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Jeremy Thake SharePoint SHAREPOINT 2010:HOW WILL IT AFFECT ME?

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1 Jeremy Thake SharePoint Architect @jthake SHAREPOINT 2010:HOW WILL IT AFFECT ME?

2 MOVEMBER It’s not a caterpillar… …it’s a MOSStache

3 SharePoint Conference 2009 (#SPC09) Information Workers IT Pro Developers Resources AGENDA No Microsoft sales pitch here!

4 #SPC09

5 7000+ attendees 250 sessions over 3.5 days Tracks Information Worker IT Pro Dev Vendor land Ask the experts Hands on labs Meet the SharePoint Universe! Well worth it! #SPC09


7 Business Connectivity Services Bi-directional Office client support Support in: Web UI SharePoint Designer 2010 Visual Studio 2010 Can now be attached to Content Types

8 Social Networking Tagging & Rating Org Chart Note Board (Facebook wall) Status updates My content My colleagues My membership Expertise finder

9 Ribbon SharePoint context

10 SharePoint Designer 2010 Site Dashboard Export to Solution Package (WSP) Site Template deprecated Lock in down in Central Admin

11 Blogs & Wikis Heart of WCM now Web Parts in content of wiki pages Insert images inline WYSIWYG editor

12 Browser Support Tier 1 support IE8/7 Tier 2 support Firefox Safari No support IE6.0

13 Office 2010 Backstage SharePoint context Workflow Check in/out Version history

14 SharePoint WorkSpace 2010 Replacement for Groove Offline support Synchronisation InfoPath and BCS support

15 ECM Document Sets Managed Metadata Service Application Records Management

16 Web Content Management (WCM) Accessibility WCAG 2.0 AA compliant NOT W3C markup compliant Digital Asset Management (DAM) Streaming video

17 Search Wildcard Phonetic Faceted Search Federated Search FAST Document Preview

18 Workflow Visio Services to visually show status

19 InfoPath Form Web Part

20 Performance Point

21 Visio Services

22 Access Services Centralised Management Pushing out updates is easier Faster than accessing mdb on file shares Don’t need Access client

23 Office Web Apps

24 Mobile support


26 Central Admin You can find things now!

27 PowerShell STSADM takes backseat Snapin available on server Remoting capability

28 Service Applications SSPs are deprecated Connect to more than one farm

29 Monitoring Health Monitoring Crawls Automatically fix issues Correlation IDs ULS Viewer

30 Usage Reporting External Database for reporting Web Analytics

31 Backup & Restore story Restore from content database

32 Migration Pre upgrade check Visual upgrade

33 Sandboxed Solutions


35 Visual Studio 2010 Tools A HUGE improvement on VSeWSS 1.3 Extensibility

36 Developer Dashboard Use SPFarm proprerty to turn on in farm Shows stored procedures being called Web Part load times

37 LINQ to SharePoint Leverages Microsoft.Linq SPMetal generates proxy class CRUD

38 REST ADO.NET Data Services Read Lists, Properties Add top, expand, filter

39 Client Object Model (OM).NET CLR Silverlight JavaScript

40 Silverlight Add.XAP file in a Web Part to a page Can consume REST and Client OM

41 TFS Integration Source Control Build Test Lab

42 Windows 7/Vista support Install SharePoint 2010 on Workstation 64-bit Min 4Gb RAM Get yourself an SSD


44 Overview MSDN SharePoint 2010 SDK Developer Centre Hands on labs Developer White Paper Forums TechNet SharePoint 2010 Tech Centre 12 Factors to turn ASP.NET developers Getting started What’s new/changed Have they fixed? RESOURCES

45 MOVEMBER It’s not a caterpillar… …it’s a MOSStache

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