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NGHA Atom Team 1 1 Nepean Wildcats Atom – Team 1 Season Kick-Off Team Meeting Nepean Girls Hockey Association.

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1 NGHA Atom Team 1 1 Nepean Wildcats Atom – Team 1 Season Kick-Off Team Meeting Nepean Girls Hockey Association

2 NGHA Atom Team 1 2 Agenda Introduce Coaches and Managers Introduce Team Vision Statement Objectives and Goals Roles of Coaches and Staff Parental and shared roles Relevant Season Information

3 NGHA Atom Team 1 3 Coaching Staff Head Coach -Dale Booth Asst Coach -Kevin Murray Asst Coach -Joe Prokipcak Asst Coach -Mara Roach Asst Coach -Robyn Kent Volunteers needed for Managers - Trish Allen and Rakesh Arora Trainer -Kevin Murray Tournaments – Fundraising – Den Mom’s – Dorothy Caldwell, Karen Dolan, Joanne Bohm

4 NGHA Atom Team 1 4 NGHA Atom Team AH1 April Sadler Taylor Bearss Cassandra Bohm Calla Brown Victoria Caldwell Joselyn Gu Brenna Dolan Booth Becky Hext Emma MacKechnie Emma McCulloch Annabelle Murray Julia Prokipcak Evangelea Touliopoulos Cadence Yeung Ishita Arora Danica Allen

5 NGHA Atom Team 1 5 Vision Statement To nurture personal development in our young athletes and ourselves as a team To instruct and nurture technical, tactical and mental preparation skills in a fun and safe environment.

6 NGHA Atom Team 1 6 Objectives and Goals Coaching Staff Objectives To introduce, reinforce and enhance the basic skills required to play and enjoy hockey. To instruct, nurture and model the concepts of cooperation, fair play and respect for teammates, opponents, coaches, parents and officials.

7 NGHA Atom Team 1 7 Roles of Coaching Staff What are our individual responsibilities? –Bench – line management and time management. –The time to assist a player -- during the game & practice –The time to encourage a player -- during the game & practice –How we plan and organize practice –How we plan to share the ice with other NGHA teams

8 NGHA Atom Team 1 8 Parental and Shared Roles Communication Policy Parental responsibilities –calling if child is sick; proper nutrition, rest; –Positive reinforcement –Entering and leaving the room pre and post game –School/ Academic Requirements to Play Shared Responsibilities –Respect for players, parents, coaches and officials

9 NGHA Atom Team 1 9 Four Fundamentals Have Fun Positive Learning Environment Practice your skills Compete in games

10 NGHA Atom Team 1 10 Practices 50 minutes of –FUN!!!! –Shooting –Passing –Agility –Team Tactics and Strategy –Team building –FUN!!!

11 NGHA Atom Team 1 11 Practices (Sept – Oct) The rink will be divided into three sections where we will work in stations for the first 35 minutes: –Skating and passing skills – usually between the blue lines; –Strategy to develop team tactics – moving puck out of own end and breakout- inside blue lines –Shooting on Goalie and developing catching passes and shot development There will be a stick handling, passing and skating component of 10 minutes - 5 minute cool down – game oriented introducing races later on in the season 50 minutes

12 NGHA Atom Team 1 12 Expectations and Commitment Games and Tournaments: –At the Rink – 25 to 30 Minutes before game time –Dressed and ready for Coaches instructions, line ups and “Team preparation” - 10 minutes prior to game time –Correct colour jersey for the game – (red, white) –Players will shake hands of players and coaches at the end of the game Practices: –At the Rink – 20 minutes prior to practice –Practices are not optional –Practices will be where the player improves and develops

13 NGHA Atom Team 1 13 Team Budget Manager Trish Allen Treasurer Rakesh Arora Considerations: –Tournaments –Practices –Team Events –Fundraisers

14 NGHA Atom Team 1 14 Fundraising Other ideas certainly welcome!! Will need Fundraising Volunteers

15 NGHA Atom Team 1 15 Tournament Possibilities Cornwall – 11-14 November, 2010 Kingston – 7-9 January, 2011 Belleville – 7-9 January, 2011 Nepean girls – 28-30 January, 2011 Ottawa Capital Classic – 10-13 Feb, 2011 Kanata – 24-27 March, 2011 others

16 NGHA Atom Team 1 16 Communications Coaches Calling Tree established for emergencies, cancellations or weather advisory EMAIL and WEBSITE will be the chosen method of all team Communications from coaches or managers Website Coordinator – Dale Booth All hockey operations will be Coach Dale Booth All Administration will be the Manager and Treasurer There is no cool down period in effect for questions from parents post game –Preference for phone call or in-person rather than email

17 NGHA Atom Team 1 17 QUESTIONS Let’s have a great season! 1 613 823 4419 (h) 1 613 698 5074 (c)

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