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Welcome to Housecleaning Business Manager ™ ©2008 Jeff Campbell’s Clean Team & Rick Morse Consulting All Rights Reserved See how Housecleaning Business.

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1 Welcome to Housecleaning Business Manager ™ ©2008 Jeff Campbell’s Clean Team & Rick Morse Consulting All Rights Reserved See how Housecleaning Business Manager will tame your business… Improve your customer service… Save you time… And improve your business operations! Just click your mouse to continue!

2 Thanks for taking the time to preview Housecleaning Business Manager! During the presentation, please click your mouse key to activate the slides. After you’ve watched the show, we invite you to a personalized interactive free live demo. Please contact us at 800- 717-2532.

3 HBM (Housecleaning Business Manager) will: (click mouse to continue) Increase your profits Improve customer service Save money Save time- more than you can imagine Speed up day-to-day operations Simplify day-to-day operations Provide tools to improve your marketing campaigns Provide tools to control inventory Provide tools to better communicate with your customers Create Daily Schedules with a single click Create Daily Income nearly effortlessly Change customer’s schedules temporarily Change worker’s teams temporarily

4 Manage Schedules: *Clients *Teams *Your Company Organized scheduling is easy with HBM. Never miss another appointment!!

5 Add and edit pertinent customer information easily HBM allows your record keeping to be simple and organized for a smooth running business!

6 HBM allows many different types of customer scheduling – from weekly to tri- weekly, monthly to quarterly. Schedule customers the way you need to! Easily change a customer’s schedule with one click! It’s easy to skip a visit or assign a different team.

7 Add special instructions and details about the job, such as special attention or problem areas

8 Track which marketing programs are bringing you business !

9 Create one-click professional Estimate Sheets with your company logo to take to customer in-home estimates Add important client information to help enhance the quality and accuracy of your estimates

10 Track additional work such as polishing silver and cleaning ovens…. You can customize your customer’s cleaning jobs by adding rotational cleaning tasks with the click of a mouse!

11 … washing windows… Money for extra jobs is automatically tracked by HBM

12 Pay workers by the job or by the hour. Track auto expenses by the job or by the mile. It’s easy to guarantee that each employee earns minimum wage.

13 Just one click creates a Daily or Weekly Schedule

14 …for one team or all your teams for any day!

15 Easily create professional Daily Work Schedules for your teams that keep them informed on important information about your customers cleaning jobs.

16 Look into the future with a Weekly Schedule. Chart available time for a team or a new client… weeks or months in advance.

17 All Customer Information accessed from one screen! Your clients’ Schedule, Past Visits, Payments, Balances, Check Numbers Future Visits and Complaints… at your fingertips!

18 With the touch of a button…

19 …you have all income and complaint information for all workers!

20 Create daily receipts of all payments with a few keystrokes!

21 Curser is ready to enter a check number… a couple of keystrokes and the payment is posted!

22 Payroll is effortless. Whether you pay by the job or by the hour, HBM distributes income automatically!

23 Add or change workers with the click of a button! Only enter hours, whether paid by job or hour

24 After a few postings, reports create themselves ! HBM has more than 20 comprehensive reports that track details about your businesses income, expense, inventory and marketing programs!

25 Simply select the report you want: Weekly Income by Team Weekly Gross Income by Associate Weekly / YTD Income – All Teams Weekly / YTD Gross Income – All Associates Produce comprehensiv e payroll reports

26 Then create a Weekly Income report by team…

27 …or a Weekly Income report by Associate…for the week or YTD…

28 …HBM even helps with the reordering process…

29 Report on supply usage by a team or teams in a given time period…

30 …Track the quantity of cleaning supplies utilized by each team…

31 Find out which marketing programs are working best! Housecleaning Business Manager

32 Referral Source reports show you which advertising programs are making you money!

33 Create reports for Daily Receipts for any given day, week or month!

34 …and you can use the report as a deposit slip for your bank!

35 Bill your customers in advance, in arrears or at the time of cleaning HBM even allows you to email your customers bills with Microsoft Outlook®

36 Send your customers professional billing statements with a simple click!

37 Track customer complaints by associate, by team or by customer.

38 HBM can export your payroll data for accounting with QuickBooks ® or Peachtree ®

39 Export customer information to create labels and form letters with Microsoft Word ® Mail Merge!

40 Printable forms are ready to go! HBM supplies you with everything from Employment Applications to Orientation Checklists…

41 …Liability Release forms…

42 …Quality Control Forms… All with your company information ready to print with the click of a button!

43 Thank you for your interest in Housecleaning Business Manager… Call 800-717-2532 for a free live demonstration on your computer

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