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Seertech Solutions iLearning PLUS LMS Capability Overview Introducing Supporting Business Process Through ILEARNING PLUS.

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1 Seertech Solutions iLearning PLUS LMS Capability Overview Introducing Supporting Business Process Through ILEARNING PLUS

2 Introducing Seertech Solutions o Founded 2003 o Global footprint – offices in North America, UK, Australia o World’s largest iLearning specialist organization o Supporting Oracle’s 600+ iLearning customers FACTS o Oracle iLearning specialists – sales, implementation, hosting, integration, development, support o Proprietary IP - iLearning PLUS o Learning analytics via OBIEE FOCUS o Over 300+ successful implementations o 70+ Seertech hosted accounts, 600+ Oracle Customers. 4M+ users – 1,000 users o Oracle’s premier BPO learning management partner EXPERTISE 2

3 Some of Seertech’s Clients…

4 ORACLE AND LEARNING MANAGEMENT How iLearning PLUS Supports Common Business Processes

5 iLearning PLUS delivers value beyond initial deployment… Compliance Training Product / Process Training System Rollout Training Onboarding / Induction Training Role / Career Development Continuing Education Talent / Performance Mgmt Support Customer / Partner Training Customer / Partner Training

6 How does iLearning PLUS Support your Business Processes? Pre-Hire / Recruitment On-boarding / Induction Role / Career Development Compliance Training Performance / Talent Management System Rollout / Change Support Strategic Change Management Competency Mgm’t Certification Assessment Learning Path iLearning PLUS Modules Client Business Processes Course Management Classroom Training Virtual Classroom Online Training Blended Learning Course Management Classroom Training Virtual Classroom Online Training Blended Learning Product / Process Training Customer / Partner Training Survey Budgeting Social Learning eCommerce CPE Management Federated Search Core Admin Role Management Import Management Job Scheduling / Audit UI Management Core Admin Role Management Import Management Job Scheduling / Audit UI Management Digital Signature Analytics Notification Workflow System Integration


8 What is iLearning PLUS? iLearning PLUS Enterprise Portal Extended Enterprise Portal eCommerce Portal eCommerce Portal LCMS & Assessment / Survey Tools Reports / Workflow Management Tools Configurable Interface Tools Oracle 11g Database Content Servers HR MS * User Records HR MS * User Records DATA WAREHOUSE * Performance Records DATA WAREHOUSE * Performance Records Client Org > THIRD PARTY SYSTEMS / SSO * Data input / output THIRD PARTY SYSTEMS / SSO * Data input / output CONTENT AUTHORING TOOLS WEB CONFERENCING / VIRTUAL CLASSROOMS eCOMMERCE PAYMENT GATEWAYS THIRD PARTY TALENT / PERF MGMT / SUCCESSION MGMT ^

9 iLearning PLUS – Configuration v Customization Oracle iLearning iLearning LMS -User Data -Content -Core standard LMS Functions iLearning PLUS LMT Reports LMT Reports -Configured workflows -Additional module / widget functions iLearning PLUS HTML / CSS Templates HTML / CSS Templates - Configured brand - Configured layout - Contextual views With iLearning PLUS, you can achieve any look and feel with any learning function without compromising the core LMS: iLearning PLUS takes a process driven system and creates a learner centric experience! iLearning PLUS Application Layer Application Layer - PL/SQL application using same tech stack as iLearning -Code Configuration for new modules or key functional changes iLearning PLUS Components

10 iLearning PLUS – a Role Based System iLearning PLUS Customize Look & Feel Business Logic Build Design Assemble Learn See Try Enroll Collaborate Feedback Teach Deliver Assess Advise Collaborate Manage Setup Integrate Access Monitor Measure Analyse Evaluate Guide Administrator Content Developer Learner Instructor Manager Site Administrator


