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WRINGER BY: Jerry Spinelli.

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1 WRINGER BY: Jerry Spinelli

2 CHAPTER 1 & 2 The main character in the story is named palmer. His parents want him to be a wringer but he does not want to be one. At the beginning of the story it is palmers birthday and he invited some of his friends from school. His friends names were BEANS MUTTO AND HENRY.

3 CHAPTER 3 & 4 After the party the go out side to play ball. When the gat out there palmers naboor is out side and the go over to her house to mess with her n call her names. When they were done playing ball the went down to the park to play soccer

4 CHAPTER 5 & 6 After they are done playing soccer the go to the playground to slide down the slide. When the go down the stack on top of each other then go down the slide. When they are on there way back from the park they get stopped by Farquar so palmer can get the treatment. The treatment is ware u get hit in the arm of how old you turn on you birthday.

5 CHAPTER 7 & 8 After he gets the treatment he has a bruise and every one comes to see it. The family fest is a week long From Monday to Saturday. on Saturday they have a pigeon shooting contest. The person with the most killed pigeons wins.

6 CHAPTER 9 & 10 Palmer is at his first family fest and he is telling his naber Dorothy what a wringer is. When Beans is little and he is at his first family fest he wants palmer and Dorothy to come and watch the pigeon shooting but they don’t want to.

7 CHAPTER 11 & 12 Palmer tried to stay away from the guys but it was hard cause after the treatment the always wanted to hang with him. when palmer is sleeping in the middle of the night he is woken up be people in his room. Here it is beans and mutto trying to get him to sneak out.

8 CHAPTER 13 & 14 Palmer is med cause it is has not snowed out since he got his new sled for Christmas. Palmer wakes up one morning from a pigeon tapping on his window.

9 CHAPTER 15 & 16 Palmer starts to talk to the pigeon. He talked to the eye of the pigeon. Palmer opened the widow and the bird walked in. After it came inside it look around palmers room.

10 Chapter 17 & 18 Palmer let the pigeon stay in his closet so his parents would not see it. In the morning palmer is waken up by nipper nipping at his ear. Palmer had to go to school, but he don’t want to because he will have to leave the pigeon alone for the whole tome he is in school.

11 CHAPTER 19 & 20 Palmer told his mom that he will make his own bed and clean his room. Then palmer is afraid that the guys will sneak in to his room again. Palmer is going over to beans’s house and he has never been over there before and he is afraid of what it might look like.

12 CHAPTER 21 & 22 Palmer is scared because nipper was flying around palmer house. The guys think it is his pigeon. Palmer and the guys started a new thing called tree stumping. Tree stumping is ware you stand in front of some one so they cant move.

13 Chapter Palmer went over to beans’s house for his birthday party. After the party they go and try to find farquar. When palmer dot home he found his nabor Dorothy in his room playing basketball. It is almost palmer birthday again he is going to turn ten. The age that you r old enough to be a wringer.

14 CHAPTER At palmer birthday party palmer dad is in charge. And Dorothy did not come to his party. Palmer is scared that Henry and the guys are going to sneak in to his room in the middle of the night again. The guys do sneak in but palmer is down stairs hiding so they wont find him. When he is down stairs he hears some noises coming from his room.

15 CHAPTER Palmer goes to a school that teaches you how to be a wringer. But he does not want to be one. Palmer lets nipper go. And he sets him free in the wrong spot cause he let him go where the catch the pigeons. When it is time for the teacher to decide who is a wringer palmer leaves. Palmer get scared cause he thinks he sees his pigeon flying by where they are shooting. At the end a kid asked his dad if he could have a pigeon to.

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