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Let’s look at living things

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1 Let’s look at living things
Life Processes Let’s look at living things

2 Living Things There are many different types of living things and they all look very different when compared to each other. But all living things have seven things in common. We call these life processes. You need all seven to be alive.

3 The seven life processes are……
movement reproduction sensitivity nutrition excretion respiration growth Let’s look at these in more detail

4 1. Movement Animals move around using their whole bodies to get from one place to another. Plants move by turning towards the sun. Their roots move deeper into the soil

5 2. Reproduction Animals have babies: some lay eggs and the babies hatch out of these. Plants produce seeds and new plants grow from them

6 3. Sensitivity All living things respond to changes in their environment and react to them. eg. People react to changes in the weather and temperature and make changes to their behaviour. eg. Flowers react to the light and close when it is dark.

7 4. Nutrition Food is used by living things to give them the energy to do their usual things. Green plants use sunlight to make their energy. Animals eat plants; like leaves, fruits and vegetables; or other animals.

8 5. Excretion Waste substances must be removed from the body. Both plants and animals need to get rid of water and other waste products. We do this when we go to the toilet.

9 6. Respiration All living things use the oxygen in the air to convert food into energy.

10 7. Growth All living things grow, even if it is just a small amount.
Babies and young animals become adults. Seeds grow into plants.

11 Can you remember all seven life processes?
1. movement 6. respiration 4. nutrition 2. reproduction 5. excretion 7. growth 3. sensitivity

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