12 iLearning PLUS Configurable UI Styles (Some Examples) 12 Any page in the LMS can be edited in terms of configuration using the ‘Edit’ link (visible only to suitably permissioned admins). Selecting this link enables a view of all templates, reports, attributes, role access rights, menu items, messages, navigation items and lists that relate to the page, whether they are based on standard or are custom, and what impacts there are for any edits. At the top of the page, you can see a % of the page that is configured from standard …

13 iLearning PLUS Mobile Access 13 iLearning PLUS has been designed to support access from any device, anywhere. This includes access via: Dedicated mobile portal (with device type detection) Tablet / smart phone via standard browser on the mobile device Dedicated application – eg: iPhone/iPad app (see below) iLearning PLUS uses SSO for login via application or mobile portal to ensure that access is synchronized with the core LMS portal and that all performance data is aggregated to the same account.

14 iLearning PLUS Core Admin 14 iLearning PLUS provides comprehensive and intuitive role based administration capabilities via a simple dashboard that gives you full access to configure and control the LMS to meet your business needs. This includes role management, system configuration (including UI management), system integration, system security, audit views / management, as well as comprehensive role based system functional capabilities…

15 iLearning PLUS Course Management 15 iLearning PLUS provides comprehensive management capabilities for all course types including: Online courses (SCORM 1.1,1.2,2004, AICC, QTI and ‘Native’ content) Classroom courses Virtual classes / Webinars Blended learning events Easy to use menus, designed around specific course management roles are available to enable rapid deployment of courses to end users, with minimal training. Support is provided for easily setting course resources (instructors, locations, equipment etc., as well as setting targeted enrollment conditions for automating course access / enrollment.

16 iLearning PLUS Assessment 16 iLearning PLUS provides a powerful assessment creation tool that supports: True/False, Multi-Choice and Free Text responses (including images etc) Question pooling and random selection from question banks Randomization at section, question & response levels Multiple scoring types & weightings Attempt number and timing limits Attempt resumption Configurable item, test feedback Assessment sequencing Much, much more… Supporting this are comprehensive drill-down assessment reporting, to the question/answer pair level.

17 iLearning PLUS Certification 17 iLearning PLUS provides extensive certification management and display capabilities that include: Set by date or timeframe Set renewal ‘window’ Set frequency and timing of renewal Track full attempt and completion histories Display completion certificates Set renewal payment options Certifications are fully supported by configurable notifications for renewal prompting, expiration (including CC to managers and supervisors)

18 iLearning PLUS Competency Management 18 Competencies can be configured by an administrator one of a number of ways: 1.Via standard iLearning Competency Management function 2.Via Learning Pathways (Recommended Approach) 3.Via ‘Curriculum Course’ method (can also be used with learning pathways) Note that all three types of competency function can co-exist in the LMS, and can be linked by role/function and development activity (course/evaluation). 2 Levels 1.Role/Function 2.Competency Type + Level Competencies are linked to any course / evaluation types 3 Levels 1.Competency Grouping 2.Competency ‘Sections’ (skills / behaviors) 3.Competencies (no levels) Competencies are linked to any course / evaluation types Unlimited levels and structure Std Competencies Learning Paths Curriculum Course Using dashboards, managers can see competency attainment and contrast their competency assessment against the individual’s assessment / requirements

19 iLearning PLUS Federated Search 19 iLearning PLUS incorporates a Federated Search function that extends a catalog search across external information repositories to enhance learning reach. This includes information types such as: These information repositories can be configured to source from internal Intranet, MS SharePoint and other CMS / Knowledge Management sites. Information access can also be tracked to form part of your informal learning history. Videos Web Links RSS Feeds Blogs Wiki Links

