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An Important message to Financial Advisers!. There are things your industry regulators say you MUST do! There are things you CAN do to make your operation.

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1 An Important message to Financial Advisers!

2 There are things your industry regulators say you MUST do! There are things you CAN do to make your operation and compliance - faster easier Cheaper!

3 Time is money…….. technology can save time and money!!The RIGHT

4 Paper and manual type methods of administration and reporting (SoA) create work which costs time and money += system can save you time and money! The AdData Client Management System

5 The AdData CMS computer application gives you access to: Fact Finder Client Management System Client and policy data CRM SoA CommissionResearch Automatically download Initial, Service and asset commission for tracking Customer Relationship Management System (client contact database) Generate complete or partially complete Fact Finder (Dealer Group standard or your own template) Open SmartComparitor for policy definition comparison Merge client information to SoAs (Dealer Group standards or your own template) AdDataCMS can be supplied pre populated with all client and policy information from risk companies and fund managers for immediate and full use

6 AdData CMS

7 AdData CMS Features: Easy to use comprehensive database of client and policy information for contact and service. (all client and policy information can be loaded before use) Fast report and presentation generation – Policy/Investment Schedules, Fact Finder/SoA, etc (Fact Finder and SoA documentation is specific to dealer group) Commission tracking of initial, service and asset commission. New business commission calculated accurately. Automatic querying of commission discrepancies. Business Monitoring reports to keep business and production on track. Comprehensive Needs Analysis for brief or detailed Assets, Liabilities, Income, Expenses, Risk needs, Investment Objectives, Future Needs, Final Needs. Produce an SoA in 6 - 8 minutes

8 Simple single screen database layout Layout is navigated via tabs… know where you are all the time without leaving the main screen AdData CMS

9 Comprehensive Contact and Service detail Comprehensive Contact Details includes fast email and individual letter generation… Client ratings by Risk, Investment or General Commissions received (for client - last 365 days)

10 Employment, Employer and Dependant details Extended Personal Details including Centrelink information and Dependants information

11 Policy list and form view Policy List and Form view Printable/email (pdf) Policy Schedules. Buttons below open policy commissions received, Investment or Super portfolio description and policy notes Policy details Including riders and enhancements

12 Policy list and form view Add or Edit Investment and Super Portfolio Details

13 Investment and Super portfolio details Portfolio details can be Added or Edited A portfolio presentation can be printed or converted to PDF

14 Mortgage and Loans details List and Form for Mortgage and Loan details Fees and bank account details

15 List and Form for General Insurance details Costing and GST calculations Printable or PDF Policy Confirmation, Renewal Notice, Reminder and Contact Letter General Insurance policy and contact details

16 Notes section for all correspondence All contact with a client can be recorded in the un-editable Notes screen. To create a manual note entry click New client Note. To import all emails to or from client as notes from Outlook click.. To view chronological report of contact click…

17 The FactFind/SoA screen contains a left to right process to gather and enter information, record a product in the Lodgement Register and create an SoA in MSWord. Fact Find SoA Screen

18 Left to right process to create Fact Find and SOA Clicking Create Client Lodgement will open the Lodgement Screen Detailed Assets/Liabilities, Income Expenses, Investment profile and Estate Details Future Death, TPD, Trauma and Income needs calculator Fact Find questionnaires can be dealer group standard or a custom template

19 Create lodgement for use in SOA, commission etc Clicking Create Client Lodgement will open the Lodgement sub Screen

20 Risk Lodgement screen When the Create Lodgement is clicked on the previous screen, the Lodgement Register opens and populates client information. When a company is entered Product details are automatically populated On completion the policy details are passed to the Client Details without any additional data entry This Lodgement system achieves single data entry for: SoA policy recommendation information SoA commission declaration Commission tracking Transfer as database record Commission is calculated and passed to commission checking system to await payment

21 Investment, Superannuation Lodgement screen All products on dealer group Approved Product List can be added or edited Entry can be by percentage or dollar amount Progressive totals are visible: % $ Bench Mark Sector Totals Amount allocated and unallocated

22 Simple single screen database layout Recommendations and replacements are easily and quickly determined for SoAs

23 Simple point and shoot Policy Replacement and Recommendations Click to select Policies to be replaced Click to select Recommended policies

24 Creating an SOA Create compliant (Dealer Group) Risk, Investment and Superannuation SoAs in a fraction of the time it takes manually

25 Risk SoA Screen layout Choose text from selection already used before or create new text for insertion into SoA Click Export Risk SoA to transfer all information to opened SoA Click to save Risk details for Investment or Superannuation SoA

26 Investment, Superannuation SoA Screen layout Choose text from selection already used before or create new text for insertion into SoA Click to open Investment or Superannuation SoA Click to include Risk details

27 A completed Super/Investment SoA The result is a completed (compliant) dealer group SoA or an SoA of your choosing. Sample only Graphs are dynamic and update with SoA export process

28 Scanning Screen Documents pertaining to only the current client makes finding documents and scanning faster! The AdDataCMS can be directed to the scanning folder or prescanned documents for storage Select the document Categorise by type Enter long descriptive name View or save the document Open the screen to retrieve

29 Scanning retrieval screen Documents are categorised and dated for fast retrieval Double click to open each document

30 Work Flow and Tasking These tasks can be reported by specific time, weekly, monthly, quarterly or Yearly Work Flow for a client or event can be tasked to particular users

31 Service reports, data mining and register valuation View, Print, Merge and Label from detailed reports on client or policy criteria. Select criteria for regular or non regular service on birthdays or policy anniversary next service date etc A register can be valued for acquisition or disposal in this section

32 Reports and Commission Tracking Production Reports Incomplete business tracking Commission downloading Commission Discrepancies Checks short paid commission and emails payor Referral Source administration and payment system Client contact tracking (compliance) All Initial, Service, Asset and Fee commissions can be tracked

33 Simple client presentations and reports Policy Schedule Policy Commission report Logo Comprehensive policy benefits table At a glance client cover and benefit totals All Initlal, Service, Aset and Fee payments by Statement date.

34 Work Flow Centre – Integrates with Microsoft Office Outllok Work Flow Centre Office Outlook All appointments and reminders can be generated by AdDataCMS or Outlook and retrieved/viewed in either application

35 Email to Notes recording AdDataCMS database records emails sent to and received from a client using an email address search in Outllok AdData Client Management System

36 Thankyou for taking the time to view this brief presentation. For more information go to: or contact: Graeme Molloy Telephone: (02) 6242 5773 Mobile: 0402 352 218

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