weapons Machine gun Railroads, steam ships

9 Industrial Rivalries and the Partition of the World, 1870-1914


11 Patterns of Dominance: Continuity and Change
"Tropical dependencies" Africa, Asia, South Pacific Europeans rule indigenous peoples Settler colonies "White Dominions" e.g. Canada, Australia Inhabitants mostly Europeans Second type e.g. Algeria, Kenya, Southern Rhodesia Large numbers of Europeans Large indigenous numbers Increase over time Increasing conflict

12 Settler Colonies in South Africa and the Pacific, Relations varied
Disease decimates in some cases Some native peoples Westernized Some more resistant

13 South Africa Afrikaners Enslave Khoikhoi British rule
Attempt to end slavery Afrikaners resist Move inland: Great Trek Conflict with Bantu British more involved Afrikaners form republics Discovery of diamonds and gold Boer wars ( )

14 Pacific Tragedies New Zealand Hawaii 1790s, first Europeans James Cook
Alcoholism, prostitution spread Maoris adopt firearms 1850s, change British farmers, herders arrive Maoris pushed into interior Adopt European culture Hawaii James Cook Prince Kamehameha Westernization 1810, rules Hawaiian kingdom Disease devastates population Shift Asian workers American settlers Push for annexation Weak rulers pushed out 1893, last ruler deposed 1898, annexed by United States

15 Zulu Dawn 2/3 The East India Company The War File – The Boer War 1/6 The Boxer Rebellion

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