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Chapter 1 Mr. Ocax This first chapter is really sad. There is a great horned owl named Mr. Ocax, a deer mouse named Poppy, and a gold mouse named Ragweed.

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1 A Tale from Dimwood Forest Poppy Author: Avi Power Point Presentation by: Lina #2

2 Chapter 1 Mr. Ocax This first chapter is really sad. There is a great horned owl named Mr. Ocax, a deer mouse named Poppy, and a gold mouse named Ragweed. All mice must ask for Mr. Ocax’s permission to be in his property including Bannock Hill, if you don’t I bet he might eat you. Poppy and Ragweed went up to dance, but something way different happened. When Poppy and Ragweed got there they didn’t ask permission, Ragweed was just standing there eating a nut when Poppy said to come undercover and he didn’t. He was going to ask Poppy to marry him, but Mr. Ocax saw them and he came up right behind him and tried to kill and eat both. He missed Poppy, but scratched her on the nose, and strangled Ragweed, Ragweed died, Poppy didn’t see that because after Mr.Ocax scratched her she fell unconscious.

3 Chapter 2 Poppy Remembers
Poppy had a flash back while she was knocked out, it was about Ragweed. Ragweed wanted to come without Mr. Ocax’s permission. Then she woke up with stinging sensation, her nose was hurting from the scratch, wait she remembered things again. Poppy had 12 brothers and sisters, and many cousins, they had a huge family. They also had meetings about porcupines wanting to kill mice, then she started thinking how would she escape without Mr. Ocax seeing her.

4 Chapter 3 Poppy Alone Poppy is still is in the log, and needs to escape. She decides to go little by little, but she is running faster then she ever ran. Mr. Ocax was up that day and saw Poppy. Then he decided it was the right time and dived straight at Poppy. He missed by only a little. Poppy tumbled into a hole. Then she went home after Mr. Ocax went home and coughed up pellets with bones and Ragweed’s earring.

5 Chapter 4 The Emergency Meeting
Poppy got home and saw the emergency meeting flag up, so she went inside and her father said, “where have you been?” She would tell him later. The meeting was all about having little food for such a big family so they would ask Mr. Ocax if half of there family could move to New House. Every one thought that was a bad idea, and shivered with fear, except for Poppy. So he asked Poppy, later she told her parents what had happened up on Bannock Hill, her parent were not pleased.

6 Chapter 5 Leaving Gray House
Lungwort was getting a speech all ready to tell Mr. Ocax about some of the family moving to New House. Poppy was terrified, what if he recognized her, and Mr. Ocax wanted to eat mice. They were all packed and ready to leave, every one kissed and hugged them good-bye, and set off to there journey with the flag to show peace. They headed toward Tar Road and then it started raining so hard with thunder and lightning and the flag still raised. When they got to Mr. Ocax’s dead Oak Tree, they were frightened, and Poppy was now wondering if here= dad could protect her he looked so scared.

7 Chapter 6 Standing before Mr. Ocax
Poppy and her father Lungwort, were right under Mr. Ocax’s tree. Now Lungwort reads the letter he wrote, but it is hard to see because all the writing has leaked of because of the rain. Then Mr. Ocax asks some questions and then he denies the question and says they can’t move to new house because Poppy and Ragweed didn’t ask permission to be on Bannock Hill. While Poppy is standing under Mr. Ocax’s watching tree when she finds Ragweed’s earring. When they headed back she kept the earring with her.

8 Chapter 7 Home Again After they left they barley talked on the way home. Poppy was thinking about Ragweed’s earring hanging from her foot. When they got home everyone was cheering for them then all the mice started asking Lungwort how it went, he didn’t answer he was silently trudging to his study. Then a big mice crowd crowded Poppy and asked her what happened and why wouldn’t Lungwort tell them? “Is something wrong?” They asked. Poppy told everyone and they started in disgust, sad faces and some didn’t look at all.

9 Chapter 8 Poppy and Papa “It was because Ragweed and I hadn’t asked permission to go to Bannock Hill” she said. Then all the mice started walking away with their heads down. Poppy felt their sorrow and sadness. Then she didn’t know why Mr. Ocax would say that there had to be something at New House to keep them from going. So then she went up to the attic and thought and thought and thought. Then she fell asleep.

10 Chapter 9 On her way She was on her way to New house. She thought Mr. Ocax was hiding something at New house and didn’t want anyone to see. Then Mr. Ocax was wondering if they had found out about his discovery. He would watch the thing he was hiding all day and look at it in confusion. Hmmmm what and why was that thing there. Poppy went from hiding place from hiding place then realized she had to get across glitter creek so she jumped from rock to rock and then slipped and a turtle helped her across.

11 Chapter 10 Dimwood Forest
Poppy was trying to hide from Mr. Ocax so he wouldn’t see her. She had gotten tiered, hot, and cold all at the same time. Only a little light shone in, and she was terrified. Then she saw a boulder, she sniffed something she never had never recognized. Mr. Ocax was scared, mad, sad about New Barn he thought something was there or was terrified of something there, on the other hand Poppy was trying to figure out how to get to New Barn.

