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SharePoint 2010 Overview 08/30/2012OG-BIT.COM Services1 Presented by: Oscar Garcia Software Solutions Architect Business Intelligence Solutions Inc. Email:

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1 SharePoint 2010 Overview 08/30/2012OG-BIT.COM Services1 Presented by: Oscar Garcia Software Solutions Architect Business Intelligence Solutions Inc.

2 08/30/ Services2 Agenda: o What is SharePoint? o Sites o Business Solutions o Security o Page Layout Features o Manage Client Object Model o External Data Access o Analytics o Demo o Other Features o Q&A SharePoint 2010

3 08/30/ Services3 Microsoft SharePoint 2010 allows us to build Web sites and business solutions It allows us to manage documents, external data and publish information to help everyone work together It provides a robust security infrastructure to let us control the user access and permissions on the content It allows for the addition of custom solutions with Microsoft.NET technologies It automates business processes with workflows What is Microsoft SharePoint 2010?

4 8/30/2012 Services 4 All the features are delivered via this hierarchy model: SharePoint Hierarchy Model

5 08/30/ Services5 SharePoint 2010 provides a single infrastructure for all your business Web sites. It provides a set of tools that allows for rapid development and management of your sites. Sites – Web Content Management Type of Sites Team site for internal users Extranet site for partners Internet site for customers My Site for users Mobile Layout support Benefits Set of site templates to get you started Permissions to allow site access Team and individual page personalization Web parts for additional features

6 8/30/ Services6 Site Templates Sites – Web Content Management

7 8/30/ Services7 Empty Team Site Sites – Web Content Management

8 8/30/2012 Services 8 New Public Site Sites – Web Content Management

9 8/30/2012 Services 9 My Site Sites – Web Content Management

10 08/30/ Services10 SharePoint provides building blocks that you can use to build simple to complex business solutions. Business Solutions Features Provide controlled access to company data Use lists as your data store for custom solutions Use external data as if lived in SharePoint Workflow to automate a business process Development Tools Use the browser to create new sites, pages, lists (IE best support) SharePoint Designer 2010 for advanced views, JavaScript, XSLT template and internal view of the content Visual Studio 2010 to create site features that can be packaged and deployed as custom solutions

11 8/30/2012 Services 11 Your Browser Business Solutions

12 8/30/2012 Services 12 SharePoint Designer 2010 Business Solutions

13 8/30/2012 Services 13 Visual Studio 2010 Business Solutions

14 08/30/ Services14 SharePoint provides three security features that work together to control user access to sites, content and data. Security - Control User Access with Permissions Security Groups Users are added in groups with similar tasks. The default groups are site owners, members, visitors and viewers. Permission Levels These are combination of individual tasks that users may need to perform: create site, page, items on a list, view only Permission Inheritance Sites and content inherit groups and permission levels from the parent site. This provides the ability to manage the permissions from the top level and be reflected on all the lower levels.

15 08/30/ Services15 Security - Control User Access with Permissions

16 08/30/ Services16 Security - Control User Access with Permissions Security Features

17 8/30/ Services17 Page Layout Features SharePoint provides the following features to let us customize the design and layout of our sites : WYSIWIG editors to customize our websites with a set of predefined themes and layouts Content sensitive ribbon that activates design tools Ability to create new master pages to change the overall look of the site Ability to add custom style sheets to change the layout Support for HMTL5 master templates Default layout for view lists and data forms

18 8/30/ Services18 Page Layout Features Public Website Editor

19 8/30/ Services19 Page Layout Features Default Themes

20 8/30/ Services20 Page Layout Features Content Ribbon

21 8/30/ Services21 Managed Client Object Model With the client object model, you can design client applications that can access and manage SharePoint content..NET Framework 3.5 Add references to Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.dll and Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Runtime.dll Use CAML (Collaborative Application Markup Language) to query objects JavaScript Use to load the JavaScript objects Can use JQuery to interact with the DOM elements Silverlight Add references to Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.silverlight.dll and Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Silverlight.Runtime.dll

22 8/30/ Services22 Managed Client Object Model How does it work?

23 8/30/ Services23 Managed Client Object Model C# Code Snippet

24 8/30/ Services24 Managed Client Object Model JavaScript Snippet

25 8/30/ Services25 External Data Access Business Connectivity Services (BCS) enables users to read and write data to external systems. Features: Consume Web services (Cloud only support) SQL Server Databases Microsoft.NET assemblies Configuring Web Service using SharePoint Designer 2010 Add External Content Type with generic list Use Operation Design View to discover services and add Web service Configure Web service endpoint and credentials Configure Web method call to retrieve data Data is displayed as an external list

26 8/30/ Services26 External Data Access Web Service Connection

27 8/30/ Services27 External Data Access Web Service Configuration

28 8/30/ Services28 External Data Access External data shows as an internal list

29 8/30/ Services29 Web Analytics SharePoint provides Web analytics reports to allow us to track the activity on each site. Access each site analytics by using _layout/usage.aspx Reports are simple text dump of the information There are third party solutions available to let you create graphs from this data or create custom Web part Google Analytics can also be integrated

30 8/30/ Services30 Web Analytics Web Analytic Reports

31 8/30/ Services31Demo Look at some sites build with SharePoint Look at the public website Use Browser to customize (header, menu, style, layout) Use SharePoint Designer 2010 to view structure Look at the team site Styles and master pages Look at solutions (web parts and sites) Use Visual Studio 2010 Create new site View security Create a simple solutions (city - schools) Create data model Show lists views and data forms Configure custom inventory solution

32 8/30/ Services32 Demo SharePoint Websites

33 8/30/ Services33 Demo SharePoint Websites

34 8/30/ Services34 Cloud Solutions Features Document Libraries Allows for Editing and Sharing of documents online. Web apps for Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint or use Microsoft Office 2010 Exchange Online accounts using exchange, Web Outlook or integration with Outlook 2010 Lync Provides IM and conferencing capabilities All the IT services hosted on the Microsoft Cloud which reduces the cost of hardware, software licenses and IT staff

35 8/30/ Services35 We Thank You Q&A: Contact us: Business Intelligence Solutions Inc.

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