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How To Create A Personal Brand Susan Bratton Social Mediais MY Super Power!

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1 How To Create A Personal Brand Susan Bratton Social Mediais MY Super Power!

2 Questions for Creating Your Personal Brand For what do you stand? What is your value add or raison detre? Where is the primary place you exist? What platforms will you use to connect?

3 How To Create a Personal Brand This is the story of one entrepreneur who has leveraged social media services to grow her audience from a standing start to over a million monthly customers. My weapons? Mostly social media: Podcasting, Blogging, a Facebook Page (Fan Club), Twitter, TweetLater, Trackur plus the super human strength of syndication, using MobyPicture. I also speak at conferences and guest on podcasts and promote my work through blogger outreach.

4 Real World Example of the Interconnectedness I see you everywhere! You are so prolific! Write Once, Distribute Many. The Secret? Syndication.

5 How Can You Participate, Easily?

6 Personal Life Media

7 DishyMix Podcast

8 Talk Show Tips Training System

9 DishyMix iTunes

10 DishyMix Blog

11 DishyMix Facebook Fan Club

12 Susan Bratton Facebook Personal Page

13 Facebook Share Bookmarklet

14 Susan Bratton LinkedIn

15 Susan Bratton + DishyMix Twitter

16 DishyMix No Follow Twitter Page

17 Personal Life Media Twitter

18 DishyMix + Personal Life Media + Susan Bratton TweetLater {Professional}

19 TweetLater Pro

20 Susan Bratton FriendFeed

21 Personal Life Media + DishyMix Podcast Player Widget

22 DishyMix Widget

23 Susan Bratton Trackur

24 Susan Bratton + DishyMix Twitter Search

25 PersonalLife + Susan Bratton + DishyMix Tweet Deck

26 Susan Bratton Klout

27 Susan Bratton Unbound Technologies

28 Susan Bratton Unbound Technologies

29 Reach Facebook 3,200 + DishyMix Fan Club 560 Twitter 5,900 FriendFeed 1,300 LinkedIn 3,200 Podcast Downloads 15,000 Blog Readers 4,000

30 Day in the Life of a Social Media Podcaster Crowd Source Questions LinkedIn Answers + Experts Facebook Mutuals Twitter Upcoming Guests Twitter When Recorded TweetLater Spinnable Text Post to PLM, Feeds to iTunes, Zune, Podcast Alley, Feedburner Added to Subscribers iPod TwitterFeed to 2 Twitter Feeds Posts to Facebook and FriendFeed Share Bookmarklet with Image Guests Promote too

31 Susan Bratton CEO, Personal Life Media (650) 948-0500 o (650) 248-3483 c Podcast DishyMix in iTunes DishyMix Fan Club http://dishymixfan.com Blog: http://dishymix.com Twitter: Friendfeed: LinkedIn Facebook Flickr One Click Add

32 Social Influence Marketing Direct connection to large numbers of interested individuals via social networking platforms instead of push messages to passive prospects Engage your customers and prospects on their terms, facilitated by your brand Give to Get philosophy via Social Listening, Appvertising and Participation

33 Listening, Appvertising and Participation Participation via Twitter or Facebook Pages Social Listening to Find Key Influencers Appvertising via Widgets

34 Social Influence Marketing Examples VS Pink - RedBull - Beinggirl/Procter & Gamble - Nike+ - HP - Sears SK-You - Atkins – http://community.atkins.com Dells Ideastorm - Intuit - Sony Backstage 101 – Skittles - http://skittles.com

35 VictoriaSecret PINK Facebook Page

36 RedBull Facebook Page

37 P&G Tampax Community Site

38 Dell IdeaStorm Community Site

39 Intuit Community Site

40 Sears Everything!

41 Sears Facebook

42 Nike Community

43 Sony Community



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