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Book by: Avi Illustrated by: Brian Floca. Mr.Ocax In Dimwood forest there lived a great horned owl. His name is Mr.Ocax all the mice say he’s death himself.

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1 Book by: Avi Illustrated by: Brian Floca

2 Mr.Ocax In Dimwood forest there lived a great horned owl. His name is Mr.Ocax all the mice say he’s death himself. All the mice think that he protects them from porcupines. Mr.Ocax is known in Dimwood forest for being the king. So here’s how the story goes. One day when Poppy and Ragweed were on Bannock hill they were going to dance. they did not ask for permission from Mr.Ocax so Ragweed got eaten Poppy was close and jumped into a log and fainted.

3 Poppy Remembers When Poppy woke up the next morning she was wondering what she was doing in the log. Then she remembered she was with her boyfriend Ragweed. Then she remembered when Ragweed was little. He never listened to Lungwort he had so many questions that Lungwort got annoyed. Ragweed also never cared about what they say about Mr.Ocax.

4 Poppy Alone Once poppy finished with remembering Ragweed she needs a plan to get home without Mr.Ocax seeing her the plan was to go from cover to cover. The problem was that the only cover was about two cornfields away. She started running as fast as her little legs could go Mr.Ocax was right behind her. When she got to cover barely Mr.Ocax was face down in a bush. there was a red flag at the house that meant Emergency meeting.

5 Emergency meeting Once Poppy got in side the house her dad was on the straw hat. He was talking about moving to Newhouse because they had no food. Then her dad noticed Poppy he asked where is Ragweed she told her dad in private what happened. He told her that she was going with her to go ask Mr.Ocax permission to move to Newhouse. Poppy said she did not want to but she had to.

6 Leaving Gray House Once Poppy’s dad was done with making the white flag (it means we come in peace) Lungwort put the flag on a stick. Then Poppy and her dad set out to go ask permission to move. After a while it started to rain Lungwort yelled “Poppy keep the flag high”. Poppy kept looking at her dad once and a while Poppy thought he was scared then she heard a whoo. It’s Mr.Ocax she thought then they were at the charred oak were Mr.Ocax was sitting on.

7 Standing Before Mr.Ocax Poppy and her dad were looking at Mr.Ocax for a while until Mr.Ocax said “What are you two doing here”. Lungwort told him about moving to New House but Mr.Ocax said no. Lungwort pleaded to move to New House but Mr.Ocax still denied. So Poppy and Lungwort started walking home with there sad little faces. Also with the flag all muddy.

8 Home Again Once Poppy and her dad got home. Lungwort felt depressed because Mr.Ocax refused to move. Poppy felt more sad because she did not ask permission. Lungwort kept on thinking about how Mr.Ocax said no. Poppy tried to think it was Ragweed’s fault but it did not help.

9 Poppy and Papa Then Poppy went to go say sorry to Lungwort. She got to Lungwort’s room and said Papa it was my fault I did not ask permission. Then lungwort said no its my fault I should’ve tried harder. After that she said I’m going to solve this she said and I am going to go to New House.

10 On Her Way Poppy was going through her stuff then she came across her ball room dancing shoes. She started dancing around her room and pretended she was dancing with a young man. Then she set off to Glitter Creek and falls in well Mr.Ocax watches her droned.

11 Dimwood Forest When Poppy got out of Glitter creek and got back on to land right in front of Mr.Ocax charred oak. she wanted to turn back but she knew what she had to do. She could not let her family down so she kept walking.

12 Erethizon Dorsatum Well she was walking she came across the a fox. The fox chased her into a log it was to dark to see. She ran to the back of the log and saw a porcupine. He was very big and scary she was so scared. The fox was still at the door and she was trapped.

13 What Poppy Learns Poppy felt like she was trapped. the porcupine made a noise poppy yelled don’t eat me. the porcupine said what the ding dang door are you doing in here the porcupine said. your not going to eat me no I’m a Vegetarian what Poppy said yes I’m a vegetarian. Poppy felt sleepy and fell asleep.

14 Early Morning When Poppy woke up she wondered were Ereth was then she saw him run into the log. She told him about how she needed to get to New House he said no. Poppy bribed him with getting a salt lick. Poppy told him the way they were going to go and they were ready to Go.

15 On The Way To New House Poppy and Ereth set off at noon Ereth was so excited to go to New house because of the salt lick. Ereth had two reasons to go to new House one to protect Poppy and to get the salt lick. Poppy was happy that Ereth was coming because Mr.Ocax was following behind.

16 Alone Again Poppy and Ereth make it to New House and Poppy can’t get the salt lick for Ereth. So Ereth leaves poppy alone and Ereth drops one of his quills. Poppy makes a belt for the quill and she uses it as a sword and she’s ready for anything.

17 The Truth At Last Poppy was walking around feeling happy that she made it to New House. she saw a huge owl on a barn two times the size of Ocax she was so scared that she started to run then she saw a cat she tip toed closer and closer when one eye opened she said h-h-hi I’m Poppy the cat said I’m George Poppy asked is that owl real heck no said the cat oh we put it there to scare this owl away he’s scared of the owl.

18 A Surprising Conversation Poppy was sleeping for a while then she woke up. She saw Mr.Ocax fly to a tree close to her she wanted to embarrass him but she didn’t want to get eaten. She could not hold it in so she yelled “hey Mr.Ocax” Ocax said who said that I did said poppy. She called him a scardy cat and then he said come out and let the two smart ones talk things out. Poppy never heard anyone call her smart before so she came out and got tricked.

19 The battle Mr.Ocax was so mad at poppy that he wanted to battle her. Poppy was happy that she had Ereth’s quill it saved her. Mr.Ocax tried striking with his talons but Poppy took the quill and stuck the point at his tongue. He made a screech then he struck again. Poppy stuck it in his talon and it stuck. Poppy held on for the ride then Mr.Ocax hit the salt and fell dead.

20 The Return Poppy felt proud of what she did she knew that her dad would be proud too. That night she found here way to Ereth’s log she asked if she could spend the night he said yes. In the morning Ereth asked poppy where is the salt she said on the ground. Ereth ran as fast as he could to get the salt. He was happy when he got the salt. That morning she made it home and showed her family the feather and they got ready to move.

21 A new beginning Poppy and her new husband Rye and there eleven children walk to the top of Bannock Hill. They dance under the light of Ragweed's earring. Ereth comes up to the top of the hill and dances with them. The End

22 Conclusion I thought the book was very sad at the beginning but at the end it turned out all right that’s why I give this book 3 stars

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