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How can Employee Engagement drive a business turnaround?

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1 How can Employee Engagement drive a business turnaround?

2 What would you do if your business was losing £30 million a year?

3 Would you?... A. Cut costs by reducing headcount? B. Close business units C. Review your processes D. Invest in Employee Engagement ✓ ✗✗✗

4 Employee Engagement The Benefits

5 Link to profitability Retention increase Reduce labour turnover, thus costs Reduce absenteeism

6 Organisations are like icebergs

7 The tip is easy to see, often spectacular, but nothing compared to what lies beneath. The mass lies beneath the surface, mysterious and dangerous. Risky to approach Overt Organisation Covert Organisation Good leaders know this

8 Overt Organisation Easier to manage/create change (or illusion of it) - Productivity measures  Published policies - Levels of skill - Statements of mission & purpose - Organisation structure - Operating policies - Formal authority systems - Staff numbers - Buildings, plant & equipment - Job titles & descriptions - Financial resources - Strategic objectives & plan - Spans of control - Personnel policies & practice

9 More difficult to manage/ create change, but longer lasting - Emotional feelings, needs & desires - Personal views of the organisation’s direction and competence - Perceptions of trust - Perceptions of risk-taking behaviour - Quality of working relationships - The practised management style - Workgroup habits & values - Individual/group intentions & aspirations - Power & influence patterns (alliances & informal networks) - Values & beliefs - Role perceptions Covert Organisation

10 How do we define Employee Engagement at ATS Euromaster?

11 SPECTATORS ACTIVISTS ACTIVE ADVOCATES LOYAL ADVOCATES PROMOTERS ENGAGED To be classed as engaged, our definition requires people to be… Satisfied with job And satisfied with Euromaster as an employer And motivated And loyal to Euromaster And would recommend Euromaster as an employer And proud they work for Euromaster

12 Deep-sea diving for de-treaclers Plunge don’t snorkel

13 Never mind the theory, what did we actually do? The road to recovery

14 -£30 million Running on empty Time to refuel Euro up against the £ Recession hits ATS at Work

15 Take brave decisions Involve people from the business in writing the plan Invest in learning & development Tell people the truth Communicate & share the plan Create & roll-out leadership behaviours Measure the results

16 Employee engagement increased Key people retained Customer satisfaction improved On track to break even Customer complaints reduced Recognised for a number of external awards

17 Questions?

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