20 iLearning PLUS Learning Paths 20 iLearning PLUS provides Learning Path functionality that enables grouping and tracking of learning activities around a consistent framework. Learning paths can be created that tie to enrollment conditions allowing ‘one-pass’ automation or self-selection for enrollment into groups of learning activities. This can be linked to role or function, or any other user profile condition. Learning paths can include sections that provide a sub-grouping of learning activities (eg: ‘My First 30 Days, Day 60-90 etc). There can be an unlimited number of sections. Each section contains any type of learning activity, including online, webinar, classroom, evaluation/assessment and survey to name a few. Learning activities within a section can be ordered, to provide sequencing in terms of completion timing. Completion of courses within a learning path are tracked, with section and learning path completion % and due dates tracked. Comprehensive learning path progress reporting is available. Learning Paths can be set by Admins, Managers, as well as Learners (Personal Learning Path). Learning Path Name Learning Path Section(s) Sub-grouping of learning activities for specific purpose Learning Path Section(s) Sub-grouping of learning activities for specific purpose Learning Activities Courses, Evaluations, Surveys, Informal Learning Learning Activities Courses, Evaluations, Surveys, Informal Learning Enrollment Condition(s) Tracking / Reporting Comprehensive Learning Path progress reports, with drill downs are available to learners, managers and other administrators…

21 iLearning PLUS Social Learning / Networking 21 iLearning PLUS introduces various Social Learning and Networking capabilities, including: Public Profile Online Chats Online Threaded Discussion Forums Online Wiki Blog / RSS Feeds Personal Course Notes Moderated Course Rating Course Details Sharing with external tools Offering attendee emails In addition to iLearning PLUS inherent Social Networking capabilities, the LMS provides integration with externally available social networking and knowledge sharing tools, such as Twitter, Facebook and Linked-In. Public Profiles enable users to share key information and links relevant to them with others, including IM tools, Facebook and Twitter… Forums allow a-synchronous threaded discussion (with moderation and attachments if needed), to support informal learning and knowledge management at Site, User Group or Course levels. Chats enable tracked synchronous communication between students and instructors / admins iLearning PLUS supports content rating by users, enabling users to recommend courses to others, as well as provide feedback on good and bad points of the course. The rating system can be moderated. iLearning PLUS provides WYSIWYG email communications tools to facilitate contact between instructors, admins and students…

22 iLearning PLUS Survey Module 22 As part of the assessment engine module, iLearning PLUS incorporates a survey creation tool that enables automated delivery of stand-alone or course linked surveys. These can be set as pre- or post course surveys/evaluations, supporting scheduled / time bound online survey distribution automation for any survey/evaluation type including: Level 1 – 4 Surveys Evaluations / 360° Feedback Surveys Ad-Hoc Surveys Question types supported include: True/False Multiple Choice (Single and Multi-Select) Free Text Answers Surveys can be linked to classes/webinars to assess both the class as well as instructor, with comprehensive reporting down to the question / answer level. Survey automation allows automatic triggering of survey distribution, with deep linking for access to Surveys via email notifications… On completion of a classroom or virtual class course, you are automatically enrolled in a survey. An email notification with a deep link to the survey is automatically provided to the learner to complete, or they can click on ‘Complete Survey’ link to launch the survey from the Course Details page. The survey is completed, with details of the classroom auto- populated. In this case, the user can select the instructor to rate, and complete the survey questions. Note that surveys can be automated to generate at specific intervals post course completion, and can contain varying questions, depending on the survey type and reason. Comprehensive survey reports are available to track survey results, allowing drill downs to specific questions and answers...

23 iLearning PLUS Learning Analytics 23 iLearning PLUS provides a real time / ad-hoc reporting tool that uses a data warehouse to enable the creation of ad-hoc reports, historical reports and data dashboards that can be customized by the end user. The learning analytics tool pulls data from the data warehouse schema based on the ‘drag and drop’ selection of data elements that enables the dynamic creation of reports by end users with minimal training and no technical skill. iLearning PLUS Learning Analytics Product Features: Dashboards can be built for particular job roles – you can build and save your own dashboards from your own report catalogs Dashboards can be interactive e.g. drop down list, prompts Dashboards can be embedded in iLearning PLUS for specific roles Can add narrative e.g. ‘enrolments down 20% on last month’ Can be exported in multiple formats, or saved and re-used Benefits of iLearning PLUS Learning Analytics include: Self service creation of complex ad-hoc reports in real-time Faster report creation / rendering Requires minimal training and no specific technical skills to operate Quickly create graphical drill-down reports and dashboards to improve reporting usage Drill down graphical dashboards… Ad-Hoc reporting via drag and drop interface…

