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Doing Business in Peru. Potential of Peru

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1 Doing Business in Peru

2 Potential of Peru

3 Inhabitants: ~ Area of Peru: km² ( square miles) Official Currency: Nuevo Sol (PEN). Spoken languages: Spanish, Quechua, Aymará Borders: With Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador Capital: Lima Typical products: fish and fish products, gold, copper, zinc, petroleum, coffee, sugar, cotton Voltage: 220 V / 60 Hz Telephone prefix number: Peru phone country code ++51 Time Zone: GMT/UTC -5

4 Toromocho US$ 2,000/2,200 mill Río Blanco US$ 1,440 mill Bayóvar US$ 479 mill. Cajamarquilla: Ampliación de Refinería de Zinc US$ 500 mill Southern Tía María y Ampliaciones Toquepala, Cuajone y Refinería US$ 1,174 mill Las Bambas US$ 1,000 mill Quellaveco US$ 1,000 mill. (aprox.) Los Chancas US$ 1,000 mill La Granja US$ 1,000 mill Minas Conga US$ 1,000 mill Michiquillay US$ 700 mill Cerro Corona US$ 421 mill Galeno US$ 900 mill Mining: Several Megaprojects Source: Gestión, Empresas, Proinversión and others.Done by: Macroconsult.

5 Peru LNG: Liquefaction plant. Transportation of natural gas and investment in field US$ 3,800 mill. Hasta 2010 Gas and oil: New developments Perenco (ex Barrett) Lote 67 Marañón River US$ 1,600 mill North of Peru Oil Duct US$ 800 mill Refinery of Talara Modernizatión US$ 1,000 mill REPSOL La Pampilla Modernizatión US$ 450 mill Additionally: Investment engagements in oil lots already awarded by more than US$ 1,000 mill. ( ) REPSOL Lots 39, 57, 76, 90, 103, 109 Exploración, Processing plant and duct US$ 1,000 mill Source: Gestión, Empresas, Proinversión and others.Done by: Macroconsult.

6 CF Industries Basic Oil & Quemistry US$ 1,000 mill Oil & Quemistry: Expansion based in Camisea Protexa Basic Oil & Quemistry US$ 500 mill Additionally: 1.Enaex - Fertilizer US$ 400 mill. ( ) 2.Premium Oil US$ 1,000 mill. ( ) Source: Gestión, Empresas, Proinversión and others.Done by: Macroconsult.

7 Real State & Retail Falabella Group : 31 Tottus : 5 Mall Plaza Ripley: 2008: 4 tiendas 2009: 2 tiendas Parque Arauco US$ 150 mill. ( ) Investments Wong Group National wide US$ 80 mill. (2008) Jockey Plaza US$ 100 mill. ( ) Supermercados Peruanos US$ 50 mill. (2008) Terra Mar Projects Piedras Gordas US$ 750 mill Collique US$ 150 mill Graña y Montero: Los Parques del Agustino US$ 57 mill Adicionally: More than US$ 110 mill. in Lima (3 projects), Cusco y Arequipa. Source: Gestión, Empresas, Proinversión and others.Done by: Macroconsult.

8 Ground Transportation Road Network N°3 Interoceánica Sur (Inambari- Iñapari) US$ 142 mill Road Network N°5 Interoceánica Sur (Ilo-Matarani-Azángaro) US$ 184 mill Road Network N°1 Interoceánica Sur (Marcona- Urcos) US$ 99 mill Road Network N°2 Interoceánica Sur (Urcos- Inambari) US$ 93 mill Hub Amazonas Centro US$ 160 mill. IV 2008 Road Network N°4 Interoceánica Sur (Azángaro- Inambari) US$ 120 mill Proyecto tren eléctrico US$ 280 mill. IT 2008 Road Network N°6 (Pucusana-Cerro Azul- Ica) US$ 183 mill Road Network N°4 (Pativilca – Santa – Trujillo) US$ 150 mill. IIIT 2008 Source: Gestión, Empresas, Proinversión and others.Done by: Macroconsult.

9 Ports & Airports Ancón - Terminal of containers and bulk cargo South Dock US$ 617 mill Mining Terminal Counter US$ 80 mill Dock No. 5 US$ 100 mill. (aprox.) 2010 Chancay Terminal of Bulk cargo, Minerals & Terminal of Containers Paita Terminal port US$ 160 mill. IIIT 2008 Adicionalmente: 1.Equipment Enapu: US$ 193 mill. ( ) 2.Regional Airports- 1st group: US$ 135 mill 3.Regional Airports – 2nd group: US$ 155 mill (IVT 2008) Ilo Port Terminal US$ 100 mill. IIIT 2008 International Airport of Cuzco Végueta Terminal of Minerals US$ 40 mill Source: Gestión, Empresas, Proinversión and others.Done by: Macroconsult.

10 Key Points

11 SUNAT administrates following taxes: Income Tax.- 30%.- Tax payers make monthly advance payments calculated in a % of the monthly incomes and liquidate at the moment of the presentation of tax declaration in March following year. There are more specifications depending on the industry. Income Tax Code regulates all transactions. Monthly Sales Tax 19%.- It is a system that tax the consume. Tax payers apply the 19% over the sale or purchase of goods and pay the difference to SUNAT if sales tax is bigger than purchase tax. On the contrary, there will be a credit tax on behalf of the tax payer that will be applied to the next month Sales tax calculation. There are more specifications depending on the industry. Sales Tax Code regulates all transactions.

12 Import Duties.- It is a percentage applied to the import of goods: 12% of the customs value. Customs Code regulates all operation. Dependant work income tax.- 15% of monthly salary. With scales depending on the income level. Regulated by Income Tax Code. Independent work income tax: 10% Professional services. Regulated by Income Tax Code. Tax on rental property: 6%. Regulated by Income Tax Code.

13 SUNARP regulates all property rights issuing the corresponding registration. CENTRAL BANK OF RESERVE control the liquidity into the system and could intervene to take care of financial emergency situations. JUSTICE SYSTEM administrantes Justice through the Supreme, Superior and Specialized Courts.


15 Our office

16 As a leader consultancy firm located in Lima we are used to handle every project as a business challenge. During all these last 19 years of experience we have received a good range of job requests from national and multinational organizations. Our expertise is based on Accounting, Taxing, Auditing, Human Resources Outsourcing.

17 Our team is continuously trained in a program called Permanent Training Program so that our partners and associates are always ready to respond with precision and certainty. Our organizational structure is based on Delegation of Responsibility to our staff always supervised by more experienced members of our firm to ensure that all queries and needs are properly cleared and satisfied respectively. We are very aware of your financial needs: having the right information at the right time. We support our clients on the issuance of the Financial Reporting Package to be correctly issued into the first five days of each month as a policy of high priority from our clients.

18 OUR PARTNERS: RAUL HERNANDEZ.- Economist, Certified Public Accountant. ROSANA RANDICH.- Auditing, Certified Public Accountant. JENNY RANDICH.- Administration & Finances, Certified Public Accountant. OUR ASSOCIATES: CARLOS SUAREZ.- Auditing, Certified Public Accountant. RODRIGO CALLUPE.- Criminal Law, Taxing Law. ENRIQUE UGAZ.- Certified Public Accountant, Diplomed in Cost Accounting. MANUEL VELASQUEZ.- Certified Public Accountant, Taxing Law, Diplomed in International

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