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Mr. Green 8-2-02 Is it alive?.

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1 Mr. Green 8-2-02 Is it alive?

2 Mr. Green “All living things are made up of cells.”
Schleiden & Schwann What does it mean to be alive? (which movie is this from?) “If I only had a brain…” Scarecrow “If I only had a heart…” Tin Woodman “If I only had courage…” Cowardly Lion

3 Mr. Green Mr. Green Acronym What’s Mr. Green?
An acronym that’s used to remember terms by remembering a simpler word. TSN: The Sports Network A.K.A: Toronto Sports Network…

4 Mr. Green Movement response system Growth Reproduction
Exchange of Gases Exchange of Liquids Nutrient Transfer

5 Mr. Green “M” Movement There is definite movement for a specific purpose. The tree moved the sap down the tree Specific purpose! The leaves moved in the wind No specific purpose!

6 Mr. Green

7 Mr. Green “R” (first one) Response System
There is a protective response to avoid situations that are dangerous My finger jerked backward in response to the needle prick Response system (nervous system) When I stuck the tack in the wall, there was no response... No response system

8 Mr. Green

9 Mr. Green “G” Growth: An increase in size at some point during a lifetime (not necessarily current) Adult humans do not grow taller, but they did grow at one point in their lives. They can still grow rounder…

10 Mr. Green

11 Mr. Green “R” (2nd one) Reproduction: New forms of life must be able to be produced from the existing one. The Cow had a calf which would one day grow into another adult Cow. New Cow from old Cow The stick was broken into seven pieces. Original stick is just broken into smaller pieces

12 Cow

13 Mr. Green “E” (1st one) Exchange of Gases: The acquiring of one type of gas, usually exchanging it for another type. The beans that Justin ate for supper last night increased his gas exchange amount. The candle needed oxygen to burn and gave off ash and smoke particles.

14 Candle and Flatulence

15 Mr. Green “E” (2nd one) Exchange of liquids: Living organisms need to obtain liquids (dehydrated) and get rid of excess liquids (urinate). After drinking 15 Dr. Peppers, Forest Gump needed to use the washroom. After 2 hours of football practice, Jared needed to drink lots of water.

16 Mr. Green

17 Mr. Green “N” Nutrient Transfer: Living organisms need to acquire nutrients to support building new tissue for development and growth. Eating vegetables can give you many nutrients and minerals you need for healthy skin. Meats, Poultry, Pork and certain veggies give you protein for building new cells.

18 Mr. Green

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