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Head teacher Performance Management

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1 Head teacher Performance Management
A briefing for Governing Bodies 2012 Martin Lawrence - Leadership and Governance Team Aim for 5 or 6 bullet points per slide – any more and the slide is difficult to read from the back of the room. Don’t reduce the type size or line spacing – if you can’t fit it in, you’ve got too much on the slide! Cut some words instead. People switch off when they see too much information on the screen. Either split it onto another screen or cut down the information. For more dos and don’ts with PowerPoint, go to

2 Session Objectives The governing body’s strategic role in managing teacher performance in schools including head teacher appraisal Why it is important for your school The 2012 Appraisal Regulations The key players and when they are involved

3 Objectives continued Preparing for the HT Appraisal meeting
Data available to support governors Reviewing overall performance The Teachers’ Standards and their application in Head teacher Appraisal Setting objectives Monitoring and Interim Reviews

4 Head teacher appraisal is
The formal annual assessment of the overall performance of the head teacher, in the context of their job description, objectives set, against the Teachers’ Standards, pay progression criteria and their professional development needs

5 The statutory duties of the governing body: your school’s appraisal policy
Adopt a document that sets out the appraisal process for teachers Make that document available to teachers Determine the appraisal period that applies to teachers Ensure that the head teacher carries out their duties in respect of appraising other teachers

6 Governing bodies will also want to:
Ensure that the appraisal policy is being implemented effectively and fairly Ensure that appraisal evidence informs other decisions eg on professional development and pay Keep the policy under review and amend it as necessary

7 Appraisal is a key driver of school improvement ....
Effective governance is demonstrated by “how well governors use performance management systems, including the performance management of the head teacher, to improve teaching and leadership and management”, impacting upon the quality of outcomes for all pupils Ofsted September 2012

8 Head teacher appraisal and the role of the governing body
Governors ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction Governors contribute to the school’s self-evaluation and understand its strengths and weaknesses Governors provide challenge and hold the head teacher to account for improving the quality of teaching, pupils’ achievement, behaviour and safety

9 Headteacher Performance Management Cycle
Monitoring & Supporting Monitoring of performance throughout the cycle Provision of agreed support Evidence collection Ongoing professional dialogue Planning Objectives set Performance criteria and evidence required agreed Timescales set including any interim reviews Appraisal Review Overall assessment of Headteacher’s performance against the performance criteria and the teachers’ standards. Assessment of development and training needs of the Headteacher. Recommendations for pay progression made for eligible headteachers

10 What the 2012 regulations say…
The governing body of a school must appoint an external adviser for the purposes of providing it with advice and support in relation to the appraisal of the head teacher. The governing body must consult the external adviser in appraising a head teacher’s performance The governing body must consult the external adviser in setting objectives for a head teacher

11 Head teacher appraisal will consist of...
Formal annual assessment of a head teacher’s performance against the Teachers’ Standards Formal annual assessment of a head teacher’s performance against their objectives

12 The role of the external adviser
Advise governors on the current performance of the school (including considering the Local Authority Evaluation Report) Advise governors on their judgements about the meeting of the objectives from the previous cycle Advise governors on the setting of the objectives for the coming cycle

13 The role of the performance management governors
Ensure that the delegated group are properly briefed and prepared Appoint the external adviser to provide advice and support Inform the head teacher of the standards against which they will be assessed in the coming cycle Assess the head teacher against the objectives set last year

14 The role of the PM governors (2)
Assess head teacher overall performance Consider the head teacher’s professional development needs Give the head teacher a written report of their appraisal, outlining judgements made Make a recommendation on pay, where relevant, and include this in the written statement Set objectives for the head teacher for the coming cycle Provide the head teacher with a Statement of Objectives Arrange Monitoring and Interim Reviews

15 The External Adviser preparing for the HT Appraisal meeting
Arrange with the lead governor a suitable date and time for the HT appraisal meeting Ask for the objectives from the previous cycle and information about interim reviews Consult the IER and any other school evidence Request the head teacher to forward any self-evaluation evidence

16 Time-table for the school visit
Allow at least 30 minutes for the discussion between the head teacher and the external adviser Allow at least 30 minutes for the discussion between the governors and the external adviser Allow at least 1 hour for the appraisal meeting, covering the review of the head teacher’s overall performance, professional development needs and the setting of objectives for the coming year. NB Drafting time

17 Preparing for the Appraisal Meeting at the school
The External Adviser meets with the head teacher to discuss their self-evaluation of their overall performance and against the achievement of objectives set last year. Discuss CPD needs. Discuss the Teachers’ Standards to be assessed and the objectives for the coming cycle. The objectives must contribute to: Improving the education of pupils at the school The implementation of any plan of the governing body designed to improve the school’s educational provision and performance

18 Preparing for the HT Appraisal Meeting at the school (2)
The external adviser meets with the representatives of the governing body to clarify judgements about the achievement of the objectives set last year and overall performance, the Teachers’ Standards to be assessed in the coming cycle and help to shape the objectives for the coming cycle. Remind governors about the head teacher’s professional development needs. Identify who will chair the head teacher appraisal meeting and who will take notes.

19 The External Adviser supporting the HT Appraisal meeting
Assist the conduct of the meeting to be constructive and professional Clarify assessment about the objectives set last year and overall performance, using the head teacher’s evidence Help to support the governors’ dialogue about the head teacher’s professional development needs Clarify the Teacher’s Standards to be assessed next year. Shape the objectives for the coming year Offer to draft the Appraisal judgements and the Statement of Objectives

20 How do you know how well the school is doing?
The School’s Performance Raise –on-Line Inspection Report Benchmarking data Pupil, parent, staff and other surveys School self-evaluation, including observations of teaching and learning Internal tracking procedures Value added information Individual target setting and education plans Head teachers report External quality standards (11P, Curriculum Awards, Charter Mark etc.) Non-statutory test results Progress on School Development Plan Statutory Test Results

21 The Teacher standards 1. Set high expectations which inspire, motivate and challenge pupils 2. Promote good progress and outcomes by pupils 3. Demonstrate good subject and curriculum knowledge 4. Plan and teach well structured lessons 5. Adapt teaching to respond to the strengths and needs of all pupils 6. Make accurate and productive use of assessment 7. Manage behaviour effectively to ensure a good and safe learning environment 8. Fulfil wider professional responsibilities For governors with the help of the external adviser to determine what successful performance against these will look like.

22 Making a judgement against the teaching standards
Achievement 1 – high expectations 2 - good progress and outcomes Teaching and learning 3 – curriculum knowledge 4 - planning and teaching 5- adapt teaching 6- productive assessment Behaviour and Safety 7 – manage behaviour Leadership and Management 8 – wider responsibilities

23 Reviewing performance
Ask open questions Be positive and encourage a climate of trust Allow the head teacher to provide evidence Consider whether objectives have been achieved Consider overall performance Consider the professional needs of the HT Consider issues of work life balance

24 Why do we have objectives?
They focus on the priorities of the school The objectives promote positive action for school improvement They encourage the use of targets and clear success criteria They offer identifiable achievements They offer the opportunity to celebrate

25 Objectives need to be: Specific – without ambiguity Measurable
Achievable but challenging Realistic Time related – use of milestones

26 Head teacher CPD What are the identified development needs?
Are there issues about their work life balance and well being? Are there issues about any potential change to the current model of leadership during the coming cycle? Are there any issues concerning succession planning?

27 Good Luck and ask for help if you need it?
If you need help? We can help you access an external adviser

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