24 iLearning PLUS Budget Module 24 iLearning PLUS includes a Budget Management Module that provides the ability to set, approve and track training budgets and spend at any level in your organization. Standard features supported include: View and set budget limits by Fiscal Year View and set approval limits by Fiscal Year View and set approvers for each Fiscal Year View and set approval tolerance levels for each Fiscal Year View current training spend against limits View individual training purchase transactions Track cost of training resource delivery (rooms, instructors, catering, equipment etc) View comprehensive budget reports The Budget Module is fully extensible and can be configured to meet the specific needs of your training enterprise. Select and view Organization Budget Attributes and Transactions… View and Modify Budget parameters, plus see current spend…View comprehensive budget reports…

25 iLearning PLUS CPE Management Module 25 The Continuing Professional Education (CPE) module of iLearning PLUS is designed to meet the CPE tracking, management and reporting requirements of many industry types and regulatory bodies. The CPE Module allows tracking, allocation of points/learning hours and reporting for mandated continuous learning. This may or may not be competency based or aligned, and includes support for: Tracking of Multiple accreditation providers and points / hours allocations / awards Recording of any learning type, including external learning, formal and informal learning Multiple approval options for CPE hours/points awarding Ability to store evidence Comprehensive tracking and reporting options, including configurable reporting years Ability to link to external accreditation provider systems / databases for seamless training access or validation of accreditation Integration with CPE service providers such as Kaplan Education Inclusion of multiple CPE providers logos, hours/points awarded on completion certificates Much, much more… Record and track CPE through one simple interface… View summary of competency based learning and hours / points awarded View a list of CPE activities recorded and check approval status Seamlessly link to related learning activity providers or learning repositories Add CPE Activities of any type, including support for admin validation

26 iLearning PLUS Digital Signature Support 26 iLearning PLUS supports 21 CFR Part 11 requirements for digital signature to record & validate acknowledgement of viewing / actioning online courses / materials – this includes: 1.Support for digital signatures linked to user password 2.Support for enhanced security (passwords and encryption) Forced Password Reset Password Expiry Minimum Password Length Minimum number of letters in Password Minimum number of digits in Password Minimum number of Special Characters in Password Created by and Created Date Updated by and Updated Date 3.Additional LMS auditing features: Performance records Attempts User modifications Requirement to enter password and recording of electronic signature…Digital signature reporting…

27 iLearning PLUS eCommerce Module 27 iLearning PLUS supports any type of ‘Learning for Profit’ scenario through the use of our eCommerce module – this module is designed to facilitate transactions for course purchase directly from the LMS through to payment validation and settlement/recognition with your financial management system. The iLearning PLUS eCommerce Module supports: Any payment type – Credit Card, Service Credits, Budget Transfers, Check/Money Order etc Shopping cart with full tax calculation, credit card validation and manual payment verification Multiple currency and discount rules per transaction Support for payment for others and multiple users from one transaction Transaction summary module which tracks and reports on all transactions Integration with third party payment gateway providers, including Cybersource and Verisign Integration with third party commercial digital eCommerce providers including Digital River Integration with Inventory Management, Order Management and Accounts Receivable systems such as Oracle, Peoplesoft, JDE, SAP and others Support for user based and organization based transactions Support for organization and personal subscriptions Comprehensive transaction, sales, order and subscription reporting Fully configurable transaction notifications, including payment receipts Much, much more… Example shopping cart… Example transaction summary view…Create manual transactions…Integrate with various third party systems…Comprehensive eCommerce reporting…

