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Christian Finn Director Microsoft Corporation.

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1 Christian Finn Director Microsoft Corporation



4 The Rise of Web 2.0 Source: Technorati

5 Security? Productivity? Compliance? Value? Misbehavior? Governance?Cost?














19 My Profile Profile picture and status updates Contact details and bio Skills, interests, and previous projects Personal information

20 Specify privacy options Choose from suggested keywords

21 TaggingTagging Colleague Network updates RatingRating Comments and NotesComments and Notes Profile updatesProfile updates

22 Colleague and keyword mining from Sent e-mails Privacy policy at enterprise and end-user level

23 Sort by social distance Filter by social metadata Tips for helping others find you

24 Metadata- based Navigation

25 Rate pages and content 0–5 star ratings

26 Tag sites, lists, libraries, or items Suggested tagsSuggested tags Recent tag and note board activity

27 Filter by keyword Sort tag cloud alphabetically or by size Filter by tags, notes, or public/private See all tagging activity


29 Follow as interest, or add as responsibility Tag pages, lists, libraries, or items Tag profile pages as communities of interest See people using this tag Read, or leave comments on Note Board

30 Modern user experience with AJAXModern user experience with AJAX Customizable categories Easy content management Rich text editor with contextual ribbon menus Wrap text around floating images Built-in image styles Rich content creation

31 Declare blog posts (and wiki pages and podcasts) as records

32 Skinable Silverlight Player Play internal or external hosted video Store rich media assets in SharePoint Streamed from on-disk cache

33 Add web parts to wiki content New web part gallery Embed rich media Rich formatting with preview capabilities

34 ParticipantsParticipants

35 Office Web applications for in-browser content editing and collaboration Rich editing with Ribbon menus

36 1-click access to documents, sites, and colleagues Access to Team sites Access to Office applications Create Blog posts and comments SharePoint Workspace Mobile

37 Inline social context with e-mail thread Interaction history


39 Thank You!


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