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Calculating Quality Reporting Service

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1 Calculating Quality Reporting Service

2 User story - overview This user story covers the path that a Service Provider user would take from initially logging in to the system through to Participation Management, Data Submission, Achievement and Reporting. Dummy data has been used. Lets start by logging in....

3 CQRS Log-In Page: Displays public News & Alerts and allows for Help on forgotten password or User ID, as well as CQRS Help Desk contact information.

4 Home page after log-in. Displays any new tasks and messages related to the user that has logged in. User may click on the link in the Summary column to jump directly to the task/message detail.

5 Displays the Message Centre with details of the message selected from the Home screen.

6 The Message Centre allows the user to select their notification methods for tasks and/or messages. The user may choose to receive these on their home page when logging into CQRS (Account Notification) and/or by notification. .

7 User “My Account” page which displays user information, their organisation access, and what roles they have for each organisation.

8 Participation Management – My Services
Participation Management – My Services. Allows the Service Provider to view the quality services that they participating in. The status of these services are “Offered” at this time. The user can Accept or Reject each quality service.

9 The user will receive a confirmation message upon choosing to Accept or Reject the service.

10 The user will receive a confirmation message once the service has been successfully accepted and the service status will update to “Accepted”.

11 CQRS Data Submission. The user may select the Financial Year, Quality Service, and Achievement Date. Any data previously entered will display by Achievement Date in the table to allow updates to prior data submissions. The user selects “Add New Achievement” to enter data for a new achievement date.

12 The service will display with the Practice List Size (if known at this time), indicator groups, and status of the indicators submitted or in progress. The user may drill down into the domain groups for detail information.

13 The Manual Data Entry screen will display the group level values for entry (i.e., patient set information) and the indicator values for manual entry. Note: The Exception/Exclusion Reasons will display the actual text of the reasons in the label.

14 Continuation of the Manual Data Entry screen
Continuation of the Manual Data Entry screen. The user may enter submission notes, save the data as work in progress, or submit the achievement data. Any data that is received through the automatic extract will display as read only. .

15 The Achievement tab allows the user to view Achievement Results, Declare Achievement, and perform Post-Payment Modeling. Access defaults to the Achievement Results. This screen displays the service current, maximum, and forecast values and allows for drill-down to the indicator level. The user may display the values in Points or Pounds as well. There is a link at the top right of the screen that allows the user to automatically generate a detailed achievement report from this screen. .

16 The Payment Declaration screen allows the user to declare payment for multiple services and includes the quality service, payment type, date of achievement, achievement amount, status, and a link to view/enter notes. This history of the declared achievements displays at the bottom of the screen. There is a link at the top right of the screen that allows the user to automatically generate a detailed achievement report from this screen. .

17 Once a service provider declares achievement, a message displays stating it is awaiting Commissioning Organisation approval and the service displays in the history table with the updated status. .

18 Post Payment modeling allows the service provider to select a financial year and quality service to perform “what if” scenarios or to determine what the achievement could have been with additional data submission.

19 Post-Payment Modeling displays the submitted values and allows the user to enter modified values. These modified values are only used to calculate “what if” achievement and do not update previously approved achievements.

20 The Reports tab allows the user to view and generate reports within multiple categories: Achievement, Participation Management, Data Entry, Declarations, and Administrative. These reports are accessible based on the user’s role within the system. The Reports category defaults to Achievement and displays the various reports available to run. The Previously Run reports display the reports that the user previously generated.

21 CQRS Achievement Reports
Screens to be added shortly for the following: Exception/Exclusion Report allows the user to view, by clinical domain, the disease register, number of exceptions and exclusion and the exception and exclusion rates. The user may drill down to the indicator level and display the data in graphic format. Practice level achievement report drilled down to the indicator level. The user may display in data or graph form and by points or pounds.

22 Thank you – any questions?
If you have any questions regarding the information contained in this presentation, please

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