28 iLearning PLUS Notification Management Module 28 iLearning PLUS incorporates a fully configurable, extensible Email Notification creation, management and tracking module that provides you with the ultimate in communications flexibility with stakeholders interacting with the LMS. This includes the ability to: Create and reuse email templates for any system / process driven event Define the notification UI style, text, links, image etc Define the trigger mechanisms and recipient lists / workflow Schedule email notifications to occur at specific intervals or times Track, view and resend emails generated from the LMS Multiple language support Email Template Manager… Email Audit view – view and resend emails generated by the LMS…

29 iLearning PLUS Workflow Management Module 29 Oracle iLearning Core iLearning LMS -User Data -Content -Core standard LMS Functions iLearning PLUS LMT Reports LMT Reports - Configured workflows - Additional functions HTML / CSS Templates - Configured brand - Configured layout - Contextual views With iLearning PLUS, you can achieve any look and feel with any learning function without compromising the core LMS, through use of our report based workflow manager: iLearning PLUS takes a process driven system and creates a learner centric experience!

30 iLearning PLUS – System Integration Options 30 One of the key features of iLearning PLUS is its ability to act as a ‘connector’ to other systems, through its ability to integrate with third party systems using its extensive suite of API’s. Through integration, iLearning PLUS supports your existing investment in dedicated systems. iLearning PLUS integration capability supports: HCM/HRMS: Oracle EBS, Peoplesoft, JDE, SAP plus many other niche providers Talent/Performance Management Systems: Success Factors, Taleo plus other niche providers Communications Systems: Microsoft Exchange Server, Lotus Notes Wiki/Document Management Systems: MS Sharepoint, Confluence Scheduling Systems: Oracle Project, SABRE eCommerce Providers: Digital River, Cybersource, Verisign iLearning PLUS supports MS Active Directory for Single Sign On (SSO) integration, as well as third party data warehouses through data export. Integration may be bi-directional, with data transfer supported by a full audit capability. Integration data flow can be via automated flat file format transfer, SOAP based web services, or via direct database integration. SSO Integration Options…Performance System Integration… MS SharePoint Integration…

31 MORE INFORMATION… More information on iLearning PLUS Capabilities

32 5 key reasons why you should consider iLearning PLUS 32 1.No LMS product on the market today is as flexible and extensible as iLearning PLUS. 2.iLearning PLUS is a feature rich application which covers the full gamut of an organization’s learning needs. 3.iLearning PLUS integrates with any third party system allowing you to leverage your existing investment in aligned technologies in conjunction with the LMS 4.iLearning PLUS’s application and database architecture is infinitely scalable – from 1,000 users to 1 Million + users, LMS performance is maintained 5.The combination of Oracle product capability and support with the local knowledge and domain expertise of Seertech provides an unbeatable combination to support your future learning needs – especially in this age of continual consolidation of LMS providers. Seertech and Oracle have invested over 10 years of effort, combined with the experiences of our clients to bring you a system that is second to none in terms of features, flexibility, use- ability, interoperability and value for money. Contact us to find out more about how iLearning PLUS can deliver on your learning management needs.

33 Contact Us… 33 ASIA PACIFIC Seertech Solutions Pty Ltd AUSTRALIAN HEADQUARTERS Suite 206, 19A Boundary Street Rushcutters Bay NSW 2011 AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 2 9368 6700 Fax: +61 2 9358 6265 AMERICAS Seertech Solutions America LLC NORTH AMERICAN HEADQUARTERS 31471 Island Drive Evergreen CO 80439 UNITED STATES Tel: +1 720 292 0551 Fax: +1 303 444 5063 EUROPE & MIDDLE EAST Seertech Solutions Europe CV EUROPEAN HEADQUARTERS Skylands, Lower Road Stallbridge, Dorset DT102SW UNITED KINGDOM Tel: +44 7789 741659 Fax: +61 2 9358 6265 For more information or a demonstration on how iLearning PLUS can answer your business requirements, please contact your local Seertech office: Email: Web:

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