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Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Maharishi picture with MCPD.

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2 Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Maharishi picture with MCPD

3 Company, Executives, and Employees More than 600 scientific research studies– Conducted over the past 30 years Over 200 universities and research institutes In 30 countries Six volumes of scientific papers with more than 5,000 pages Research on TM – 6 Collected Papers


5 What is consciousness? Physics UF: intelligence, dynamism, self ref; also consciousness Healthy Life Workshop

6 Lubimov’s brain research StrongInteractionWeakInteractionGravityElectro-magnetism Electro-weakUnification GrandUnification UNIFIED FIELD UNIFIED FIELD Quantum Physics Self-Interacting

7 Transcendental Consciousness Unified Field

8 Through Transcendental Meditation Correlates of EEG Coherence EEG Coherence Higher IQ Concept Learning Moral Reasoning Creativity H-Reflex Transcendental Consciousness Improved Brain Functioning EEG Coherence Correlates

9 Primary Response Center Widespread Cortical Response Before TM After TM Through Transcendental Meditation Mobilizing Hidden Reserves of the Brain Lubimov’s brain research

10 Development of Intelligence Increased Intelligence Quotient Controls Mean IQ Scores (Cattell’s CFIT) TM P<.0001 Development of Intelligence

11 Through Transcendental Meditation FlexibilityFluency TM p<.0005 TM p<.006 p<.02 Originality Controls Raw posttest Scores on Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking Increased Creativity

12 Through Transcendental Meditation 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% –10% TM Controls Broader Comprehension & Increased Ability to Focus Broader Comprehension & Focus

13 Meta-Analysis of 31 Studies Lower Breathing Rate Lower Plasma Lactate TM Rest Deep Rest During Transcendental Meditation Deep Rest Meta- Analysis

14 Through Transcendental Meditation –10 –8 –6 –4 –2 0 –12 Reduced Hypertension Usual CareTM systolic diastolic Better Cardiovascular Health

15 Through Transcendental Meditation Decreased Hospitalization -100% -80% -60% -40% -20% -0% Cardio- vascular Throat, Lung InjuriesTumorsIntestinal Disorders Infectious Diseases 87% 73% 63% 55% 49% 30% 50% Less Need for Medical Care

16 Through Transcendental Meditation Younger Biological Age Short-Term TM Group Long-Term TM Group 5 years younger 12 years younger Other Techniques Reversal of Aging Reversal of Ageing

17 Improved Disposition Decreased Anxiety THROUGH TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION –.8 –.6 –.2 0 –.4 Effect Size (standard deviations) Concentration or Contemplation Muscle Relaxation Other Relaxation P<.001 Improved Disposition: Less Anxiety TM Technique

18 Improved Behavior Better Relationships with Co-Workers Change in Scale Scores Controls TM Academy of Management Journal Improved Behavior: Better Relationships with Co-Workers

19 Consciousness also a field? Radiate Coherence Transcendental Meditation Program

20 The Maharishi Effect FBI Crime Index: crimes – % change (change of 1973 from trend) 0 -5 % -10% -15% 12 TM Cities Control Cities Decreased Crime Rate in Cities Maharishi Effect: Landrith & Borland (?) original study

21 Maharishi Effect and extended Maharishi Effect defined The Maharishi Effect: 1% Extended Maharishi Effect or Super Radiance Effect: The square root of 1% Transcendental Meditation Program

22 The Super Radiance Effect Composite Index TM-Sidhi Program Participants TM-Sidhi Program Participants Composite Index of Quality of Life N = 241 P =.017 Super Radiance Effect: Middle East study

23 Super Radiance Effect: Increased Progress Towards International Peace TROUGH GROUP PRACTICE OF THE TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION AND TM-SIDHI PROGRAM Peace/War Index (standard scores) Non-experimental period Israel Utopia Assembly, Fairfield, Iowa, USA Lebanon Yugoslavia Fairfield Netherlands Washington D.C., USA Seven Transcendental Meditation TM-Sidhi Assemblies P< Super Radiance Effect: combined studies for international peace


25 Water the root...

26 to enjoy the fruit

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