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Map Chapter 1 Molly and Michael were brother and sister. Their mom had just married a man named Dave. Dave had a daughter named Heather. Mom Michael.

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2 Map

3 Chapter 1 Molly and Michael were brother and sister. Their mom had just married a man named Dave. Dave had a daughter named Heather. Mom Michael Dad and Heather Molly

4 Heather was mean to Michael and Molly. Molly tried to be a nice sister to Heather, but it never worked. Heather always tried to get Molly and Michael in trouble.

5 Mom and Dave said Heather was just very sad because her mother died a long time ago. Her mother died in a house fire. Mom and Dave told Michael and Molly to be extra nice to Heather.

6 The family lived in Baltimore, Maryland.

7 One day, Mom told Molly and Michael that the family was moving to the countryside. Mom said the new house was really an old church. Molly was doodling in her notebook, but stopped and frowned about this. Michael was mad, too.

8 Mom and Dave were artists and liked to paint. She was happy to move to the country so she could paint pictures with Dave. But Molly and Michael refused to be happy about moving far away and living in a church.

9 Molly and Michael did not want to move to the church with Heather. They knew that Heather felt the misery of her mother dying, but they still worried that she would be mean to them.

10 Chapter 2 On the first day of living in the church out in the country, Mom made Molly watch Heather while the adults unpacked their moving boxes. Molly and Heather went for a walk in the woods. They found a creek and walked along by the water.

11 After a while, Molly and Heather came to a fence. There was a sign with the words “No Trespassing” on it.

12 They saw a graveyard on the other side of the fence.

13 Molly was scared and Heather teased her. Molly ran home.

14 Chapter 3 That night, the family went for a walk Everyone wanted to see the graveyard. They looked at all of the tombstones to learn about the people who were buried there.

15 Chapter 4 The next day, Molly, Michael, and Heather went back to the graveyard. They found a new tombstone. They had not seen it the night before. It was alone under a tree.

16 The tombstone read: H.E.H. March 7, 1879 – August 8, 1886 Those were also Heather’s initials! The person on the tombstone was also the same age as Heather when they died.

17 Chapter 5 For the next few days, Molly saw Heather visiting the graveyard a lot. Heather sat by the little tombstone with and talked to it like she was talking to another person.

18 Molly was scared that Heather was talking to a ghost!

19 Molly tried to tell Mom and Michael that the graveyard was haunted, but they didn’t believe her.

20 Chapter 6 Heather started having bad dreams at night. She would wake up screaming in her bed. It scared Molly. Molly decided to visit the graveyard again.

21 Molly walked by the creek and found the old tombstone with “H.E.H.” on it. It made Molly think about the person who was buried there. They had died almost 100 years ago.

22 Molly kept walking and came upon the ruins of an old stone house. It looked like it had burned down a long time ago. There was a pond close to the house.

23 While Molly was looking at the house, she saw Heather hiding there. They argued because Heather was mad that Molly found her.

24 Chapter 7 Heather said that a girl named Helen used to live in the old stone house. She said that Helen was a ghost who wanted to be her friend. Molly was scared. Michael still did not believe that there was a ghost.

25 Molly was sure that Heather was telling the truth about Helen the ghost. She made Michael come to the old house by the pond. When they got there, they saw Heather by the pond.

26 Heather said she was waiting for her friend, Helen. Helen was the ghost. Heather said Helen was going to take her away from her mean brother and sister Michael and Molly.

27 Chapter 8 Michael and Molly went to the library to learn more about the old ruined house they saw.

28 At the library, Michael and Molly found a book about the house. The learned that it burned down in 1886, the same day that Helen died! Michael and Molly realized that Heather and Helen’s mothers both burned in a ghastly house fire.

29 Chapter 9 Molly was scared for Heather. Mom was mad with Molly for not watching Heather and making sure she stayed near the house. But Heather kept visiting the old house and the pond.

30 Molly followed Heather to the house and watched her. Soon, she saw the ghost of Helen appear! Helen wanted to lure Heather down to the pond. Molly was scared! What if Helen made Heather drown?

31 It began to storm. Helen was calling Heather to come into the pond. Molly fought with Heather to keep her out of the water. If Heather drowned and died in the pond, she would become a ghost with Helen!

32 After a long struggle, Molly pulled Heather from the pond and Helen vanished. She was gone. Heather and Molly were safe. They walked to the old ruined house to get dry.

33 Chapter 10 Molly and Heather walked on the old house floors, and suddenly heard a creaky sound. Next, the floor cracked and broke – and Molly and Heather feel through the floor!

34 They landed on a dirt floor. It was like a basement. They found bones and two skulls. They were the bones of Helen’s parents! They must have been trapped in the house fire that killed Helen.

35 In a moment, the ghost of Helen’s mother appeared in the dark basement. Helen appeared, too. The ghosts hugged each other and vanished again with a bright flash of light. Molly and Heather knew the trouble was over.

36 Even though Molly and Heather did not get along, they suddenly felt like friends. Molly was happy that Heather was safe and Heather was happy that Molly cared about her. They went home to their family and there were no more ghosts in their lives again.


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