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August 31- September 1, 2011 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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1 Uruguay Renewable Electricity Matrix EULARINET Latin American-European Workshop on Wind Energy
August 31- September 1, 2011 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Eng. Lorena Di Chiara

2 Overview Uruguayan Electrical System Energy policy – Wind Energy
Uruguayan Wind Energy Program (PNUD) Wind Energy – Last 5 Years Wind Energy – Tenders Future Goals

3 Uruguayan Electrical System
Demand 2010: 9413GWh Annual growth: Average 3.5% annual Peak Demand 2011: 1745MW

4 Uruguay – Historical Generation

5 Normative Framework Electrical Energy Transmission and Distribution are activities performed by UTE (Public Utility). Generation Activity - Competitive Market, UTE has preponderant participation.

6 Energy Policy – Wind Energy Participation
Electrical matrix diversification: Incorporate 500 MW of new wind energy to 2015. Promotion of renewable microgeneration connected to the grid. Adequate access to electricity: Installation of hybrid microgenerators systems (wind and solar) in isolated communities.

7 Goals to 2015 – Electricity Matrix
Non Conventional Renewable Energy – 25% (Wind Energy and Biomass) 80% Renewable Energy. Reduction of Oil Participation. Use of LNG.

8 Uruguayan Wind Energy Program
From 2007 to 2012 Removing barriers to introduce wind power to generate electricity in Uruguay. Institutional Barriers Regulatory Barriers Financial Barriers Social Barriers.

9 Uruguayan Wind Energy Program
Removing barriers: How? 1. Developing a policy framework and regulations for wind energy in Uruguay. 2. Information development to facilitate wind power identified projects. 3. Local industry development. 4. Removal of technological barriers through the installation of measurement equipment.

10 Wind Energy Map link:
Wind Energy Map: High 50m, 30m y 15m

11 Wind Energy – Last 5 Years
2006: Promotional schemes for the installation and purchase of energy generation from wind, biomass and small-sized hydraulic with the following features: At most 10MW each Free Dispatch Finally, only awarded biomass and wind projects 2007: First 6 MW wind farm installation. 2011: 43MW installed. 406MW will be installed until (Tenders awared and bidding in process) 2010: Microgeneration Enables customers to install microgeneration renewable energy (wind, solar, biomass, micro-hydro) and exchange with the network.

12 Wind Energy – Tenders 2010: First 150MW Wind Energy Capacity Tender:
Offers: 22 (945MW) Energy price: 85USD/MWh 2011: Additional 150MW Wind Energy Capacity Tender. Offers: 23 (1097 MW) Energy price: 63USD/MWh

13 Future Goals Uruguay has an excellent wind energy potential resource.
Wind power generation is an economical option for the country. The big challenge is to integrate a lot of wind power to the grid ensuring adequate quality service.

14 Thank you for your attention!
Eng. Lorena Di Chiara

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