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Microsoft SharePoint 2010 technology for Developers

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1 Microsoft SharePoint 2010 technology for Developers
Presentation_title Microsoft SharePoint 2010 technology for Developers Part II Olaf Feldkamp Microsoft Schweiz GmbH dd/mm/yyyy, author_alias

2 Agenda Business Connectivity Services
Presentation_title Agenda Business Connectivity Services Office Development with Visual Studio 2010 Open XML SDK 2.0 Word Automation Services Ribbon and Dialog Framework Workflow in SharePoint 2010 dd/mm/yyyy, author_alias

3 SharePoint 2010 Sessions at TechDays 2010
SharePoint 2010 for Developers I Line-of-Business Applications with SharePoint and Silverlight Workflow Development SharePoint Sandboxed Solutions Migration/Update to SharePoint 2010 Microsoft Online Services What's new in Office Client Communities Search Sites Composites Content Insights SharePoint for Information Architects Insights Overview SharePoint 2010 for Developers II

4 Business Connectivity Services

5 SharePoint Composite Solutions
Business Users – without Code Use out-of-the-box features Customize with SharePoint Designer and InfoPath Application Developers – with Code Build web parts (classic ASP.NET, AJAX, Silverlight), line-of-business data integration, list event handlers, workflows, workflow activities, application pages, content types, … Business Collaboration Applications Operations – Reliability Sandboxed solutions Silverlight user interface (and business logic)

6 Business Connectivity Services (BCS)
MS Confidential : SharePoint 2010 Developer Workshop (Beta1) Business Connectivity Services (BCS) Office Client SharePoint Server 2010 Office Integration SharePoint Site VSTO Package External List External Business Parts Custom Code Search, Workflow, Web Parts Business Connectivity Services Secure Store Service Business Connectivity Services BCS Client Runtime Cache External Content Types Server Runtime External Data ADO.NET Web Service WCF Service .NET Assembly Connector

7 Development Approaches
MS Confidential : SharePoint 2010 Developer Workshop (Beta1) Development Approaches IT Admin Import & Configure WSP WSP/ ClickOnce Package Power User “Live” Connection No code, configure existing back-end integration end-points Connect to WCF, ADO.NET and .NET Objects Simultaneously author thin and rich client UX for External Lists. Create InfoPath Forms Create custom back-end integration logic using .NET Assemblies Author thin and rich client UX as SharePoint and VSTO customization projects Developer

8 Business Connectivity Services in Action

9 Business Connectivity Services with SharePoint Designer

10 BCS with Visual Studio 2010

11 Office Development with Visual Studio 2010

12 Office Development with Visual Studio 2010
Visual Studio 2010 provides backward-compatible tooling Office 2007 project templates are supported But not Office 2003 Visual Studio 2010 and 2008 work side-by-side All 2007 supported scenarios persist forward to 2010 Improved deployment support in Office 2010 with Visual Studio 2010 Package multiple add-ins deployment now supported Office Primary Interop Assemblies no longer needed Language enhancements C#—Optional Parameters, Named Arguments, Dynamic types VB—Implicit line continuation, Dynamic types, Auto-properties

13 Backstage View Group Column Tab Fast Command

14 Reference: officeatwork AG Customers: various

15 Customizing the Backstage View with Visual Studio 2010

16 Open XML SDK 2.0

17 Programming with Open XML
12/02/08 SharePoint Developer Workshop: MS Confidential Programming with Open XML File Container Open XML SDK 2.0 Document Properties Content Level Package Level Packaging API Schemas Comments Markup Styles Images, sound, video Embedded code Custom XML

18 Open XML SDK 2.0 demo

19 Word Automation Services

20 Word, Excel, Access, and Visio Services
12/02/08 SharePoint Developer Workshop: MS Confidential Word, Excel, Access, and Visio Services Word Conversions Field Updates Excel Calculations UDFs REST API JavaScript Object Model Web Services Access Publish to SharePoint UI Macros Data Macros Reports Visio Connect Diagrams to Data

21 Word Automation Services + Open XML SDK
The SDK and Word Automation Services are designed to be complimentary SDK for file manipulation Word Automation Services for file conversion/archiving tasks Template Word Automation Services Print Open XML SDK 2.0 Docu-ments PDF Data

22 Combining Open XML and Word Automation Services

23 Ribbon and Dialog Framework

24 Ribbon, Status Bar and Notification Area
SharePoint 2010 Developer Workshop (Beta2) Ribbon, Status Bar and Notification Area Notification Ribbon Status Bar

25 SharePoint 2010 Developer Workshop (Beta2)
The Dialog Framework

26 Ribbon and Dialog Framework

27 Workflow in SharePoint 2010

28 Workflow in SharePoint 2010
Custom Non-Declarative Import Reusable Workflow Advanced modeling Workflow Forms Handle workflow events Custom Activities Encapsulate custom code in a new action Deploy in full or partial trust (as user code) Custom Declarative Start from scratch, from existing, or import from Visio More types of workflows Task process framework Out-of-Box Customi-zation Association and initiation settings Modify logic in SPD Design forms in InfoPath Out-of-Box Workflows Ready to use Common approval scenarios Increasing Functionality Browser SharePoint Designer Visual Studio

29 Bringing SPD and Visual Studio together
03/16/09 SharePoint Developer Workshop: MS Confidential Lecture 5: LINQ to SharePoint - 29 Bringing SPD and Visual Studio together Workflow Package Power User Developer Custom Activities

30 Importing a Workflow Package to Visual Studio

31 Summary Read/write capabilities with backend systems through Business Connectivity Services Visual Studio 2010 continues to make it easy to build Microsoft Office-based solutions Word Automation Services are the Word conversion and layout engine on the server Especially powerful if combined with Open XML SDK 2.0 The new contextual ribbon is customizable Improved workflow capabilities

32 Thank you for your Attention!
For more Information please contact Olaf Feldkamp Development Platform Advisor Olaf.Feldkamp(at) Phone (UC): +41 (43) Microsoft Schweiz GmbH Richtistrasse 3 8304 Wallisellen

33 Presentation_title dd/mm/yyyy, author_alias

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