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Lake Bonavista Hockey Novice Coaches Meeting September 29, 2013.

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1 Lake Bonavista Hockey Novice Coaches Meeting September 29, 2013

2 Agenda Expectations of our Coaches Certification Requirements Booking Exhibition Games Player Development in Novice Goalie Development in Novice Coach Development Open Discussion

3 Expectations of our Coaches Code of Conduct  Coaches to conduct themselves in a manner that is aligned with the Lake Bonavista Sports Philosophy, its Coaches Code of Conduct, and the Hockey Calgary Fair Play Code  from LBCA’s Sports Philosophy: Coaches shall be responsible for ensuring every player on their team is given playing time as equal as possible. Coaches shall encourage good sportsmanship, discipline, team spirit and parent involvement and clearly avoid development of a “Win at any cost” attitude. Head Coaches shall be responsible for selecting Team Managers and Assistant Coaches and ensuring their commitment to the L.B.C.A. Sports Philosophy, Code of Conduct, Policy and Guidelines.

4 Expectations of our Coaches Head Coach Responsibilities  Accountable for the overall operation of team, on and off the ice  Be aware of and comply with the rules, regulations, and bylaws of Hockey Calgary  Coordinate the delegation of responsibilities to the Team Manager and Assistant Coaches  Establish team rules and oversee the supervision of the players  Plan on and off-ice activities in consultation with the Team Manager and Assistant Coaches  Coach the team during practices and games  Design the practice plans in consultation with the Assistant Coaches  Plan, implement, and control pre-game preparation and communication with the team  Before, during and after all games, together with the team’s players and parents, be positive ambassadors of the Lake Bonavista hockey program – adapted from Hockey Canada

5 Certification Requirements

6 safety certification valid for only 3 hockey seasons fees reimbursed by Hockey Program register through National Sports Academy

7 Booking Exhibition Games All exhibition games must be sanctioned by Hockey Calgary Requests to be made by the home team on the new on-line system Log-in on Hockey Calgary website Automated email notifications to all required parties Need to submit request more than 72 hours in advance to allow for booking of referees  Requests less than 72 hours in advance will be rejected

8 Player Development Objective to develop the players’ skills and abilities in all three core performance areas  how much focus in each area dependent on age group and skill level Technical & Tactical MentalPhysical

9 Player Development - Novice Technical & Tactical MentalPhysical Skills - skating, puck control, shooting, passing On-ice awareness (head on swivel, danger zone) Basic stick checks, goal side positioning Balance Agility Coordination Quickness Respect for teammates, opponents, referees Responsibility to play safe Build their basic understanding of the game Nourish their love of the game

10 Goalie Development Goaltenders in Lake Bonavista has become a a critical issue  numbers are decreasing year after year not enough in older age categories to support the teams we have  goalie development is the hockey program’s most often mentioned issue/concern for coaches and parents

11 Goalie Development - Novice Game management  Encourage all the kids to go through the game rotation the best you can  Support the second year’s who show a greater interest extra practice and game time in the second half of the season is acceptable Practice management  Goalies are not targets  Dedicate some practice time for goalie specific training  Set drill intervals to allow goalies to properly reset  Every shot on goal is a feedback opportunity

12 Goalie Development Coaching Goaltending  Dedicated goalie coach is a huge asset  Breakers Website Goaltending 101 document USA Hockey Aldergrove Minor Hockey Goaltending Handbook  Resources available (R. Stephens, R. Kerr)

13 Coach Development Watch and observe other teams and coaches  not just what to do, also what not to do Make use of the resources available within Lake Bonavista hockey program  Breakers website  mentoring support  peer coaches  your coaching team

14 Breakers Website  Coaches page Coaches meetings Support documents, templates Concussion awareness Web links to good hockey sites  Safety page Policies, procedures, resource links

15 Mentoring Support Cross-Program  coach feedback process  on-ice coach development sessions suggestions on topics welcome Teams/Individuals  on as requested basis on-ice practice or game observations provide on-ice assistance supply drill suggestions offer advice on any coaching-related matters

16 Coach Development 3 components for effective coaching  A teacher Preparation (plan, organize) Delivery (communicate)  A leader “the ability to guide and motivate a group towards common goals”  A technician Knowledge in skill development, tactics, systems, strategies, fitness, nutrition

17 Coach Development Becoming an effective good coach…  is a journey  commitment to self-improvement  concept simple, execution difficult  some part science, some part art  understand your strengths and weaknesses  find your style and develop it to its full potential “Coaching Hockey Successfully” Dennis Gendron

18 Wrap-up Coaching is not an easy job, and a ton of hard work  Thank you for stepping up! Open Discussion  Questions?  Concerns, issues, successes?

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