12 Chapter 11 Erethizon Dorsatum
Poppy was getting chased by a fox, so she went into a log, but when she went in she smelled something that sensed danger. Then someone in the log got up and asked what the racket was, then Poppy asked what are you, he said can you see do you have eyes I’m a Porcupine. Then later the fox was still there and Ereth (the porcupine) said will you tell that fox to shut up? Then he went to the fox and yelled at him and a quill poked the fox, Poppy was still afraid of him. They talked and then Ereth yelled “ why the devil are you in my toilet?”

13 Chapter 12 What Poppy Learns
Poppy was real worried that Ereth would eat her and kill her with his quills, when she yelled don’t eat me please, Ereth said, “I don’t eat mice I don’t eat meat, meat is disgusting, I’m a vegetarian.” “You’re what?” , Poppy said, “I’m a vegetarian.” Poppy was learning a lot that day, she also learned Mr. Ocax is the one who eats mice not porcupines. They talked about New House and what Mr. Ocax could be afraid of. Ereth also told Poppy how they a salt lick and how he LOVES salt.

14 Chapter 13 Early Morning Poppy found a good spot to sleep. Then she awoke, she didn’t know where Ereth was and she was beginning to get hungry. The Dimwood Forest smelled so good, and looked gorgeous. Then she thought she saw Mr. Ocax, then she kept thinking, did Mr. Ocax live there? So when Ereth came back she said, “ is that Mr. Ocax?, and of course it was.

15 Chapter 14 On the way to New House
Poppy asked Ereth if he would guard her on the way to New House because Mr. Ocax had seen her probably want to eat her now and kill her. Ereth agreed, but only for SALT , because he loves salt. Then they were walking on the path to get to New House, Mr. Ocax dived at Poppy, but she was close to Ereth. So Ereth was all ready to poke Ocax with his quills, but Ocax pulled back his body and swoop he left. When they reached there she saw an owl on the house, but twice the size bigger than Ocax.

16 Chapter 15 Alone again She was so scared of the owl, but Ereth on the other hand was licking his lips for salt, he said, “when you figure out how to get the salt you know where I'll be. When Ereth started up the Dirt Road Poppy went after him wondering if he would stay with her. Then she tripped over one of his quills that must of fell of. She decided to keep it just incase she needed it. She found a hiding spot, then looked at the owl and wondered if it was going to be spending the night, she would make herself feel at home.

17 Chapter 16 The Truth at Last
It was sometime before Poppy saw more movement. Then Poppy saw a cat, the cat kept sleeping. Then chickens came out. Amused she thought the owl was fake. She went to the corn stock and saw a cute deer and doe, after she went to talk with the cat he didn’t want to eat her and he told her the owl was fake she felt so much better, but then Mr. Ocax came to see the owl that was fake. No the owl is Fake. Yeah! Really? Cool!!!! Is the owl real?

18 Chapter 17 A surprising conversation
Poppy awoke from a great sleep, she had so many corn kernels, she thought she deserved it. When she started walking over to the corn stocks, she saw Mr. Ocax. Then she hid and yelled, “ Mr. Ocax”, then she asked him if he was afraid of the owl on the New Barn. Then she released it was fake, probably not the best thing to tell Mr. Ocax. He said we should talk about this and then he said she was smart that’s all that took Poppy to get on to the dirt road, then Mr. Ocax plunged at Poppy.

19 Chapter 18 The Battle When Mr. Ocax plunged on Poppy, Ragweed’s earring saved her life. Then she leaped forward on to Dirt Road, but that didn’t help. Mr. Ocax said, “that Porcupine can’t save you now.” Then Poppy remembered the quill and took it out. When Mr. Ocax tried again Poppy poked her quill out and of course Mr. Ocax pulled his eyes back, but his claws came down and then Poppy stabbed Mr. Ocax, He flew in the air then dropped all the way down and yes that is the end of Mr. Ocax, he’s almost dead.

20 I don’t even know why I tried to save you mice.
Chapter 19 The Return Poppy kept on staring at Mr. Ocax, she didn’t know if Mr. Ocax was dead or not, then his last words were, “ I don’t even know why I tried to protect you mice.” Now he’s dead. She headed up dirt road, she would see Ereth, so she went and he went dashing to the salt that was on the ground. Then she told him about Ocax, and how he died. Then she went home, when she got home she saw the Emergency Flag, Poppy stepped in and every one gasped, she told them all about Mr. Ocax. I don’t even know why I tried to save you mice.

21 Chapter 20 A New Beginning
There were about 13 full moons from Ragweed’s death. (13 full moons means 13 months). Poppy and her husband Rye had 11 litters of mice, how Poppy and Rye met is another story. They all danced out in the moon light. She made a speech and Ereth’s quills shook for music, one of their kids said, “ mom really likes to make long speeches.”

22 Conclusion Slide The ending is about Mr. Ocax death and Poppy having a husband with 11 litters. I loved this book it was really good, because all the drama and comedy in this book was great. I would rate this book way more than 5 stars. Since I only get to rate this book 5 stars I would say 5. And a lot more tiny ones.

23 !Thank you for watching!
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