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Lake Bonavista Hockey Coaches Information Package October 2011.

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1 Lake Bonavista Hockey Coaches Information Package October 2011

2 Agenda Expectations of our Coaches Team Manager support Certifications New Head Contact Rules Concussion Awareness Coach Mentorship Program Open Discussion

3 Expectations of our Coaches Code of Conduct  coaches to conduct themselves in a manner that is aligned with the Lake Bonavista Sports Philosophy, its Coaches Code of Conduct, and the NCCP Code of Ethics  from LBCA’s Sports Philosophy: Coaches shall be responsible for ensuring every player on their team is given playing time as equal as possible. Coaches shall encourage good sportsmanship, discipline, team spirit and parent involvement and clearly avoid development of a “Win at any cost” attitude. Head Coaches shall be responsible for selecting Team Managers and Assistant Coaches and ensuring their commitment to the L.B.C.A. Sports Philosophy, Code of Conduct, Policy and Guidelines.

4 Expectations of our Coaches Head Coach Responsibilities  Accountable for the overall operation of team, on and off the ice  Be aware of and comply with the rules, regulations, and bylaws of Hockey Calgary  Coordinate the delegation of responsibilities to the Team Manager and Assistant Coaches  Establish team rules and oversee the supervision of the players  Plan on and off-ice activities in consultation with the Team Manager and Assistant Coaches  Coach the team during practices and games  Design the practice plans in consultation with the Assistant Coaches  Plan, implement, and control pre-game preparation and communication with the team  Before, during and after all games, together with the team’s players and parents, be positive ambassadors of the Lake Bonavista hockey program – adapted from Hockey Canada

5 Team Manager support Manager meeting held October 4 th to review duties, including:  Team registration  Scheduling protocols  Team access to Breakers website  Rec Centre rules and guidelines  Work closely with your manager to ensure organization and communication are handled well within your team and that all Hockey Calgary requirements are met

6 Certifications safety certification valid for only 3 hockey seasons fees reimbursed by Hockey Program register through National Sports Academy and Hockey Alberta (now a 2 step process) If you are coaching: Timbits (Ages 6 & Under) Novice, Atom, Peewee Div 2-10, or Community Bantam/ Midget/Junior C Peewee Div 1 & II, Bantam AA & AAA, Minor Midget AAA, Midget AA, Junior B You need the following: INTRO TO COACH HOCKEY CANADA SAFETY PROGRAMHOCKEY CANADA SAFETY PROGRAM COACH LEVEL HOCKEY CANADA SAFETY PROGRAM CHECKING SKILLS PROGRAM * Not mandatory at the Novice or Atom levels.CHECKING SKILLS PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT I LEVEL HOCKEY CANADA SAFETY PROGRAM CHECKING SKILLS PROGRAM

7 New Head Contact Rules new for 2011/2012  any contact whether accidental or intentional will result in a minor and/or a double minor or at the discretion of the official a major and game or a match and a game  all contact above the shoulders (neck, face and head) is to be called Head Contact

8 Concussion Awareness Hockey Canada  general information  concussion reference card Think First  good informational video suitable for coaches, parents and players

9 Coach Mentorship Program Objectives Philosophy Role of the Coach Mentorship Coordinator Key Components of Current Program  New Coach Orientation and Development  Resources (individual support, on-line)  Coach Evaluations Future Opportunities

10 Mentorship Program - Objectives Provide effective resources and feedback to support our coaches in helping them to:  improve their capabilities as a coach in minor hockey  ensure a safe environment where our children learn hockey and life skills that will help them develop to their own potential, on and off the ice Support the alignment of the Lake Bonavista hockey program with the LBCA sports philosophy and its associated policies and guidelines.

11 Mentorship Program - Philosophy recognizes that our coaches are volunteers is considerate of the demands on people’s time with other commitments is respectful of the different levels of coaching expertise that exist within our hockey program is intended to be a positive and constructive program, run in the spirit of “coaches helping coaches”

12 Coach Mentorship Coordinator Role design and implement a Coach Mentorship program for developing and supporting coaches within the Lake Bonavista hockey program evaluate the effectiveness of the Coach Mentorship program on a regular basis and adjust as needed act as a liaison with Hockey Calgary in regards to its coach mentoring initiatives if requested, provide assistance to the hockey program’s age group coordinators:  during the coach selection process  dealing with any coaching issues during the season

13 Mentorship Program – Current Focus New Coach Orientation and Development Resources  Individual Support  On-line Coach Evaluations

14 Mentorship Program – Current Focus New Coach Orientation and Development 1)Pre-season meetings with coaches from younger age groups 2)Communicate expectations of coaching hockey in Lake Bonavista 3)Mentor Evaluations for new head coaches  new head coach: less than 2 yrs head coaching experience or 1 st year as head coach in Lake Bonavista  coach mentor to attend 2 practices – to observe and provide constructive feedback and suggestions  mentor feedback form will be provided to the coach, with a copy also to the age group coordinator for their information

15 Mentorship Program – Current Focus Resources 1)Individual support  coach mentorship coordinator is available to provide support and guidance to any coach in the hockey program  upon request, can:  observe practices or games  provide on-ice assistance  supply drill suggestions  offer advice on any coaching-related matters 2)On-Line Resources  many websites with great hockey information  working to get links built on Breakers website  general coaching information  practice plan templates  drill libraries  other supporting resources

16 Mentorship Program – Current Focus Coach Evaluations  would like to revise current hockey program evaluation process to:  get feedback to the coaches  provide feedback that is meaningful and helpful  to start working with program leaders to implement improvements

17 Mentorship Program – The Future? Possible Opportunities  development of a common teaching platform for the hockey program  terminology, skill development, tactics, style of play, etc.  formalized, broad coaching network of peers and mentors  structured curriculum of on-ice and classroom coach sessions  internally developed and maintained internet resources

18 Some Good Websites Ontario Minor Hockey Association Hockey Canada Practice Plans USA Hockey CO_07&ID=19650 USA Hockey Manuals Hockey-USA-Manuals.html

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