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Developing your talent – before your competitors do Customer Presentation Framework.

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1 Developing your talent – before your competitors do Customer Presentation Framework

2 Suggested framework for customer presentation The following slides are supplied to you as one suggestion of how you might present the idea of Individual Development to your clients It is merely a suggested framework to help you and should be supplemented by your own material Items in [ ] should be selected only if relevant to your customer and supplemented with specific statements relevant to the customer situation. Wherever possible the points in the presentation should always relate directly to issues faced by your customer

3 SHL-Partner How we can help My-Client Ltd to: - [ Identify and develop your best talent ] - [ Develop your leadership pipeline ] - [ Increase the productivity of your high performers ] - [ Improve bottom line turnover ] - [ etc…]

4 My-Clients Agenda Key Issues Defining My-Clients Ltd needs How SHL-Partner can help Recommendations Next Steps

5 [ Unable to source the talent we need from in-side our company ] [ We are concerned we are nor developing the future leaders of our business ] [ We cant measure the ROI from our training budgets ] [ We need a way to match our development to organisational needs ] [ We dont know what behaviors are key to success for our business ] …………… other The more you know about the customers issues, the more effective you can make the presentation My-Clients Issues

6 How can SHL Partner help

7 SHL-Partner Brief facts about SHL Partner >Pedigree >Client list >Etc… May want to mention expertise in SHL tools May want to cover background on SHL (see next slide)

8 SHL Background World Leader in Talent Assessment Solutions Operating in 40 countries and 30 languages The Worlds largest portfolio of assessment tools SHL works with thousands of organisations including 80% of FTSE 100 companies Strong pedigree of science, research and development

9 We can help you manage your talent With increasingly difficult market conditions – the key to surviving and growing will come down to securing the best talent Your people are your greatest cost but only the right people are your greatest investment & asset How will you ensure you develop and therefore retain the right talent to make your organisation successful?

10 10 40% 67% 49% Increased productivity in operational roles Increased productivity in management roles Increased productivity in sales roles High Performers generate significantly more than average performers Source: McKinseys War for Talent 2000 survey of 410 corporate officers at 35 large US companies Why is talent management so important?

11 The SHL-Partner value proposition We recognise that its the behaviour of your people that makes a fundamental difference in the execution and achievement of your business strategy. We help organisations like yours to define, measure and realise the critical behaviours that will be necessary to drive your business strategy to success.

12 Results people achieve Peoples Preferences How People behave To have an impact on the results achieved – you need to focus on how their people behave SHL Partner can define which behaviours are key for success Analyse what is happening in your organisation and what behaviours are in evidence Implement a development programme focused on changing how people behave How People behave Peoples behaviour drives performance

13 Business Benefits for My-client Ltd Increased productivity: >Aligning peoples development objectives with the organisations vision and mission >Introducing an efficient and effective development process >Managing your talent pool Reduced costs through: >Efficiencies in better use of time and resources >Streamlining the development management effort >Focusing development effort by reducing non added value tasks >Training budget focused and aligned directly to organisations objectives Increased productivity and reduced costs delivering additional profitability

14 Highly motivated employees ready to develop their behavioural skills Behavioural skills carefully selected to meet strategic objectives of organisation Each employee following a quality Personal Development Plan Significant and measurable performance improvements Accurate diagnosis of what drives performance Value to My-Client Ltd

15 Value to your people I know how Im doing »Clear, unambiguous feedback I can get help to improve my skills »Ready access to development advice My meetings with my manager are helpful »System supports constructive dialogue Im given every opportunity to succeed »Find out early if there are any problems to address The tools Im given are engaging and up-to-date »Content easy to refresh More Focused and engaged employees

16 How will SHL-Partner work with you to achieve this?

17 Stage 1 – Define the issues Define the development objectives, for example: >Changing managerial style >Develop Leadership skills Define the competencies / behaviours that will directly deliver the objectives

18 Match the behaviours to the individual Identify which of the behaviours are required by an individual to perform their work well

19 Stage 2 – Measure the behaviour

20 Stage 3 Realising the benefits Facilitate, share and support the results Produce clear business orientated development plans Follow up, give recognition and support implementation

21 Measure improvement over time Demonstrate real Return on Investment >Repeat 360 feedback >Prove that development activities have delivered behaviour change. >Show individuals are adopting the behaviours that will create culture change

22 Bottom line improvement Companies with year round 360 o Development systems significantly out performed competitors lacking such systems in financial measures such as return on equity, stockholder return, sales growth and cash flow Boston Consulting Group & Hewitt Associates

23 Who else is adopting this approach?

24 Coca-Cola Situation >Coca Cola was forced to look outside company for marketing talent >Needed to identify and grow talent from within company Approach >Define set of competencies based on strongest marketing performers >Development centres, 360 & OPQ used to identify key strengths of people >Development plans created to enable personnel to work towards career goals Outcome >Process now officially part of how Coca Coal develop their people >Helps identify the best resources in which to invest to ensure future talent pool for Coca Cola

25 Danone Situation >Lack of internal leadership candidates >Homegrown talent not being developed >External candidates filling vacancies Approach >Bespoke competency framework >Online assessment of skills and behaviors >Feedback delivered by consultants Outcome >80% of General Manager roles are now filled by internal candidates >Retention levels up >Employee satisfaction levels up >Focus and integration improved

26 Ansbacher Situation >Needed to develop its senior managers competencies Approach >A 360 bespoke questionnaire based on the key competencies >The managers received personal feedback from their coaches Outcome >The managers; »Moved to a more consultative approach »Became more sensitive to others views »Gained an appreciation of their own strengths and development needs >The organisation achieved; »Improved internal communication »Increased productivity as measured in appraisals

27 BIG Lottery Fund Situation >BIG needed to develop management capability Approach >Define competency structure >360 feedback >Development workshops with Senior Management Outcome >Competency framework provided all employees with structure to define their growth and development >Half way through project – positive change already evident

28 Advantages of to My-Client Develop and retain top performers Significant and measurable performance improvements Reduce staff turnover Increase productivity of top performers Provide your managers & HR with a powerful new talent management tool Highlight key issues quickly Maximise corporate resources

29 Next Steps SHL Partner to present trial proposal …..

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